Sizzling Winter Style: Turn up the heat with spicy hues in your décor

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At Zanui, we’re fans of living a life less ordinary. When they said, Some like it hot,* they were talking about us. And trust us. Sometimes it pays to go against the grain. So, with winter creeping in from all sides, we’re embracing colour!

Hot Springs Ombre Flat Weave Designer Rug in Shell Pink, Aqua Green, Popcorn Yellow, and Horizon Blue, available online at Zanui.

There’s something quite delicious about cosying up in your warren to wait out the winter months. And there’s a lot of love out there right now for the sophisticated style that neutrals give you.

Layering soft alpaca + wool throws with waffle blankets and cable knit cushions is lovely, but living in a home decked out in fifty shades of grey can get a little depressing when the sky follows suit. It can feel like your drawing the winter weather indoors…

So, we’re getting dizzy with some spiced-up colour in our décor. We’re turning up the vibe with bold + beautiful tones, dynamic patterns and rich textures.

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A meeting of lines in a perpendicular manner – tartan (or plaid) is often associated with Scotland and and warring warrior clans (eat-your-Braveheart-out). Bold, at times brash, check designs can introduce a traditional element or uber-modern colour pops into your décor – it all depends on your palette!

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Originally tartans appeared in wool but now there are some divine alpaca, mohair and cotton alternatives. Richly textured and super-toasty, tartan throws turn up the snug in your interiors…

Xavier&Me do contemporary bold as a matter of course whist sprigs of flowers add a bright organic touch. Images sourced L to R: and


We’re a little in love with all things geometric, particularly when this symmetrical style is turned on its head. Take chevron and twist it a little, or work in an overlay and that’s what we’re talking about. It gives it a touch more character for that just left of centre look!

Geometric designs really lend themselves to vibrant contemporary colours. They look great in cushions, rugs, and abstract wall art.

From L to R: Identity Hand-tufted Designer Rug, Coastal Stripe Wool Runner Rug, and Hot Springs Flat Weave Designer Rug in navy blue from Xavier&Me, available online at Zanui.


Rugs are synonymous with winter, adding warmth and sumptuous textures underfoot. Whether you’re opting for the hand-loomed artisan style piece or a modern family-friendly look, stripes can be the perfect way to introduce some colour and contrast.

Opt for an elegant juxtaposition of on-trend hues in adult rooms or be playful and bold in your kids’ rooms.

From L to R: Hot Springs Flat Weave Designer Rug in lemon yellow and the power of stripes. Images sourced through


Inspire your imagination to travel to far away places or simply celebrate the beauty of your home city with dynamic wall art. Select from vintage style travel posters in burnt-off hues or bright modern paintings.

Bonjour Poster Print Art by Xavier&Me in yellow, pink, blue and black.

Equally old-school Vogue and Bally fashion posters add a dash of retro charisma to your home. Or the French langue as per above for chic typographic style!

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Add the finishing touches with nature’s organic forms. Feisty and flamboyant or exhibiting crisp spring hues, a fresh or dried floral arrangement in a sleek vase instills your home with an unforced charm.

Love it? We do, too. Go forth and make rainbows indoors! 🙂

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*Some like it hot quote spoken by Tony Curtis (Junior) to Marilyn Monroe (Sugar) in the 1959 Hollywood Classic Some Like It Hot
Junior: Syncopators. Does that mean you play that very fast music… jazz?
Sugar: Yeah. Real Hot.
Junior: I guess some like it hot. I personally prefer classical music.

From L to right: Curtis and Monroe on the set, Americanflat Marilyn Shoes Quote Print Art, Americanflat Marilyn Monroe Print Art, available online at Zanui.

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