Our love affair with Morocco: 4 tips to get the look

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What images leap to mind when we say “Morocco”? The deep, orange sand of the Sahara Desert? The lush green oases nestled in the dunes? Perhaps you’re familiar with the ochre red walls of the Imperial city of Marrakech, or the bright blue and white buildings of the seaside town of Essaouira. You’ve sipped sweet mint tea while listening to the intoxicating sound of Berber drums in a busy square, or spent hours wandering around a bustling souk that sells spices and gold.

With all its rich culture and beauty, it’s no wonder that Morocco is such a style inspiration. From the cult 1940s film Casablanca starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman to the many luxurious fashion spreads of Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar shot in the sand dunes or even Yves Saint Laurent’s iconic stately homes in Marrakech, there’s no denying the influence that Morocco continues to have on fashion, style and interiors.

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Get the look

It’s only natural you want to channel the trend for yourself. And this is where Zanui comes in! You can create fresh, modern Moroccan-inspired style in four simple steps. And no, it doesn’t involve breaking your budget (or your back!) with major renovations or redesigning of your home!

Update your look with key pieces that make a style statement and add to the rich look and feel of your home. Opt for ottomans and sumptuous throws and cushions in bright colours and graphic prints. Channel animal magnetism and up the glam factor. We’ve got all the bases covered to achieve a Moroccan-inspired look with ease.

#1 Spice it up with pops of bright colour

We’ll let you in on a secret – a little colour goes a long way. You can’t go wrong with anything on the blue spectrum. Deep Lapis-Lazuli to uplifting sky blues that can be found throughout Morocco – in everything from traditional Berber textiles and dress to the colour of buildings in Essaouira and ChefChaouen. Green is also on our radar – inspired by traditional mosaic art, fresh mint tea, and palm trees. Team with a dash of the bright reds and oranges found everywhere from spice souks to the desert.

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Injecting pops of colour into the living room can be as simple as scattering a few cushions on your sofa to brighten things up. Add a colourful throw into the mix and you’ve updated the look of your lounge area with ease and added warmth for the colder months. You can do the same in the bedroom, or for more of an impact, why not go for a bright and colourful new quilt cover set? In the kitchen and dining room, opt for colourful cookware and dinnerware that will lighten the mood and spice up your dinner setting when entertaining guests.

#2 Animal magnetism

Animal prints are back with a vengeance, so why not embrace it? Channel the North-African wilderness with an eye-catching feature piece. Go for an ottoman or chair upholstered in a striking animal print fabric – it will stand out and contrast nicely with your current interior while not going totally overboard with animal fever. Similarly, a natural or coloured animal-hide rug works a treat, will last you for years and inject a cosiness into the room in time for winter.


#3 Lets get graphic

Nothing updates your look quite like graphic prints and designs, and it’s no different for the Moroccan-Inspired interior. Drawing inspiration from the traditional arabic arts of mosaic, calligraphy, rug and textile design, a huge range of designers feature bold lines, geometric patterns and contrasting colour in their pieces. This trend flows throughout a range of products; from cushions to decorative pieces and wall art to contemporary and traditional style rugs.

#4 Midnight in the Oasis

From the glamourous Moroccan royal family to the black and white elegance of the film Casablanca, to the decadent La Mamounia hotel in Marrakech to exotic oasis retreats, Morocco has a certain allure that’s hard to deny. Emulate this romantic and decadent vibe with our range of statement pieces. From oasis-inspired cushions to lustrous decorative lamps and stools and plush velvet ottomans and armchairs, we’ve got you covered in the glam department.

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