Rug points defined

Oriental rugs

rug points defined

From left: Dash & Albert Chevron Designer Rug and Scion Mr Fox Mustard Wool Designer Rug, available online at Zanui

Whether you’re rocking polished concrete, wooden floorboards or even carpet, a rug is a great way to add warmth, texture and character to your space. From kilim to contemporary, shag, jute, sisal or animal hide, there’s a rug to match your personal style and the temper of your room. The trick is finding it!

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Knowing your knots and rug points, helps you define your needs. A fine quality rug will last longer and wear better than a cheaper alternative. But that cheap and cheerful option might be just perfect if you’re an avid re-decorator and you like to change up your look frequently. A new rug can instantly revive your aesthetic and it doesn’t have to empty out your wallet.

From left: Saray Rugs Crown Star Oriental Rug, Rug Republic Royal Collection Medallion Oriental Rug, Saray Rugs Temple Scroll Oriental Rug and Saray Rugs Spring Harvest Oriental Rug, available online at Zanui.

Points vs knots

By contrast the density or thickness of hand-knotted rugs is defined by the number of knots per square metre etc. The higher the number of knots/points, the better the quality of rug. A one million point machine-made rug is the approximate equivalent in terms of thickness of a hand-knotted rug containing half as many knots.

Material used

The kind of material a rug is made of also determines its plushness. Silk, by nature, is thinner than wool. So, you need a higher number of silk threads to create the same density as a wool rug. A silk rug requires around 100 knots per square centimetre to achieve a high density, whilst a wool rug requires only 25 knots per square centimetre to achieve the equivalent thickness.

From left: Rug Republic London Shag Rug Brown, Rug Republic Agapanthus Charcoal Rug, Rug Republic Aladdin Modern Rug, Saray Rugs Rose Leaf Modern Rug and Rug Republic Zebra Modern Rug, available online at Zanui.

Knots per square metre is measured by counting the number of knots along the warp (length) of the rug and multiplying it by the number of knots along the weft (width) of the rug.

For more information about how to find the perfect rug for you, read our blog on how to find the right sized rug for your room.


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