Zanui Staff Picks for Mother’s Day – 2

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That day when we celebrate those unsung superheroes, our mums, is fast upon us. It’s coming up on Sunday May 10. Are you prepared?

We bandied together some of the Zanui team to give you a few staff picks for inspiration! We’re highlighting our mums and the ways each one of them is amazing.

The Urban Sophisticate aka Ryely’s mum

She’s style-savvy. She’s chic. She’s fluent in on-trend from a lifetime in homewares. She cooks, she gardens, she enjoys a latte (or three). She’s into classic rock and she’s a deft craft + handyman. Yep. She’s Wonderwoman. 😀

Ryely says, “I’ve yet to see anyone more effective with a sledge hammer or hot glue gun.”

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Ryely suggests:

The personal touch with a Corban & Blair framed portrait: “Her favourite gifts are always the ones my sister and I have made. For her birthday, I drew a portrait of one of our beloved staffys, Angel. I will complete the set with a framed portrait of Angel’s sister, Blossom.”

From L to R: Corban & Blair Slim Box Photo Frame with Mat, A3, Gascoigne & King Luxury Scented Classic Candle, and the St Albans Alpaca Throw, available online at Zanui.

Gascoigne & King‘s Luxury Scented Classic Candle: “We share a mutual love of candles, and it’s a bit of a tradition to give these in addition to other gifts. My pick for her would be the ‘Figue’ scent.”

St Albans Alpaca Throw: “Living in Melbourne (and being from the Sunshine Coast) she’s feeling the cold coming in to the winter months. She appreciates great quality and natural fibres so I would get her a St Albans throw in granite or clover (green is her favourite colour but she loves neutrals too).”

Ryely is our Marketing Communications Manager.

The Swedish Chef aka Stina’s mum

She’s a diva of entertaining. Cuisine is her art. Her creations are part fusion flavoured by her love of travel and part down-to-earth hearty goodness. Having friends to dinner warms her cockles. And her food is quite simply heaven in the mouth.

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Stina suggests:

Anything from Royal Doulton’s 1815 Tapas range: “My mum loves tapas. 🙂 My parents always go travelling around Europe and Barcelona is one of her favourite places to go so I thought some tapas pieces would be perfect!”

(We love tapas too. Click here to read our blog on entertaining Spanish-style!)

1815 Tapas by Royal Doulton

1815 Tapas collection by Royal Doulton, available online at Zanui.

The Krosno Akira Vase + a bunch of tulips. (Ooh, lovely! Pairing the ephemeral + the eternal. When the flowers are past their best, the vase will live on!) “It’s coming up to spring in Sweden and tulips are her favourite flowers.”

Krosno Akira Vase in a bevvy of tulips, available online at Zanui. The vase – not the tulips 😉

The Odyssey Living Newport Cotton Throw: “This silver chevron throw is so cosy and it would fit into her Scandinavian home perfectly. She’s very house-proud and redecorates on a regular basis!” (Nothing wrong with that!)

Stina is our Homewares buyer.

Newport Cotton Throw by Odyssey Living, available in silver, light blue and blue.

The Housewife aka Warren’s mum

She’s the master of the house, maintaining the highest of standards. She enjoys keeping the home (and the cats) super clean. Biskit and Waffles (the meows) are bathed once a fortnight. She’s steadfast but she also has a softer side…

Image source:

The Sphere Hanging Planter (Set of 6) from Rogue: “I think these neat little hanging planters would bring a bit of plant life back into the house without her worrying about waking up to find cat nibbles/gnaw-marks on the leaves!”

Sphere Hanging Planter (Set of 6) from Rogue, available online at Zanui.

Elephant Vespa Canvas Print by Home & Abode: “She’s has always maintained a serious exterior, so it never ceases to amaze me when she picks up something oddly childish, seemingly out of the blue. As a surprise, I think she would enjoy this objet d’art!”

Elephant Vespa Canvas Print from Home & Abode, available online at Zanui.

And lastly, the Slim Box Wall of Frame, Wood (Set of 4) from Corban & Blair: “What better way to remember her dearest ones (read: the cats) than with a set of eco-friendly frames.”

Warren is our HR manager.

Slim Box Wall of Frame, Wood (Set of 4) by Corban & Blair, available in natural or walnut.

The Workaholic aka Daniela’s mum

She’s driven. She’s a high-achiever. And always puts herself last. Her life is non-stop and it’s incredibly hard to induce her to rest. She owns her own business, so relaxation is last on the list. But that is about to change…

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Daniela’s picks:

The Miranda Kerr for Royal Albert  Blessings 3-Piece Tea & Cake Set:“This winter I want her to enjoy some “me” time. When I think of this I see her with my sis and I sitting chatting with a cup of tea. She’s a tea lover as I am and her favourite colour is green, so this is perfect for her. Beautiful and elegant.”

Miranda Kerr for Royal Albert Blessings 3-Piece Tea & Cake Set available online at Zanui.

The Mohair Nordic Throw Rug from St Albans: “For those cold winter nights when you need some warm cosiness and the neutral colour of this throw rug will go well with any living space. My mum is also looking for a sofa upgrade… Are we going to ship to Italy any time soon? 😉 ”

St Albans Mohair Nordic Throw Rug, available online at Zanui.

The Palm Beach Collection Standard Candle: “The Coconut & Lime scent is just perfect for her to distress and relax.”

Daniela is our Acquisition and Analytics Marketing Manager.

The Palm Beach Collection Standard Candle is available in a range of delicious scents.

There are some awesome women out there! We feel blessed to know them. 🙂

What are your plans for Mother’s Day?

Featured image source: daisies via and a mini Ryely with her mum!

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