In the lead up to Valentine’s Day, we’re loving the romance of pink. We look at 5 ways to pair this pretty shade in your décor to achieve a range of aesthetics.

Pantone put the wind up the colour world with their announcement of two – yes TWO – tones for the colour of the year: rose quartz and serenity. This surprising decision by THE authority on colour points to the fact that your palette-mix significantly affects the mood of your interiors.

We’ve got our rose-tinted glasses on and we’re focusing on one half of the Pantone pair. We’re looking at the advantages of adding a dash of pink to your home.

The Jazz range from Interstil, available online at Zanui.

Pink has been hailed by many in the interior design world as a must-have colour this year. (Designer James Treble named framboise as one of this year’s on-trend hues.) It is a continuation of last year’s pastel obsession, with some hoping that it will at last be recognised as the new warm neutral.

Pink tones are feminine yet versatile. From rose to cerise, salmon, fuscia, peach and coral, its variation in shade is infinite. And a diverse range of aesthetics can be realised through some simple palette pairings.

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Images sourced The LuxPad.


Pantone breaks down the different personalities of pink like this:

“Light pinks connote sweetness and tenderness, muted dusty pinks are more sophisticated and upscale and brighter pinks are more whimsical and fun. But no matter whether light or bright, muted or shocking, this is a range of shades whose youthful and lighthearted quality exudes warmth, charm and vitality.”

Here are 5 ways to introduce the romance of pink into your pad.

Image sourced: lushome.com.


Monochrome is a great place to start if you’re new to interior decorating. And adding in a touch of pink in your décor accents warms up your look beautifully. Pastel pink paired with gray tones add feminine charm to your space. Opt for less saturated tones for understated elegance. This colour combination adds a soft romantic mystique to your home.

Like your look a little more luxe? Switch out gray for classic black tones. Think gloss over matte for a touch of Gatsby allure. Refined, relaxing and visually appealing.

P11 lounge, wall art, interior design, style, decor, pink, pantone
Zanui Larcen Anthracite 3 Seater Sofa, Bastian Coffee Table and Hugo White Oak Table with Rapee Blue Print Cushion and Linen House Knitted Cushion Cover, available online at Zanui.


Pantone’s colour of the year is said to represent the zeitgeist and attitude of the now. Rose quartz and serenity make a distinctive pair, said to represent to the shift towards wellbeing and mindfulness within our collective consciousness.

P6 interior design, style, decor, pink, pantone P10 plant, cute, interior design, style, decor, pink, pantone
From L to R: Hemingway Design Storage Jar and Hemingway Design Tea Light Holder, Medium Vase, and Candlestick Holder, available online at Zanui.

These two muted tones are typically associated with gender: blue for boys and pink for girls. Their fusion is said to recognise a greater fluidity in our cultural understanding of gender. (!)

The look is blissfully pure and pretty. See here for more on these two gorgeous shades.

P3 lounge, interior design, style, decor, pink, pantoneP14 brass, lights, interior design, style, decor, pink, pantone
Images sourced: apartmenttherapy.com.


Last year’s love of copper is still going strong. And this luxurious finish looks divine in partnership with pink. Cool pink hues let the copper be the star, whilst peachy shades instill a sense of rich abundance.

The look is lavish and inviting, soft yet decadent. Yum!

P13 bedding, interior design, style, decor, pink, pantone
Linen House Haze Quilt Cover Set, available online at Zanui.


Alongside glorious natural finishes like marble (and metallic noted above), raw and treated timber continues to appeal. Pink accents paired with oak and blonde wooden furniture makes for a sleek yet contemporary aesthetic.

The look is rustic sophistication with distressed timber finishes beautifully contrasted with the soft pink hues. Play with gloss finishes for an edgy mix of textures.

Peaches & Cream Canvas Print
P9 interior design, style, decor, pink, pantone, wall art from Shaynna Blaze for Urban Road, available online at Zanui.


Looking for an uber-now vibe? Pink paired with vivid minty green colours create a vibrant and playful space. Make it max by opting for furniture in these bold hues. Or trace just a hint of these sorbet-sweet colours through your decor.

The look is fresh and crisp. Modern. Charming. Botanical accents (like hanging pots and planters) work in well with this vibe.

P4 interior design, style, decor, pink, pantone P7 interior design, style, decor, pink, pantone
Right: Hemingway Design Nesting Bowl, available online at Zanui. Left image sourced The LuxPad.

Of course, pink is also at home in chintzy florals. Play around with different saturations to create different moods… Molly Ringwald was right. The world really is pretty in pink.

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