5 Steps to a Successful New Year’s Celebration

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Pique your New Year’s Eve bash with these unique party tips, destined to charm your guests. 

It’s coming up to that time of year again when glass-chinking and dancing on the table is compulsory. 2015 is on the way out and a night of wild carousing is on the cards. Or an evening of sophisticated celebration if you prefer.

Throwing a New Year’s Eve bash is a whole world of fun. And it needn’t be chaotic, or – worse – anticlimactic with a little planning. Prepping ahead is the key.

But… Well, Christmas.

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Opt for opulent gold hues as your colour scheme. Click here for inspiration. Images sourced L to R: thecelebrationsociety.com and Zanui.

If you haven’t finalised your plans – fear not! It doesn’t have to be complicated. The KISS principle applies. New Year’s Eve is a night filled with promise. And food + bubbles will make fast friends of total strangers.

Capitalise on the magic by adding a few flourishes of your own that will take your event from garden-variety great to intoxicating. 😉

Match your decor to your desserts! Images sourced L to R: 100layercake.com and pizzazzerie.com.

Work around a theme

Adding a theme to your event is like adding coconut milk to your curry. It takes it into the realm where dreams come true. 🙂

Define your view for the New Year. When the clock clicks past midnight, you could be looking out over a bevy of beehives or the cast of the Goonies, all the glamour of a Gatsby-esque affair, or a hypercoloured blur of 80s fluoro.

Add a touch of luxe with Waterford glasswaregold-banded dinnerware from Royal Doulton and the aptly named Lux Pineapple Sculpture from Amalfi, available online at Zanui. Images sourced L to R: Zanui and forrent.com.

Think Day of the Dead, ugly sweaters, prom night, a decade party, come as your favourite celeb/fictional character/Kardashian/Bond… Up the opulence with a masquerade or a black + white ball. Or a Mad Men inspired event.

Colours also make great themes. Pink + gold for pretty. White for pure. Or nab some UV black light globes and ask everyone to wear something light for a mad last days of disco effect…

Of all the pretty in pink metallic pictured here, we love the Prosecco Popsicle treats the best. Just add bubbles to fruit ice blocks! Images sourced L to R: pizzazzerie.com and littlebigco.blogspot.co.at.

Dress your space

Dress up your tablescape with new dinnerware and cocktail glasses. Treat yourself to new décor and designer champagne flutes. Then gussy things up with helium balloons and bunting and glitter.

Candles introduce soft lighting (always nice) and ambience. Mix votives with pillars and tapers. And don’t forget your soundscape. Start mellow and build to a crescendo. What song will bring in your 2016?

Introduce Mad-Men inspired glassware for added chic (right). Images sourced L to R: thecelebrationsociety.com and Zanui.

Want to go all the way? Carry your theme through to the evening’s nourishment. For example, serve up pigs-in-blankets, cheese and pineapple sticks, pasties, punch, and vodka jellies to your swinging sixties soiree.

You are the maker of your own destiny – exploit this moment.

L to R: Geo Candle Holder from j.elliott HOME, Dine Damask Napkin (Set of 20) from Maxwell & Williams, Simply Dinner Set from Royal Doulton, and Arcadia Placemats from Rapee, available online at Zanui.

Make memories

An old-school Polaroid camera is a must on a night like this. And plenty of film. Add in a bound book, stickers, glitter, coloured pens, stamps, crayons, the works! And get your guests crafting. Don’t forget double-sided tape so they can stick their photos in.

Get their advice for the New Year, their fave memories of 2015, their New Year’s Resolutions, their favourite quote.

Make your own poppers for vibe and colour here. Or opt for sculptural cake stands and candle holders, available online at Zanui. Images sourced L to R: ehow.com and Zanui.

Up the ante by giving awards. Snap the stars of the night for posterity.

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Create a holistic look by working with a colour scheme. Download these pretty popper templates here. Images sourced L to R: weddingbells.ca and pizzazzerie.com.

Mark midnight

Adorn your champagne bottles with gold glitter for a glam effect. Then toast the New Year with champaz served up in gold-sugared glasses. This is glitter you can eat! (Yes! Just when you thought glitter couldn’t get any better!)

Images sourced L to R: hercampus.com and simplyseductive.blogspot.com. 

Serve up these champagne cupcakes to help those amongst the throng who may have gotten a little sozzled by this time of the evening. A little worried you might not be the hostess with the mostest come 12? Package up your midnight snacks and pre-set them on the table!

Sparklers and poppers make a nice touch and add festive colour. We recommend adult supervision for those in daily conversation with their inner child.

Images sourced: pizzazzerie.com

One more note on the champagne, how’s about adding some adorable flute tags decorated with your fave snippets of wisdom. Any of Frank Sinatra’s adages will do – “The best is yet to come and won’t that be fine.” Or simply Alice in Wonderland’s “Drink me!” Another great theme.

Images sourced L to R: flute tags for free download from pizzazzerie.com and whimsydecor.blogspot.com

Party favours

When your guests leave at the end of the night, gift them with a little something to remember you by. A hangover remedy kit is a cute idea. 🙂

Something sweet for Day One of 2016, plus a Hairy Lemon and a piccolo of hair of the dog. Add in a little personalised note for the finishing touch. And voila! You’re done. xx

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Images sourced L to R: ohsobeautifulpaper.com and blog.williams-sonoma.com 

Need a little more assistance with your planning? Click here and we’ll take you through it step by step. 😀

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