Why We Love Chunky Knits


Cables to crochet, basket weaves to brioche knitting… We love a chunky knit and we’re not afraid to say it (or show it)!

I was never blessed with the knitting gene. I can crochet a wonky scarf and say it has ‘charm’ but I’ll never knit a blanket or cuddly baby doll like my mother can – those skills must have skipped a generation.

Thankfully there are some pretty talented people out there, for those of us who adore a classic cable knit but don’t have the coordination to whip one up ourselves.

Why do we love a good knit?

There’s something a bit old-fashioned and oh-so-cosy about knitting. It’s definitely a winter sport.

My childhood home was always filled with the click-clack of knitting needles and spools of wool from Spotlight unravelling across the floor.

Nostalgia: a good knit is full of it.

The texture of the knitted weave is made for cuddling on a chilly Sunday afternoon, for snuggling against when you need a good hug, for bringing warmth back to your home.

And let’s be honest, what Netflix marathon is complete without a chunky knit throw rug?

Rapee Cushions
We adore the thick knit of the Elise Cushion from Rapee, available online at Zanui.

How do you style with chunky knits?

The idea is to make your knit stand out, maximising the texture, but not going OTT or too old-school.

You want to keep your modern look, but add that homely touch. It’s all about balance.

Pare it back

Pair knits with plain coloured base cushions or a simple sofa – refrain from tossing a knitted throw on your hand-me-down corduroy couch – to avoid texture overload.

Make your knit the statement piece of your décor and don’t overload one room with too much texture.

Busy styling can be overwhelming, while simplicity exudes a tranquil setting with attention to the finer details. Spread the love from your living room to the bedroom with a knitted throw or blanket.

Featured: Sonny Cushion (center) from Rapee, available online at Zanui.

Neutrals and pastels

Avoid brightly coloured knits if they don’t give your room the right vibe.

If you want to keep that nostalgia alive, go neutral with earthy browns and beiges, soft whites, or a pastel colour.

They won’t overwhelm your palette and they’ll highlight the texture of the weave rather than the colour of the cushion or throw.

In fact, the complementary knit will give your existing palette a textural pop – décor plus!

The Salisbury Chunky Throw from Parisian House, available online at Zanui.

Opt for practical pieces

The best knits aren’t just pretty, they’re practical too. There’s more to the world of texture than cushions and throws (as lovely as they are).

Think crochet macramé plant hangers for lovers of the bohemian, a boldly textured ottoman for your reading nook, or a sweet tea cosy just like Grandma used to have…

MIMWV003 (1)
The White Vintage Macrame Plant Hanger from Mimakrame, available online at Zanui.

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