Murchinson-Hume: A Fresh Perspective On Cleaning


The transition from winter to spring marks my favourite time of year. The days are becoming longer, the flowers are in bloom and the nights are perfect for sitting outside over long dinners with friends.  It is also the one time of year that you get away talking about the weather often without being thought of as a bore, because it really is that good.

This time of year also marks the need for fresh starts in many areas of life- including your home. The term “spring cleaning” has become instilled in our brains since we were little. From re-stacking the boxes in the garage to completely organizing your wardrobe, some cleaning is needed to be had after the long and dark, lifeless winter.

We have a couple suggestions this spring on making cleaning easier and a little more enjoyable… just a little. Rather than the traditional, chemically filled products that have burned your nostrils and stung your eyes in your Cinderella past, we would like to introduce you to the wonderfully pure and highly effective products of Murchinson- Hume.

Launched in Sydney by power couple Peter and Max Kater in 2007, this eco-friendly and well branded product outshines all your traditional cleaning products.  Sorry Mr Sheen and Ajax- but you have been schooled by the good-looking and all natural new-kid on the block.


Don’t let these good looking products fool you; they are more than a pretty label. All Murchinson-Hume products are plant based and designed to be the safest and effective housecleaning products on Earth. It doesn’t get more pure than this folks.

Let me share with you some of my favourite Murchinson-Hume products that are pet safe, child safe, plant safe and 100% cruelty free and never tested on animals.

MHume spritz
“Everyday” Furniture Spritzer 

A Murchinson-Hume exclusive (and my favourite product). This revolutionary product may be used to clean most types of furniture including wooden, lacquered, plastic and even upholstery! Gentle enough to use for everyday dusting. Daily use helps to keep dust and animal dander down and the build-up of daily grime at bay. Perfect.

MHume glass polish“Premium” Glass Polish

Who says glass cleaner has to be blue? Murchison-Hume offers an elegant, ammonia-free alternative that both cleans and protects your glass surfaces. Leaves a streak-free protective coating that actively repels future dust that can dull and damage. Just spray and wipe! Clearly brilliant.

MHume spritz10“Counter Intelligence” Food Safe Surface Spray

Finally: Squeaky clean counter tops minus the overkill. “Counter Intelligence” Food Safe Surface Spray tackles all your everyday germs without the use of harsh or dangerous chemicals. It leaves counter tops clean, with a light, fresh scent or fragrance-free. Non-flammable, non-toxic and safe enough for use in food preparation areas; in the nursery, even on the dog! Now that’s intelligence you can count on.
MHume spritz10

Who said cleaning wasn’t fun? A fresh start with great products for a fresh you. Happy cleaning!

All Murchinson-Hume products can be found at Zanui.