Tea Sets to Set Your Sights On!

alpha foodie tea set

Springtime is the perfect time of year to host a fabulous morning tea. All morning teas, great and small, call for beautiful tea sets! So whether you’re just having a friend over to share a pot of your favourite brew or you’re putting together a larger event for charity, this list is for you!

You sort out the sweets and savouries, and we’ll handle the tea setting!

Check out this list of some of our favourite new-season tea sets and teaware at Zanui.

Alpha Foodie by Royal Albert

tea sets alpha foodie

Shop the Alpha Foodie range from Royal Albert online now at Zanui.

Call us obsessed, because we love this beautiful new range from Royal Albert. It was designed in collaboration with Samira Kazan, aka Alpha Foodie – a London-based food photographer and blogger  – and is perfectly Insta-worthy!

The range balances elements of traditional and modern teaware by pairing classic features, like scalloped edges, with original designs Alpha Foodie co-created with her online following. Available in pink or blue and beautifully decorated with fresh, fruity and floral motifs, these tea sets are perfect for springtime dining and garden parties. And did we mention the 22 carat gold accents?

tea sets alpha foodie royal albert

Insert heart eyes emoji here: 😍

Cobblestone from Zens Lifestyle

traditional oriental tea set cobblestone zens lifestyle

For a more traditional tea setting, shop the Cobblestone Outdoor Tea Set from Zens Lifestyle online now at Zanui.

Zens Lifestyle marries traditional functionality and the modern lifestyle with their range of teaware and servingware. They hope to encourage us to just stop and enjoy the moment every once in a while, and their Cobblestone Outdoor Tea Set is perfect for doing just this.

This set draws inspiration from traditional Asian tea sets, which can be seen in their unique, rounded shapes. Don’t worry that the teacups don’t have handles, because they’re double walled. This means they’ll feel cool to the touch, so you can safely hold them in the palms of your hands. Then your tea will warm your outsides as well as your insides!

This 6-piece set is perfect for enjoying your favourite herbal teas, and also includes two rattan coasters. How cute is that!

japanese tea sets oriental tea sets

Shop more teaware from Zens Lifestyle at Zanui.

Teas & C’s from Maxwell & Williams

tea set maxwell & williams

Shop the exciting mix-and-match Glastonbury Teas & C’s range from Maxwell & Williams, online now at Zanui.

These colourful tea sets from Maxwell & Williams was made for all things tea and coffee. Currently, there are two distinct product ranges: Isfara, full of eye-catching Moroccan-inspired patterns, and Glastonbury, a stunning assortment of floral designs. Any piece from either range will brighten up your day!

maxwell & williams tea set

The ever-growing collection includes everything from tea-for-ones to tiered cake stands, so it gives you all you need to create a stunning morning or afternoon tea setting.

Most importantly, this collection is ideal for mixing and matching. You can choose your favourite combinations or just stick to one theme – it’s totally up to you!

teas & c's maxwell and williams

Shop the Teas & C’s Isfara range from Maxwell & Williams online now at Zanui.

Palais from Salt & Pepper

tea set salt & pepper palais

Shop the luxurious Palais teaware range from Salt & Pepper at Zanui.

Bring an aura of old-fashioned elegance to your tea setting with this exquisite range from Salt & Pepper. Showcasing brilliant blue on-glaze decals, the collection is a fascinating blend of traditional English and Moroccan motifs.

If you’re thinking of hosting a more formal tea event, then you’ve found exactly the tea sets you need. Each piece features gold embellishments over a classic, royal blue hue on a milky white base, creating a timeless stage for your tea drinking pleasure. You can even mix and match different pieces from across the collection, with complementary themes between each of the three series (Flora, Deco, and Linea).

tea set traditional English tea set

Primavera from Maxwell & Williams

primavera maxwell & williams

Shop Primavera from Maxwell & Williams online at Zanui.

For a springtime High Tea event, look no further than the brand new Primavera range from Maxwell & Williams! Anne Marie Hermans, a Netherlands-based artist, created the elegant, watercolour floral motifs that adorn each piece and bring a classic sort of elegance to your table setting.

The collection also includes dinnerware, so it’s perfect for extending the theme to lunches, brunches, and more. You can use these high-quality porcelain pieces daily, but you’re probably best reserving them for more formal use.

maxwell & williams primavera zanui

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