5 Red-Hot Lighting Trends We’re Loving


Lighting looking a little flat? Spice things up with these five must-have trends set to ignite 2017.

When it comes to styling interiors, lighting is often overlooked. We spend hours poring over indistinguishable paint chips, coveting furniture, wall art, rugs and décor whilst lighting seems more an afterthought.

Yet today’s lighting designs are architectural masterpieces! We’re infatuated with these inspired new (and returning) trends.

Amonson Lighting Rustic Glass Pendant Light, online at Zanui.

Refined Industrial

Distressed, polished and mixed metal forms meet concrete and glass in this evocative style. There’s no doubt about it, urban industrial has its grip firmly on on-trend.

Many cafes and restaurants have embraced this style to accent their exposed brick and hardwood finishes. But industrial lighting works equally well in your bedroom. The juxtaposition of edgy materials with plush quilts and pillows creates a dynamic visual aesthetic.

Keep a look out for orb-like chandeliers fashioned from rope, metal and glass (like the Foucault’s Orb Crystal Chandelier) as well as exposed Edison filament light fixtures with striking coloured cords.

Glorious Baroque Floor Lamp, online at Zanui.

Oversized fixtures

Looking to give your room a focal point? Consider a statement lighting feature that’s on the large size.

Oversized pieces looks impressive in entry zones, above dining tables and in floor lamps in your living room. It’s a great option for spaces with high ceilings.

Consider statement pendants, multi-tiered chandeliers and designer floor lamps to punctuate your space.

Amalfi Gita Metallic Table Lamp, Sleuth Table Lamp, Medelia Table Lamp, Hanging Torch Lamp (Set of 2) and Hexagon Table Lamp, online at Zanui.

Geo-Scandi style

Accent your space with faceted geometric designs fashioned from earthy timbers. These striking silhouettes add drama to your side and coffee tables, ceiling space and consoles and complement Nordic, eclectic and modern interiors.

Play to their natural textures and timber’s intrinsic warmth with hide rugs, wooden stools, tables and dining chairs. Alternatively, highlight contrast by introducing them into minimalist spaces alongside luxe metallics.

Giffin Design Kurvi Halogen Pendant Light, online at Zanui.

Retro revival

Mid-century modernism believed good design could enrich your life. Faced with its gorgeous organic minimalism, we are converts!

It feels like this modish movement never left centre-stage. Featuring sleek style-lines inspired by natural forms, these light fixtures adapt well to a range of interiors.

Opt for understated neutrals or bold retro hues for unexpected colour pops.

The Artisan style uses raw materials to add depth and texture to your interiors. Featuring homewares including the Rapee Cervaza Cushion, online at Zanui.

Global traveller

Feed your wanderlust with bohemian-inspired fixtures fashioned from rustic woods or beaten metals for charming textured detail. These trends draws upon diverse cultures to instil a sense of the world as global tribe.

Handcrafted pieces from artisans will steal focus in this look. Imperfection supplants machine-made to deliver an authentic, unique style.

These lighting designs are well met with hand-woven baskets and hand-tufted rugs. Each piece contributes its own narrative to the wider aesthetic.

Rouge Living Deiter Concrete Pendant Light and Holger Concrete Pendant Light, online at Zanui.

A word on planning out your lighting

Lighting’s raison d’être is to highlight the other. But it also shapes the mood within your interiors, encouraging relaxation or focusing attention.

Effective lighting draws together all the elements within a room. It can be self-effacing or aggrandising. Why not try a bit of both?

Here are a few final tips to help you find your style.

Amonson Lighting Funnel Filament Pendant Light, online at Zanui.

Fit your lighting to your room’s function

Consider your space. How will you be using it? What areas do you need to ensure are lit and to what degree? What kind of mood do you want to invoke?

If you’re an avid entertainer, a warm, inviting light above your dining table will suit your purpose. However, if your kids also sit there to do their homework, you’ll need to turn the level up.

In this case, installing a dimmer will allow you greater flexibility.

Micky & Stevie Wild Swan Table Lamp, Large, online at Zanui.

Consider all three lighting types

Think about what you are hoping to achieve with your lighting. There are three different types to consider:

  • Ambiance – for casting general light and crafting mood
  • Decoration – to bring the pretty, as the name suggests
  • Purpose – to address specific functions, e.g. a desk lamp in your home office or under-cabinet fixtures to illuminate your kitchen surfaces. (So you don’t add your fingertips to your fare when you’re busy chopping…)

A fusion of all three kinds often works best.

Loft Furniture lighting, online at Zanui.

Layer your lighting sources

Make the most of your space by overlapping. Bring together ceiling lights, sconces, pendant lights, recessed lights, table and floor lamps to appropriately cover your available space.

Consider the natural daylight your room enjoys as well as its dark spots.

Experiment. Move your floor and table lamps around to create diverse effects.

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