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The Brooklyn warehouse look does old meets new better than almost any other aesthetic. Whether it’s marked up exposed brick with a weathered finish in your kitchen or upcycled beams in your bathroom, you have to admit – this look is to-die-for. Image source from left: via the-margaret-filesdotblogspotdotcom and popsugardotcom.

Sometimes it feels like the emphasis in modern life is on perfection. You only have to look at the line-free foreheads of Desperate Housewives and the Hollywood A-list as proof.

From weathered timber and iron, oxidised copper and bronze, the finishes on objects can create uniquely beautiful visual pieces within your home. Image source from left: via etsydotcom and copperheadartdotblogspotdotcom.

Youth is aligned with beauty. And yet, there is something truly divine about the expression of the passage of time on both individuals and objects. Beauty is truth, truth beauty, said Keats. And I happen to agree. I give you Samuel Beckett or Patrick White (more homegrown) or Margaret Olley (homegrown lady) as examples!

Their dashingnesses: Australian Nobel Prize novelist Patrick White, Australian artist Margaret Olley with Ben Quilty and his award-winning Archibald portrait of her, and that Irish playwright with the blackest of visions, Samuel Beckett. Image sources from left: via cityoftonguesdotcom, sydneydotedudotau and irishcentraldotcom.

This realisation has been embraced by the design world. From exposed brick to polished concrete, there’s a wealth of décor and furniture items featuring distressed finishes. These pieces instil your interiors with antique style and old world vintage charm. The action of the elements is evocative of history, and it gives your space definitive character.

Urban-industrial style is defined by that upcycled look. Pair interesting textures with bold colours for a strident and dramatic style. From left: Soundslike HOME Substation Console Table, Soundslike HOME Substation Super Stool, Soundslike HOME Substation Packer Console Table, and Soundslike HOME Substation Round Stool, available online at Zanui.

There’s a warmth that exudes from well-worn, much-loved things. Think rustic, vintage, old world… Even contemporary urban-industrial interiors exploit this style. Whether it’s aged leather-bound books, photo frames or a hurricane lamp, a vintage mirror or a mounted wall clock, adding aged nuances to your home is easy.

From distressed timber dining tables to polished concrete floors, putting a little patina into the mix gives your home (or hotel) a touch of history. Image source from left: via desiretoinspiredotnet and inhabitatdotcom

The juxtaposition of old and new creates visual interest within your space. Whether your bent is old Parisian glamour or shabby chic, oriental-inspired or modern minimalism, opting for some pieces with weathered patinas gives your interior design charisma.

Decor accents are an easy win with injecting a little unusual patina into your aesthetic. From left: Amalfi Bessie Photo Frame, Amalfi Blue Bird Sculpture 20.5cm Set of 4, Amalfi Fortuna Jar Set of 2, Casa Uno Ceramic Teacup Planter and Amalfi Vintage Cafe Storage Box Set of 2, available online at Zanui.

Décor items with aged finishes introduce a raw element to your scheme. They create depth through their textured surfaces. Opt for ceramic urns, birdbaths, or lanterns and add personality to your verandas, gardens, mantle-pieces or window sills.

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Juxtaposing aged finishes with luxe materials or a classic design aesthetic makes for a visually interesting interior. Image source far right: kayotooleantiquesdotcom

Combining these pieces with luxe accents also works well. A cosy throw beside an urban-industrial light fitting is dramatic and pleasing to the eye. They both work to temper each other. Similarly luxurious metallic accents paired with upcycled timber furniture pieces make a striking ensemble.

Wall Art is also a great way to add texture to your decor.

Wall Art is also a great way to add texture to your decor. From left: Casa Uno Full Ornate Frame Wall Mirror, Casa Uno Dupont Paris Square Wall Clock 60cm, Amalfi Waiting/Drink Champagne Wall Decor Set of 2, Americanflat Vote Republican Print Art and Casa Uno Recycled Old Window Frame Wall Mirror, available online at Zanui.

Exploring patina within your interior design celebrates the natural beauty of materials as well as supporting the recycling of materials. It’s eco-friendly and uber-chic. You can’t argue with that!

Hero image sourced from left: via schwindt-artdotcom and via totallygreencraftsdotcom

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