GO GREEN: 6 Tips For Your Lush Décor


Beat the blues this winter by adding lush greenery to your décor. We’re talking indoor plants and décor with leafy motifs set to combat grey skies and a heavy heart.

Gp - Casa Uno Rustic 2 Handle PotGp - Casa Uno Ceramic Urn VaseGp - Casa Uno Glazed Ceramic Urn
From L to R: Casa Uno Rustic 2 Handle Pot, Casa Uno Ceramic Urn Vase, and Casa Uno Glazed Ceramic Urn, available online at Zanui.

This year, décor has seen a revival of the natural. From rustic woods, raw textures and finishes to natural stone, leather and concrete, interiors are relishing the beauty of the organic. Leafy motifs, fresh and faux green plants have featured as well in 2016. It’s all about bringing the outside in with verdant accents.

This is all the more important with winter poised to butt its bald pate in. With our blue skies sliding towards overcast, we’re all about turning our interiors into an oasis for the frosty months.

G - Mr Greengrass Hive Pot Seaglass
The Mr Greengrass collection, featuring the Hive Pot and Tweed Pot, available online at Zanui.

As the leaves turn this autumn, we’re seeing green. We’re inviting the calm in, the peace, the tranquility. Whether your space is capacious or super-cosy, you’ll love these innovative ways to trace some greenery through your home.

G - FB Japanese Fans Outdoor Cushion
The Florence Broadhurst collection, featuring the Cockatoo Outdoor CushionJapanese Fans Outdoor Cushion, and Antique Lattice Outdoor Cushion, available online at Zanui.


Indoor plants have become really popular – in particular fiddle leaf figs, monstera and rubber plants. These tall soldiers look stately posted in your entrances (solo or in pairs either side of a doorway), beside bookshelves, sideboards and sofas.

G - Satara Merrick Basket, Blue
Satara Merrick Basket, available in a range of hues online at Zanui.

Display them in planters, urns or baskets. Explore the effect of distressed, natural and polished finishes. A vintage look terracotta pot and a beaten polished metal planter speak to two very different styles, whilst jute baskets add organic textures that work well with this living accent!

G - Have You Met Miss Jones Mineral Metallic Pot
The Have You Met Miss Jones collection, featuring the Mineral Metallic Pot, available online at Zanui.

Consider topiary for a more formal look. Incorporate a plant stand to introduce different levels into your aesthetic. An urn can also make a great home for seasonal flowers. Combine a few varietals for a vibrant colour pop.

G - Escape to Paradise Oasis Tropical Paradise Outdoor Cushion
Leafy motifs – Escape To Paradise cushions displayed on the Zanui Otto Sofa, available online at Zanui.


Love to entertain? Coffee, console and side tables benefit from a flash of green. A smaller pot plant adds colour, height and shape to your design-scape. Orchids are infused with elegance but are not so simple to maintain, and those beautiful blossoms are somewhat fleeting. A fern, on the other hand, is still sculptural but less taxing when it comes to TLC.

G - Mr Greengrass Half Dipped Tweed Pot
The Mr Greengrass collection of outdoor decor, available online at Zanui.

Exploit the wide variety of stylish pots to find your match. Our fave craftspeople at Mr Greengrass are the answer if you’re looking for on-trend. Or opt for Rogue’s more classically beautiful planters and urns.

Gp - Rogue Pressed Pot (Set of 2)Gp - The Thoughtful Gardener Watering CanGp - Moyataj Delite Urban Box Square Planter
From L to R: Rogue Pressed Pot (Set of 2), The Thoughtful Gardener Watering Can, and Moyataj Delite Urban Box Square Planter, available online at Zanui.

Your planter should collaborate with your overall aesthetic. This can be in its colour or its material or just simply in its age. Showcasing chic coffee table books? Perhaps a gloss finish will work best. Looking for something to work in tandem with that quirky vintage birdcage you picked up at the markets? Try a distressed terracotta planter.

G - Serax Paperbag Kiki Pot, Medium
Serax Paperbag Kiki Pot, Medium, available online at Zanui.


If your home is tight on space, consider a series of small pots, mason jars, or a slender planter of herbs on your windowsill… See here for some suggestions for display solutions. This can work well in your kitchen (a pint-sized coriander and basil patch) and in your bedroom (e.g. African violets – or pretty maids – all in a row).

G - j.elliot HOME Brooke 3-Piece Hanging SetG - Rogue Sphere Hanging Planters (Set of 6)
From L to R: j.elliot HOME Brooke 3-Piece Hanging Planter Set and Rogue Sphere Hanging Planters (Set of 6), available online at Zanui.

Looking for something smaller still? Opt for a miniature fern, a succulent or a cactus. Place these atop your arty books on your bedside table or beside that old-world twine on your bookshelf. Instant character!

G- Mes Homewares Leaf Cement Pot
Mes Homewares Leaf Cement Pot, available online at Zanui.

A sleek narrow planter with succulents and those sophisticated white pebbles also works well on console tables if you’re a bit squeezy for room.

G - Amigos del Hoy Jute Plant Hanger, Blue
Amigos del Hoy Jute Plant Hanger, available online at Zanui.


Plant hangers and terrariums are another work-around for smaller homes. There are some beautifully crafted macramé hanging planters around for that vintage bohemian vibe.

Gp - Eva Solo Mini Bird Feeder (Set of 2)G - Micrame Mason Jar Macrame PlanterGp - Eva Solo Bird Feeder (Set of 2)
From L to R: Eva Solo Mini Bird Feeder (Set of 2), Mimacrame Mason Jar Macrame Plant Hanger, and Eva Solo Bird Feeder, available online at Zanui.

Terrariums allow you to create your own mini green microcosm… Plus their sculpted glass vessels have a refinement of their own.

G - Maxwell & Williams Little Jungle Orbit, Oval and Donut Terraniums
Maxwell & Williams Little Jungle Orbit, Oval and Donut Terraniums, available online at Zanui.


Love the principle of having a leafy haven for a home, but you’re like the Grim Reaper for green things? Opting for the artificial over the real McCoy is the smart choice. There are some beautiful faux floral pieces for filling sleek vases.

Gp - Rogue Artificial Tea Leaf Ball Topiary Set of 2Gp - Rogue Artificial Barrel Cactus Set of 2Gp - Rogue Artificial Potted GardeniaGp - Rogue Artificial Tea Leaf Topiary Set of 2Gp - Rogue Artificial Dogtail Grass Set of 2
From L to R: Rogue Artificial Tea Leaf Ball Topiary (Set of 2)Artificial Barrel Cactus (Set of 2)Artificial Potted Garden RoseArtificial Tea Leaf Topiary (Set of 2), and Artificial Dogtail Grass (Set of 2), available online at Zanui.

Or opt for faux foliage for a more masculine leafy look. Rogue have some detailed options from topiary to single stemmed flowers.

G - Escape to Paradise Oasis Coco Outdoor Cushion
Blessed with two brown thumbs? Escape To Paradise cushions need no TLC, available online at Zanui.


Décor with natural motifs is also big right now – palm fronds, exotic fleurs, the lot. From cushions to wall art, vases and beyond, there are some truly stunning designs. We love the Have You Met Miss Jones Palm Leaf Vases.

G - Have You Met Miss Jones Palm Leaf Tall + Wide Mouth Vases
Have You Met Miss Jones Palm Leaf Tall + Wide Mouth Vases, available online at Zanui.

Escape To Paradise create cushions that nod to nirvana with an effusion of tropical greenery and flowers. Florence Broadhurst offers something for the fashion-forward. Her retro designs are en-vogue – geometric meets floral and beyond.

Draw the outdoors inside this winter… So green. So good.

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