Cushion Crush: 13 Tips For Styling Your Cushion Collection

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Always wanted to know how to style that cushion like a pro? We give you 13 tips to styling your collection for that designer look.

We have a lot of love for the humble cushion. It’s so adaptable! From your sofa to your occasional chair, your bedroom and your outdoor space, they can infuse your interiors with personality in an instant.

From contemporary chic to snug and comfy ambience, these cushy numbers are endowed with style. And they can reinvent your aesthetic without blowing your budget.

Here are 13 tips to creating the perfect cosy space.

C - AP Lexy bedding - design - bedroom - pillow - cushion - monochrome
Lexy Block Cushion and Lexy Mandarin Cushion with the Lexy Quilt Cover Set from Alex Perry for Linen House, available online at Zanui.

1. Imbue your interiors with a homely ambiance.

That doesn’t mean that you have to turn it into an uber-feminine zone. Work with earthy neutral and grey hues, navy and stripes for a more masculine look. Chartreuse and yellow tones are great gender-neutral accent colours.

Love the pretty look? Opt for florals, paisleys and chintz fabrics and gelato sweet pastels.

C - R Panel Marley 2 sofa - lounge - interior design - cushion
The Rapee cushion collection featuring the Marley Cushion and the Panel Cushion, available online at Zanui.

2. Opt for an odd (rather than an even) number.

This is more of a modern style and appears more authentic. Prefer a more formal look? Even numbers add symmetry and a more traditional look to your interiors.

C - R Panel lounge - design - interior - cushion C - B Anouk pillow - cushion
Pairing cushions and wall art featuring the Panel Cushion from Rapee, and the Anouk Breakfast Cushion from Bambury, available online at Zanui.

3. Adore clean-lined minimalism?

Go large with a breakfast cushion thrown in for that finishing touch. (Smaller ensembles create a busier look. Love it? Live it!)

C - R Tatiana Parks Rockie throw interior - lounge - design - cushion - throw - rustic
The Rapee collection featuring the Tatiana Cushion, the Parks Cushion, and the Rockie Throw, available online at Zanui.

4. Balance those brights and bolds.

Choose a vibrant piece of wall art and select cushions that pick up on its colour palette for a more cohesive aesthetic.

C - R Sonny Clyde interior design - style - cushion - throw - lounge
The Rapee cushion collection featuring the Sonny Cushion and the Clyde Breakfast Cushion, available online at Zanui.

5. Give your space focus.

Accents prevent chic neutral spaces from becoming too flat. Spice up your look with some bold block colours or one or two individuals with dynamic patterns for depth and drama that won’t sacrifice your sophisticated style.

C - R Cradle Amelie Constantine Braid Coral Throw cushion - comfort - lounge - throw - interior design
The Rapee cushion collection featuring the Cradle Cushion, Amelie Cushion, Constantine Cushion with the Braid Coral Throw, available online at Zanui.

6. Mix it up when it comes to textures.

Faux-fur with embroidered designs, fringed with metallic, cotton with cable-knit, linen with textured weaves. Consider wool plaids and leather for a more masculine style.

C - AP Pasha cushion - bedding - bedroom - style - interior design
Pasha Cushion and Pasha Cushion, Coral with the Pasha Quilt Cover Set from Alex Perry for Linen House, available online at Zanui.

7. Work with diverse shapes and sizes.

Circles and ovals interrupt the lines of your sofa adding visual appeal. Cutout designs add distinctive character.

C - R Tigerlily relax - cushion -comfort - style
The Rapee cushion collection featuring the Tigerlily Breakfast Cushion and the Fushion Cushion, Coral, available online at Zanui.

8. Strike textural harmony.

Soften hard surfaces such as wooden and leather furniture with warm woolly cushion. Lambswool and animal hide add a rustic touch that’s still warm and inviting.

C - R Sunrise lounge - comfort - style - cushion - contrast
The Rapee cushion collection featuring the Sunrise Cushion, available online at Zanui.

9. To complement is to contrast.

Introduce a chic modern vibe by combining classic stripes with geometric-inspired designs.

C - R Tetris Crossroad throw cushion - lounge - blue - style - interior design
The Rapee cushion collection featuring the Tetris Cushion and the Crossroad Throw, available online at Zanui.

10. Marry loud and quiet.

Balance bold patterns with neutrals and block colours to create a harmonious look.

C - R Tile blue - green - style - interior design - cushion - lounge
The Rapee cushion collection featuring the Tile Cushion, Chartreuse, available online at Zanui.

11. Let the karate chop go.

You know – that blow to the centre of the cushion said to achieve the perfect position! You want your space to appear inviting yet unaffected… Lived-in is lovely.

C - R Garden Norfolk pattern - cushion - lounge - table - style - blue
The Rapee cushion collection featuring the Garden Cushion and the Norfolk Cushion, available online at Zanui.

12. What are you made of?

Favour feather and down fills if comfort is your priority. Synthetic fills can be firmer, and so hold their shape more.

C - AP Petalouda bedroom - monochrome - style - cushion - comfort
Petalouda Breakfast Cushion and Petalouda Cushion with the Petalouda Quilt Cover Set from Alex Perry for Linen House, available online at Zanui.

13. Decor makes a space.

Be sure to take in your whole room when you’re planning your cushion-scape. The breakfast cushion on your armchair should respectfully acknowledge the collection on your sofas. Uniformity is not necessarily what you’re looking for – it will come across as too bland. Your cushions should be a family! That’s the best way to make a house a home.

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