Geometric Defined


Geometric defined

From left: Rug Culture Nomadic Charm Indian Quatrefoil Kilim Rug, Xavier&Me Abstract One Cushion and DG37 Geometric Knit Cushion, available online at Zanui.

Geometric patterns have adorned cultures since time immemorial. The evocative power of contrasting and repetitive shapes and lines has been exploited from tribal adornments to the Art + Crafts, Art Deco and Bauhaus movements and today’s statement contemporary designs.

From left: Tribal African Pattern Print Art from American Flat, United Artworks Geology 1 Canvas Print, Spring Geometric Triangle Print Art from American Flat, African Fabric Pattern Print Art from American Flat, and American Flat Trembling Print Art, available online at Zanui.

Geometric designs take their inspiration from the natural world (the veins in leaves or the skeletal structure) as well as from the lines of man-made architecture. They span from simple to complex, orderly to chaotic, creating a unique element within your design scheme.

From left: Phil Bee Living Hasan Timber Stools, Replica Konstantin Grcic Replica Chair and NF Living Mosaic Stool, available online at Zanui.

Whilst some soft furnishings, throws and cushions express themselves through their exacting designs, you only need to look at the beauty of ikat to understand that it’s about more than just symmetry. From mathematical to primitive, organic curves to angular lines, they make a versatile addition to your interiors.

From left: Aura By Tracie Ellis Big Stripe Quilt Cover, Dash & Albert Diamond Outdoor Rug and Campfire Graphics Mosaic Kitten Wall Decal, available online at Zanui.

Add punch to your design scheme with vases, rugs, lighting fixtures and mirrors in chic geometrics. Or make a statement by selecting coffee and side tables, even your sofa with a strident geo-print.

From left: Cafe Lighting Stockton Glass Side Table, GLOBE WEST Industria Lattice Round Coffee Table, GLOBE WEST Deco Round Coffee Table, and GLOBE WEST Deco Glass Side Tables Set of 2, available online at Zanui.

Art Deco styles utilise these patterns to create that deluxe look through the use of metallics and reflective finishes from dressing to console tables, bedside tables and striking dining suites. Geometric wall art is also a great way to add life to your interiors through pops of vibrant colour.


From left: Geometric design in Giorgio Armani via awoltrendsdotcom, NF Living Celtic Bedside, Yosuke Kumiko Japanese Paper Art, and the Platos Collection by Amila Hrustić via awoltrendsdotcom.

There are an infinite ways to interpret and incorporate geometric prints for dynamic and understated visual appeal. What’s your favourite way to use geometrics in your space?

From left: Lucretia Lighting Replica Herr Mandel Wood Lampframe Pendant Lamp, Harwick & Cesko Triangle Pop Cushion, Aura By Tracie Ellis Triangles European Pillow Case, Harwick & Cesko Cut Out Cushion and Lucretia Lighting Replica Tuukka Halonen Pilke 60 Pendant Light, available online at Zanui.

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