Spring Cocktail Recipes – Sunshine Sipper Margarita

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Alfresco Soirees + Cocktails

And so it’s the day before the day before the weekend. Hooray! We’re almost there! And spring is well and truly happening, peoples! We’re practically drowning in the heady scent of jasmine amidst the falling jacarandas.

The degrees C are most definitely on the rise. And here at Zanui, we’re keen to celebrate with a glass of something citrus…

Entertaining outdoors in an art. Whether your look is rustic or refined, decor accents like hurricane lamps, cushions and stylish linen help you to create your desired aesthetic. Image source from left: via mylusciouslifedotcom, party-ideas-by-a-prodotcom and whowhatweardotcom.

Forget forcing down a grapefruit half in the AM. This Sunshine Sipper Margarita is the ultimate brunch addition! Tart, tangy and sweet. It makes the perfect kick-start to your day.

It’s the ideal refreshment for engagement parties, wedding breakfasts and baby showers decorated with all things floral. Plus it’s the perfect post-Friday-night-work-drinks remedy for that super-fuzzy head. The people at iVillage show us how!

Pairing fresh or artificial flowers and fruits with your table settings adds spring flair to your entertaining. Image source from left: via tabledecorationsdotorg, Sunshine Sipper via ivillagedotcom and via southernlivingdotcom

Sunshine Sipper Margarita


235ml Tequila Blanco
120ml Limoncello
235ml freshly-squeezed ruby red grapefruit juice
15ml agave nectar

Pour all ingredients into a cocktail shaker, fill with ice and shake well. Let sit for a few minutes to chill and allow the flavours to marry.

Strain into ice-filled glasses. Garnish with lemon zest and serve.

Mason Jars and stripy straws adds a vintage touch to your spring cocktails whilst innovative lighting enhances the charm. Image source from left: blogdotanthropologiedotcom, suejackdotblogspotdotcom and pinterestdotcom.

Serve up this citrus heart-breaker in Mason jars for added old-fashioned and on-trend flair or opt for stemless wine glasses, tumblers or cut-crystal glassware for a touch of elegance. Stash it in a thermos for outdoor adventures or make up a jug to please the hoards.

Keep it chilled with some sleek whiskey stones… Ah, spring! How we love thee! 🙂


Hero image sources from left: foreveryourseweddingsdotcomdotau

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