How to rock the latest catwalk trends in your home


Have you ever been introduced to something new and suddenly it’s everywhere? It’s kooky but true.palm

You know – you start to notice a number (for me it’s 43) and then it turns up on every street corner, in phone numbers, and everything you buy seems to be $43 or 43 cents. Or, you finally learn the name for chevron, and the pattern seems to explode across walls, shirts, cushions, bags, and petrol stations before your very eyes.

This supernatural phenomenon* is called confirmation bias according to some psychologist studying monkeys somewhere.

* Okay, perhaps this is a slight over-statement…

So… what does this have to do with homewares, you ask? Let me explain.


Recently, I have been exposed to the interiors industry like never before. With my growing knowledge of on-trend decor, I have started to relate patterns, colours, and trends in fashion to the world of interior design.

Trends that start on the runway don’t necessarily end there. They have a wave-like ripple effect throughout every area in the design industry- including décorIf bold tribal-inspired, plaid or tropical Brazilian prints are trending in fashion for example, you can almost be sure the design industry will feature them in contemporary rugs and runners as well as soft furnishings.

It has been said that people who have been in a relationship long enough start to look and dress like each other. The way I see it, the relationship between runway fashion and homewares trends is no different to his and hers velour tracksuits with matching neon runners.

Too much of a stretch? Maybe…

What are some trends that you see reflected in different industries? We would love to know!


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leopard cushion
palm cushion