Parisian Style For Your Bedroom


Infuse your bedroom with Parisian style with this step-by-step guide to French flair in your boudoir!

Americanflat Cest La Vie Print ArtAmalfi Ezra Table lamp (Set of 2)Amalfi Lorenz ScreenAmericanflat Paris Eiffel Tower Gold Print Art
L to R: C’est La Vie Print ArtEzra Table Lamp (Set of 2)Lorenz Screen and Paris Eiffel Tower Gold Print Art.

Paris is synonymous with style, not just in haute couture but also in interior design. Paris stands at the centre of history’s most sensational style movements, from the Renaissance to Rococo, Art Deco and beyond. There’s no doubt about it – Parisians define chic. Not only do French women not get fat, they champion elegance. Life. Is. Not. Fair. 😀

When it comes to decorating your boudoir, a French-inspired approach works well. Parisian style pivots on charismatic nostalgia and a touch of romance – just perfect for the bedroom. Parisian bedroom style effects a timeless glamour, drawing on its rich history of interior styles. And the inclusion of chic modern accents adds further nuances.

Linen House Haze Quilt Cover Set
Linen House Haze Quilt Cover Set, online at Zanui.

When we’re talking Parisian style, we’re talking less French Provincial, more Midnight in Paris. For us the term evokes a kind of alternate reality frequented by the Parisian glamour set, from the literati – the Scott Fitzgeralds (Gatsby), the Anais Nins, the Ernest Hemingways – to style icons like Coco Chanel, Bardot and Deneuve.

We’re appropriating Paris’s intrinsic style to instill our bedrooms with irresistible allure. Here you go – step by step. Prepare to swoon. It’s pretty dreamy. 😉

Soundslike HOME Nostalgic Twine Canvas PrintArt Club Concept Beautiful Chaos Print Art
L to R: Soundslike HOME Nostalgic Twine Canvas Print and Art Club Concept Beautiful Chaos and Love Afire Print Art, online at Zanui.



Your bedroom is your sanctuary. Sure, you want it chic, but it should also be cosy and intimate. We’re for using blush as a neutral paired with greys and whites. Blush has warmth, greys have gravitas, and crisp to creamy whites add opulence and fresh looks.

Cafe Lighting Ashley CushionCafe Lighting York Temple BoxBambury Amadora CushionCafe Lighting Fiorenza Stool
L to R: Cafe Lighting Ashley CushionYork Temple Box, Bambury Amadora Cushion and Cafe Lighting Fiorenza Stool, online at Zanui.

Want to add a little edge? Opt for charcoal or deep navy or ebony as a base or accent. A dash of mauve adds a lovely lavish touch. Duck-egg is ace for that a-little-less-feminine look.

Then trace some gold throughout for a whisper of grandeur in your mirrors, your chandeliers, and your table frames.

Cafe Lighting Bordeaux Bed Head
Cafe Lighting Bordeaux Bed Head, online at Zanui.


French style dictates the need for a plush bedhead. Upholstered bedheads say luxury. Opt for a contoured high-backed bedhead to add structure to your room.

Zanui Dickens Beige Queen BedZanui Dickens Oatmeal Queen Bed Head
Zanui Dickens Beige Queen Bed styled in feminine and more neutral tones, online at Zanui.

Button-back detailing says classic elegance. Wing-back sides are extra angelic. Like a more modern look? Exnay the bedhead and say French with your quilt instead.

Linen House Fog Quilt Cover Set
Chenille yarn – Linen House Fog Quilt Cover Set, online at Zanui.


French style has its eye firmly on the ornate. In the bedroom, this translates to cosy knits, sumptuous quilts and pillows aplenty. Search out design detail for a refined touch, whether it be ruffles, tassels, fringing, embroidered designs, or Art Deco motifs.

Marie Claire Ari Quilt Cover SetMarie Claire Artois Quilt Cover Set
L to R: Marie Claire Ari Quilt Cover Set and Artois Quilt Cover Set, online at Zanui.

Pure and percale cotton invests your sleep space with softness, plus they’re easy-care. Plush fabrics like chenille yarn and faux fur are not only texturally interesting but they are snuggle-worthy.

Co-opt velvet, alpaca and Mongolian lambswool in your pillows and throws for super-cosy ambience.

Cafe Lighting Coco Pendant Light and Costiera Tables
Cafe Lighting Coco Pendant Light and Costiera Tables, online at Zanui.


This look is not shy – a chandelier is pitch perfect for this style. Chandeliers create a focal point in your bedroom and add delightful sculptural interest to your ceiling space. Opt for an elaborate design in with intricate glass and metalwork for gorgeous flirty charm.

Gallery Home Beckfield Round Wall MirrorCafe Lighting Hampton Lamp Shade, Hampton Chandelier, Miccah Temple Jar, Athens Tray, Marrakech Wall Mirrors
L to R: Gallery Home Beckfield Round Wall Mirror and Cafe Lighting Hampton Shade and Chandelier, Miccah Temple Jar, Athens Tray, and Marrakech Wall Mirrors, online at Zanui.

Pick up this playful element in your décor accents. Mirrors and bedside tables fashioned from metal and glass refract the light inducing a whimsical charm.

Zanui Florence Oatmeal Queen Bed 2Art Club Concept Geo Attraction Cushion, Love Afire Print Art, Nouveau Cushion
L to R: Zanui Florence Oatmeal Queen Bed with exposed bulb pendant lights and Art Club Concept Geo Attraction Cushion, Love Afire Print Art, and Nouveau Cushion.

Prefer to play the contemporary card? Juxtapose your classical décor with an uber modern pendant light. Pendants with exposed bulbs and concrete fixtures add statement contrast to your soft furnishings. Play with different coloured cords for an unexpected pop of colour.

Alternatively geometric light designs realised in copper or gold colours accentuate your look and concur with Art Deco’s obsession with edgy shape.

Art Club Concept Explore Print Art, X Noir Print Art
Art Club Concept Explore Print Art and X Noir Print Art, online at Zanui.


When it comes to creating vignettes in your bedroom, again a nod to Art Deco works a treat. The Art Deco era adored spheres, rectangles, trapezoids, zigzags, chevrons, and sunburst motifs.

Seek out these dynamic designs in ornamental mirrors, wall art, and even your bedside tables.

Cafe Lighting Deanna 5-Arm ChandelierKilburn & Scott Lomand Luxury ThrowCafe Lighting Rossano Wall MirrorAmigos De Hoy Arlequin Hide Cushion, Silver
L to R: Cafe Lighting Deanna 5-Arm Chandelier, Kilburn & Scott Lomand Luxury Throw, Cafe Lighting Rossano Wall Mirror and Amigos De Hoy Arlequin Hide Cushion, Silver, online at Zanui.

Side tables fashioned from metal in copper and gold hues are well met in this aesthetic, creating an effective contrast to the soft indulgence of your bed.

Zanui Florence Oatmeal Queen Bed Kilburn & Scott Lomand Luxury Throw 2
L to R: Zanui Florence Oatmeal Queen Bed and Geo Copper Side Table and Kilburn & Scott Lomand Luxury Throw, online at Zanui.

One last touch! Add a slipper chair to your room. This is simply an armless upholstered chair. Technically slipper chairs have shorter legs, but even an upholstered dining chair will work. As well as a place to sit, this doubles as extra storage and wardrobe space. (It’s great for when you’re trying to decide which outfit works best).

Cafe Lighting Audrey Occasional Chair Parisian House Salisbury Chunky Throw Zanui Vivienne Beige Dining Chair Xavier & Me Art Deco Lace Hand-tufted Designer Rug
L to R: Cafe Lighting Audrey Occasional Chair, Parisian House Salisbury Chunky Throw, Zanui Vivienne Beige Chair and Xavier & Me Art Deco Lace Hand-tufted Designer Rug.

Then slumber to your heart’s content in your Parisian paradise. Sweet dreams were made of these… xxx

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