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The tribal trend does not need to translate to safari and animal pelts. Add some earthy gravitas to your interiors with this epic modern style.

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From L to R: Windowpane Vases from Have You Met Miss Jones, Hide Cushion, Grey from Amigos De Hoy and The Chamber Code Vase from Emma’s Design, available online at Zanui.

Feeling a little trapped in your 9 to 5? When your room with a view is just four office walls, it’s hard not to feel nostalgic for your nomadic past lives…

Mornings spent traipsing through the street markets in Istanbul haggling over the price of olives, afternoons whiled away wandering the ancient temples of Mayanmar or Inca ruins.

Ah. Those salad days. So deliciously carefree… Just you, your backpack and your adventurous spirit.

The Rapee collection of cushions in vibrant hues and rich textures make a great choice for this look, available online at Zanui.

Whether you’re reliving a memory or dreaming up new quests, fantasising about exotic cultures beats the pip out of the banality of routine.

So, you can’t throw caution to the wind and grab the next flight to Jordan? Despair not. Add a little escape in your interiors!

The Natural Tribal Trend as explored by our Zanui stylists, using diverse textures! Shop the look here.

Indulging your wanderlust in inspired décor pieces allows a little globetrotting from your sofa. Instil the vibrant flair of Brazil or the spiced up colours of the Moroccan bazaars in your palette and accent pieces.

Deck out your dining and living space with delicious silks, evocative patterns and softened leathers that speak to faraway civilisations.

Asha Quilt Cover Set from Designers Choice, available online at Zanui.

But remember, a little exotic flavour goes a long way – don’t take the term tribal too literally! Don’t don your safari suit just yet. Tribal is more than mere pelts and animal prints. Turn up the sophistication with these tribal accents, from batik to geo-chic detail.

Here are 6 tips to guide you on your journey.

The Zanui Natural Tribal Trend. Shop the look here!

Go native

Get edgy. Invite an undone element into your home. Work with coarse textiles and textures, such as rattan, animal hide and rope. This look is organic and unaffected.

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From L to R: Soundslike HOME Tropica Wooden Side Table and Tropica Driftwood Stool and Casa Uno Ozette Side Table, available online at Zanui.

Fuse distressed and untreated timbers with more polished wooden pieces for contrast. Introduce concrete pieces as modernising elements.

Tribal artefacts instantly introduce character into an otherwise urban aesthetic whilst rough-hewn sculptures and irregular silhouettes add definition.

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The Zanui Natural Tribal Trend. Shop the look here! And right, Linen House Margaret Round Jute Rug, available online at Zanui.

Jute do it

Natural fibres fill out this look well. They add depth to your design landscape whilst playing a supporting role. They are the canvas onto which you can cast your more colourful accents.

Simple shapes and stripes work well. They’re understated yet effective.

Afrique Quilt Cover Set from Alex Perry for Linen House, available online at Zanui.

Be a global nomad

This look is capable of hosting diverse cultural influences within the same space. Opt for a fusion of cultural references for eclectic boho charm in your home.

From L to R: the Have You Met Miss Jones vase and vessel collection and Square Leather Floor Cushions from Amigos De Hoy, available online at Zanui.

Play with pairing flamboyant African motifs with Aztec, Ikat, and simple geometric designs for a vibrant and contemporary interior.

Rapee Damaska Throw and Cholla Cushion, available online at Zanui.

Bring the bling

Luxe ethnic accents lift this look – opt for a few key pieces in burnished gold or copper or beaten metal for a touch of sophistication. Decorative plates and bowls introduce definitive glam.

Glazed vases and vessels in interesting shapes provide stark contrast to the coarser organic textures.

Have You Met Miss Jones vases L to R: Triangle Votive VaseOrbit Indigo Gold Vase, and Frida Vase, Pink, available online at Zanui.

Metallics in warm hues work well with this aesthetic. They create an appealing contrast with the coarser elements in your space.

This trace of opulence breaks up the uniformity in your interior design.

The Barber & Osgerby collection of serving and dinnerware for Royal Doulton, available online at Zanui.

Be down to earth

Look to nature to establish your palette. Prioritise rust reds, rich ochres, mustards and browns in your larger pieces. These colours also come to life in sculpted earthenware.

Revamp your entertaining with stunning natural colours in a high gloss finish for sophisticated earthy charm.

Metal Dipped Wood Serving Board Copper and Bowl from Amigos De Hoy, available online at Zanui.

For your accent pieces, don’t be afraid to mix it up.

Brazen graphic textiles in high voltage hues collaborate well with subdued Saharan tones, shades of terracotta, chocolate and bronze. Add in unexpected vivid colours such as a hint of papaya for a touch of drama…

L to R: Natural Cowhide, Sprinkled Beige/White from NSW Leather Co and Casa Uno Laredo Dining Chair, available online at Zanui.

Don’t lose yourself

Remember “less is more” is a great place to start. Craft your own distinctive space with considered choices.

It’s helpful to work within a theme sometimes. Tie your décor accents together by using graduated hues or repeated textures and prints.

The Zanui Natural Tribal Trend. Shop the look here

Now go forth and discover your new décor. Step off the beaten track. Feed your fernweh* until you’re free to roam at large again!

*An ache for distant places, the craving for travel. (What a glorious word!) 🙂

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