5 Secrets To Styling Your Interiors From Floor To Ceiling

Rapee Calais Throw

Realise your unique interior style with our 5 P’s for perfecting your home décor, from floor to ceiling.

So you’ve got a vision. And the time is now. You’re determined to style your home. And you’re dreaming large. You’re thinking a floor-to-ceiling revamp. A total refresh. But where to start? Good question.

Interior decorating can be daunting, especially if you’re on your L-plates. But taking a step back to survey the bigger picture and creating a plan helps.

Here at Zanui, we’re acquainted with chaos. (We’re not going to lie.) But order’s got us all gooey-eyed. It keeps us on sanity’s good side.

So we’ve created 5 P’s for perfecting your interior style, guaranteed to push right back on the crazy. Decorating is dangerous, especially at the pointy end.

Rapee Haze Cushion, Pink
Haze Cushion, Pink, from the Rapee collection, online at Zanui.

1. Define your PERSONAL VISION

This is the fun part. Indulge! Unleash your inner magpie and start collecting. Pillage Pinterest, interiors mags and blogs. Stickybeak* inside the homes of celebrities and your friends. (*Do not stalk.)

Appropriate and curate old and new décor items you adore.

Discover your unique style. Find what you love. Be bold, fearless and far-reaching in your research. There are no limits. No budgetry restraints. Realism is dead. Feed the dream!

Cafe Lighting
The Cafe Lighting & Living collection of furniture and homewares, online at Zanui.

What’s your style?

Most of us find ourselves drawn to specific interior styles. If you’re fresh from the cabbage patch when it comes to interior design, surrender to inspiration.

Are you a fan of Scandinavian or Parisian looks, modern-rustic or Art-Deco chic? Perhaps Hamptons or coastal-inspired is more your bag.

Or does your affinity lie with more exotic interiors with Moroccan motifs, and Balinese eastern elegance? Click on the links and explore.
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Get back to reality with a bump. Take a long hard look at your home. Scrutinise each space. Investigate its pros and cons. Be honest. Sugarcoating will only make styling it more difficult.

Interior design is about maximising the use of your space. Whether you’re for audacious décor or stark understatement, the functionality of your interiors must come first.

Alex Perry for Linen House Okanui Quilt Cover Set
Okanui Quilt Cover Set from Alex Perry for Linen House, online at Zanui.


Draw a scaled floor plan of your space. Map your thoroughfares, powerpoints, furniture and doors. Add in your windows and other architectural features like fireplaces, lighting and the like. Work floor to ceiling.

This will help you see the bigger picture and balance your vision with your reality.

Read more about space and shape in interiors here. Or if you’re wondering how to maximise a small space, see here.

Hoxton Art House Miel Canvas Print
Miel Canvas Print from Hoxton Art House, online at Zanui.

Find your focal point

Interiors have a more cohesive feel if their focal points are clear. Your focal points are the places within the room that your eye goes to first. Architectural features work well as they naturally draw the eye.

If you don’t have an obvious focal point, you can create one with wall art, rugs, and statement furniture.

Your lighting should support your focal points through its positioning. James Treble talks about diversifying your lighting here and here.

Aura By Tracie Ellis Sine Quilt Cover, Cloud Blue
Sine Quilt Cover in Cloud Blue from Aura By Tracie Ellis, online at Zanui.

Consider perspective

Go back to your floor plan. Create cut-outs of your current and dream décor. Again, work to scale. Move them round. Ask yourself if your furniture is an appropriate size for your room.

Are you blocking your thoroughfares or crowding your interiors? Is that to-die-for chesterfield really for you? Or would a smaller modern sofa with clean lines better suit?

Need some help choosing the right sofa for you? See here. The right chair? See here. Or find out what shape rug is right for your room here.
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Whether you’re cracking open the paint tins or just updating your décor accents, a holistic approach to colour in your home is essential. Start by identifying the hues you respond to. Your research into rooms you love will help here.

Check out the latest on-trend colours here and see if they speak to you. Then look at your analysis of your home and see which colours will bring out its best.

Amigos de Hoy Joanie Tambourine, Gold
Joanie Tambourine, Gold, from Amigos De Hoy, online at Zanui.

Colour temperature

Your choice of palette influences the sense of space. While cool shades add a calming element to your home, in a large room they can appear bleak. Warmer tones add more energy and evoke intimacy, but in a smaller space they can become overpowering.

Learn more about combining colours according to the colour wheel here. To use colour to encourage play in your kids’ rooms, see here.

Rapee Zuma Cushion, Aqua
Zuma Cushion, Aqua, from the Rapee collection, online at Zanui.


Décor accents put your personal stamp on a space. Explore patterns or prints for pops of colour and drama to your interior design. Cushions, throws, vases, wall art and rugs are easy wins and can completely transform a space.

Don’t forget to add in texture. (More about that here.) Geometric designs are very much on-trend.

Aura By Tracie Ellis Stripes Towel, Pastel Pink
Stripes Towel, Pastel Pink, from Aura By Tracie Ellis, online at Zanui.


Now you need to create a program. For most of us, this is partly dictated by the size of our wallets. But try to shoot for the bigger items first, e.g. your sofa/dining table before your rug.

This might sound contrary, but more expensive staple items are investments in the long term. Your accent pieces should take their lead from them.

If those big items seem a long way off, opt for new bed linen, tableware, cushions and throws to create an instant update.

Got a problem room? See our advice on styling your dining room, bedroom, home office, or outdoor space.

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