The 2015 Interior Design Excellence Awards


We believe in dreaming big. No amount of imaginative investment in our life aspirations is too much. And whilst we might be existing on meagre means, our creative visualisations shall soon be delivering. We’re focusing all our efforts on manifesting an expansive architectural masterpiece – preferably in a converted factory/warehouse with exposed brick and designer pipework.

Couple this with our love of design and our belief in rewarding artistic endeavours (everyone likes a little recognition) and you’ll understand why we are a little in love with IDEA.

IDEA is the Interior Design Excellence Awards, and with over a decade’s experience in bestowing accolades on the interior design community, these peeps know their schizz. A merry band of industry professionals have now shortlisted the stand-outs in interior design for 2015. If you’re looking for a little inspiration, take a stroll through the best and bravest in sustainable design, decorative residential, corporate, retail + hospitality, events, and workplace…

We’ve selected just a few of our favourites from the decorative and single dwelling categories for your viewing pleasure. Take a peek below and feed those daydreams…

Residential Decoration

Focusing on the dressing of residential interiors + how that enhances the experience of inhabitation. Residential Decoration is concerned purely with qualities brought to an existing dwelling by a designer who may have had little or no input into its architectural elements. The selection of furnishings, both soft + hard, colour, surfaces, and fixtures and fittings are all of key importance here.

The Strand

“Let the view drive the design. Utilising the conditions of the site to create the experience and form of the project, the interior responds to and transcends the seasons both externally and internally, framing the location. Moreover, texture has replaced colour and form for visual and tactile interest.”



Coppola Residence

“Amalgamating numerous small spaces into a generously proportioned and light-filled backdrop to the adjacent living and dining areas. The refurbishment of an existing kitchen, laundry and bathroom focuses on a rich palette of materials to provide a warm, luxurious and yet practical space for a family home.”


Curraweena House

“A creative strategy in adaptive reuse has transformed outdated formal rooms into vibrant, playful family spaces, reflecting the personalities of the owners, while revitalising this original late Federation home.  The contemporary addition is carefully transitioned to be respectful of the original architecture.”


Cliff Top House

“Leveraging the beautiful sightlines from ocean to beach, the view is seamlessly connected through the double volume organic curved spine of the house.  The restrained detail and materials selection softly punctuate and enhance the free flowing sculptural form to link the spaces both vertically and horizontally.”




Figtree House

“Transforming a beachside Victorian terrace into a home, the design evokes different moods while still being flexible to the needs of a young family. As such, the spaces reflect their purpose: from the composed inky solemnity of the intimate formal zones to the sun bleached lightness of the casual family zones.”




Recognising excellence in interior design in single dwellings, looking at spatial planning + programming, as well as the selection of lighting, fixtures, fittings, hard + soft furnishings, the handling of space, light and structure.

Kooyong Road

“This residence is an oasis from the outside world, where large open spaces allow the togetherness of family, while providing a secluded sense of space and refuge. Our approach to this house was one of simplicity, whereby a connection between the building and inhabitants, is grounded in a rigorous exploration of scale, form, space and material.”




“A child’s drawing of a house, that is, a rectangular-shape, pitched-roof, high-window, primary-forms and simple-geometry, coalesce as a holiday house in the city. Developed through familiar forms and archetypal elements to read as a prototype, the project is ‘making’ something that just ‘feels right’ through a subliminal, intuitive interpretation of subconsciously familiar architectural elements.”



Apartment Healy King

“Effectively a cabinet of curiosities, the client’s extraordinary collection of postmodern objects and furniture is key to the redesign and transformation of their apartment into a container for their collection, and backdrop for their stuff.”



Caroline St Rooftop Apartment

“A series of sculptural forms define the interior of this rooftop apartment, delineating the living areas and creating a sense of space despite the constraints of the site. A muted palette of materials accentuate these formal gestures while providing a calm backdrop to the ever-changing views beyond.”



Hawthorn East Residence

“Curious pops that play on the 80s form was the big idea for this home. A refreshed, updated aesthetic is created through contrasting paint and a gentle layering of stone, copper, perforated metal and timber veneer. Playful colours add a touch of the unexpected, bringing this house back to life.”



Darlinghurst Apartment

“Through the relocation of the kitchen and the insertion of a joinery unit, this 27-square metre apartment has been redesigned to comfortably accommodate a couple with a sense of luxury found in apartments more than twice its size. In doing so, the project demonstrates that chic inner city living can be affordable.”



The Water Factory

“The Water Factory involves the refurbishment and residential conversion of a late 19th century industrial warehouse building and engages with issues of extended family, spatial flexibility and adaptive reuse. Conceived as a collection of houses contained within the broader envelope of the building, including separate entrances for different members of the family.”



Ahhhh… Delicious. Thanks, IDEA. What a shortlist. After flicking through those, we feel like we’ve already won.

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