Pretty in Pastel: Dress up Your Dressing Room

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James Treble styles our dressing room in soft, seductive hues, proving once and for all that pastel palettes can exude a sophisticated decadence.

Okay – so the weather is not exactly turning it on – but it IS spring. It is! (*shakes fist at sky*) And here at Zanui, we’re putting our pretty on. For the last week we’ve been practically imprisoned inside the house. (So. Much. Rain.) So we thought we’d get in a little self-pampering in this modish dressing room styled by James Treble.*

*You can only do so much spring cleaning, surely. 😉

Fusing old world glamour with contemporary feminine charm, JT creates an inviting and intimate space. There’s chintz, an old-school Vogue print and paisley in the rug with a French provincial flavour running through it all. It’s positively lavish.

JT talks us through the building blocks here.

Adorn your surfaces with the colours of spring: mauve and violet blooms paired with the LS Collections Decorative Pale Grey Eggs and Casa Uno Lotus Tealight Holder, available online at Zanui.


The dressing room is a haven for the individual. It’s a place of escape. It’s about stealing back a bit of me-time from your busy life. It’s a space for private reflection, the place where you get prepped for taking on the world. The aesthetic should reflect this intimacy, this luxuriousness, this sense of relaxation…

“A dressing room is a little bit indulgent by definition,” James says. “It’s a personal space so it can be a bit busier in the patterns and the mix of colours than you might go in say a living room.”

Indulge in sumptuous florals and intricate patterns in your soft furnishings but carry through the colour within your decor accents to create a holistic style. Here an almost Tiffany’s blue is touched on in the Kodari Paisley Designer Rug and the Eleanor Roman Wall Clock and complimented by the turquoise tones in the Replica Vogue Painted Canvas.

JT pairs old world chintz with contemporary graphic prints, exploiting variations on the floral theme for visual interest. Left: DG37 Ashley Cushion, Xavier&Me Desert Rose Cushion, Taarten & Co Storage Chest (Set of 2). Right: Casa Uno Lotus Tealight Holder.


“You don’t want your space to look brand new. If it’s all one style it looks overly worked,” JT warns. “You want to create a sense of history within your decor – otherwise it becomes de-personalised.”

In this dressing room, the Marseille Chest of Drawers in weathered oak performs this role nicely. Its masculinity and distressed finish stand out amongst all the soft floral hues. It’s a little bit vintage, a little bit hand-me-down, adding charisma and a grounded element to the room.

French provincial in attitude, the Marseille Chest of Drawers balances and collaborates with the Paris Dressing Table and Stool in pristine white. The stool cushion carries through the soft timber hue of the dresser and this tone is again referenced in the base colour of the Brink and Campman rug and the shade of the Empress Table Lamp to create a harmonious look.

It’s all about allure and indulgence in this look. Sumptuous throws and plush dressing gowns and hues to match. Plus trinkets and tea served up on a pretty breakfast tray. The Soundslike HOME Angel Dining Chair adds a touch of romance and chats to the Cashmere Enchante Royale tea accessories with its fuschia hue.


Enhance the mood by combining a variety of lighting. Here JT has added stately style with the Tall Knight Pillar Candle Holder in addition to a Lotus Tealight Holder and a table lamp. This illuminates the space with a soft yet practical glow. It’s still functional – you can do your makeup in the mirror by lamplight (nice) – but it creates a warm ambience as well.


Displaying the scarf you haggled for in the markets of Marrakesh adds a delightful touch to your dressing room. But opt for less is more and don’t clutter your surfaces. Clean surfaces maintain a spacious aesthetic and allow you the room you need to piece together your look, lay out your make-up and plan your jewellery.

Here JT has added strategically placed splashes of colour with the Bambury Microplush Bathrobe in watermelon (delish) and the St Albans Wool Throw in aqua (exquisite).

He’s a dashing man, our JT. Sweep you off your feet, he would. Here he is dipping Andrea our fave mannequin. She’s positively swooning. From left: Emporium Andrea Mannequin, Hudson Furniture Marseille Chest of 3 Drawers, Pantone Lilac Classic Pot and the Brink and Campman Kodari Paisley Designer Rug.


Just a touch of whimsy goes a long way. In addition to its vintage elegance, the Andrea Mannequin is a great prop to have in a dressing room. It’s perfect for draping your robe, scarves, and jewellery over or for airing out the creases in your outfit for this evening.

“The Andrea Mannequin injects some old world charm into the room,” JT explains. “It contrasts the kind of clean, almost clinical spaces many of us inhabit for our work. My grandmother owned one of these. I’ve seen it in photos!”


The Stateroom Trunk Side pays tribute to the world beyond the four walls of your dressing room. It adds an element of the exotic that takes you beyond the everyday. It says wanderlust, romance, escape…

“This travelling trunk evokes the feeling of holidays,” JT says. “It gives that impression of having just embarked on a vacation. So whilst you might be momentarily stuck in your life, weighed down by commitments or a sense of duty, this piece is like a breath of fresh air. It rescues you from the stagnancy of the moment.”

As a side table it is positively to die for, the perfect place for your breakfast tray or to serve up elevenses with the Cashmere Enchante Royale tea accessories.

Want. Want. Want. The Authentic Models Stateroom Trunk Side in ivory has all the mystique of far away places and dangerous liaisons. 😉 Available online at Zanui.


Styling your space is a process of evolution. It’s all about layering: collecting textures, colours and personal items. It’s easy to feel impatient, but rushing to “get it done” is counter-productive. A gradual gathering of items will create a space that’s unique and personal that you’ll love longterm.

“A space is more comfortable if it has evolved and developed its own personality over time,” JT says. “Your home should be informed by your very own personal history.”

Wall art is a way to individualise your space. And decor accents. Hunt around for those extra flourishes that speak to and of you. Make your space your own.

So. What do you think? Are you sold? Is it love or loathe? Too much or not enough? Tell us your thoughts! 🙂

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