Picnicking In Style


Some of my favourite memories in life tend to revolve around food, drinks, and friends (shocking, I know). There isn’t much that tops hanging out with some of your favourite people on a sunny weekend with a sea of blankets, snacks, music and games.

Enter, picnics.


This weekend I was lucky enough to be a part of a splendid picnic. Between the brouhaha of food, good conversation, and seriously cute puppies, I started contemplating the occurrence of a human phenomenon (which I made up) called- “picnic code”. I say there are unofficial “rules” of a successful picnic, which seem to be instilled in each and everyone of us like DNA, or like Siri in the iPhone… it’s just there.

I came to this realisation when the perfect picnic was coordinated between a big group of people (most of which had never met) with no predetermined plans other than the sole reliance of the inner picnic aficionado in all of us.

I would like to share with you some of my observations of “picnic-code”, which naturally occurred at this picnic.

*For sake of a theme, this list is layered from bottom to top, like a sandwich… which should be at your picnic too.

Waterproof Anorak Picnic Blanket, available on Zanui

Picnic Blanket- No one wants a wet butt

A picnic without a blanket is like a sandwich without a bun, a left without the right, N’sync without Justin, Italians without hands! It just doesn’t work. Bring a blanket, the bigger the better.

If you are a serious picnicker like me: go with a waterproof option like the Anorak one pictured above. Easy to carry like a yoga mat, without the yoga mat.

You catchin’ my drift? Keep your butt dry and share it with friends (not your butt, the blanket).


Wine and Cheese


Food- Put the pick in picnic

When thinking picnic food, think tasty finger foods that take minimal to no effort to enjoy. Sorry Mr Fork and Mrs Spoon… you’re not invited to this party (knives welcome for cheese cutting and hummus spreading abilities).

*** SIDE NOTE: At this time I would like to thank evolution for disposable thumbs and overbearing index fingers for without- I would not be able to hold my chip.


Sour Creme and Chive Dip, Roasted Pepper Hummus , Chunky Guacamole

Think chips, dip, sandwiches and fresh fruit like berries or watermelon.  A whole cooked chicken with a fresh baguette always reminds me of picnics when I was young. The world is your oyster when it comes to picnic food (except oysters, not a good option).

Remember, sharing is caring. Except for monkeys who don’t have thumbs.


Drinks- Feelin’ parched?

Drinks are the key to setting the mood for your picnic.

Anything from soft drinks to iced tea, if it’s wet you’re good. Wine or bubbles are my nectars of choice but as long as it’s cold and refreshing, you can’t go wrong here.

I suggest keeping your drinks cold in a wine cooler or ice bucket.


Beach Sounds Radio has a jack that fits into any basic music player. Also available in yellow at Zanui.

Games- Move it or lose it!

Although I am an avid picnicker, I always forget about the games!

Luckily, there is always someone that pulls through with a frisbee or ball of some sort to kick around. Last thing you want someone to say is, “aww man, I wish we had a ball or something!”

group pic


Now that you’re picnic ready, all you need is some nice weather and good friends.

What are some of your picnic necessities and favourite spots to picnic?

Drop a line, we would love to know! Happy picnicking!