Festive Decor That Works All Year Round

Festive decor 4

You can hear it coming… even before you’ve packed away your fascinator and spent your Melbourne Cup spoils. The insidious creep of Christmas carols signals the last whisper of your sanity.

It’s the silly season. It’s survival of the fittest in the shops. Grown women fight over legs of ham in the meat section. Epic battles are waged over the last box of stuffing mix. And mince tarts are bartered for gold on the black market.

Christmas vases

Add festive flair to your decor with a juxtaposition of red and green, then enjoy these chic decor accents all year round. From left: Amalfi Cleo Triangle Decanter, 60cm (Set of 2), NF Living Lesa Jug (Set of 2), Amalfi Tangiers Decorative Decanter, 52cm (Set of 2) in green and red, NF Living Lynden Bottle (Set of 2), and Casa Uno Antique Metal Lantern, available online at Zanui.

But for all that, the madness is a little addictive. There’s a touch of romance in the air with all those twinkling city lights. Giant-sized Tannenbaums refuse the natural order of things. And flashing Santas and sleighs compete for adulation in the burbs.

Christmas cushions

Christmas comfort in the traditional hues! From left: j elliott HOME Ponti Cushion, One Duck Two Chandeliers Cushion, One Duck Two Lights Duck Cushion, One Duck Two Jute Border Cushion in green and red, available online at Zanui.

But while we want to say, throw your hands in the air and surrender to the adrenalin, employing some contingency plans can lessen the festive bruising. Shopping online reduces elbow strain. And innovative décor accents introduce a little jolly without driving the tinsel bus* through your aesthetic.

*Similar to the Vengabus. Ya-huh.

Foliage and floral highlights...

Floral is always festive. From left: Rogue Artificial Protea King in Vase, Rogue Artificial Giant Cymbidium Stem Set of 2 in green and in pink, and Rogue Artificial Sweet Bay Spring Topiary Set of 2, available online at Zanui.

Inviting a little merry into your home is lovely. But what with all the gifting and the cheersing and the cheersing and the gifting, those twelve hallowed days can make your wallet a little weary. Wall decor and decals are a great way to deliver the Christmas message without you having to sell the farm.

Spread the good cheer with these fantastic decals and more: Vinyl Design Baubles Christmas Tree Wall Decal 4 in four different hues, available online at Zanui

AND we’ve found some festive décor that you can use to accent your home all year round. We’re talking chic pieces that make dab Christmas decorations but don’t scream Santa.

A bit of shimmer to start the party. From left: Rug Republic Brazilian Acid Wash Cowhide Rug, Gold, and Americanflat Third Eye Print Canvas Art, available online at Zanui


The secret is to pair the suggestive with the overt. Handcrafted trinkets support your festive theme. And it doesn’t have to be your typical red and green holly-inspired palette…

Add organic elements like LS Collections Decorative Porcelain Acorn or Decorative Gold StrawberryMetallic pieces add luxe looks and nod to Christmas. Have You Met Miss Jones also offers a delightful deer pieces in snow-white porcelain.

From left: Zanui Metalix Tealight Holder (Set of 3) and Zanui Metalix Decorative Ball (Set of 3) – luxe looks for the holiday season!

Fresh or artificial blooms

Wreaths are a lovely way to mark the merry days. Select a sophisticated floral or birch wood arrangement and introduce natural nuances to your decor. Fresh and artificial flowers add a celebratory touch. And vases allow you to pair pops of green and red that, when separated post-New Year, enhance your aesthetic on their own.

An Artificial Birch LED Tree makes an adorable, eco-chic Christmas tree that doubles as an all-year-round table decoration when paired with fresh blooms. 

A bit of natural adornment enhances your aesthetic. From left: Rogue Artificial Birch LED Wreath, Rogue Artificial Magnolia Wreath Set of 2 and Rogue Artificial Magnolia Wreath Set of 2, available online at Zanui.

Bonbonnieres and other glass ornaments

Crystal and cut glass is effortlessly elegant and etched with festive spirit. Add boiled sweets and candy canes, lebkuchen and shortbread to these pieces for colourful Christmas cheer… just perfect for entertaining! And versatile to accommodate the change of season.

From left: LS Collections Decorative Porcelain Acorn, Have You Met Miss Jones Woodland Deer, Have You Met Miss Jones Snow Buck Deer Table Lamp and LS Collections Decorative Birdhouse Gourd, available online at Zanui.


Bold blocks of green and red cushions add statement festive style. When juxtaposed, they’re jingling all the bells. But, again, separate them and they are contribute luxurious hues to your scheme all year round. One Duck Two offer The Velvet Cushion and the Leaf Cushion for a joyous vibe.

From left: LS Collections Decorative Gold Strawberry, One Duck Two The Velvet Cushion, Aura by Tracie Ellis Grande Gatsby Cushion, and the LS Collections Decorative Pebbled Gourd, available online at Zanui.

Scents and candles

Add the aromas of Christmas to your home for understated ambience. Seduce the senses with Ecoya‘s eco-chic collection of decadent and deluxe fragrances.

Think outside the box and fuse traditional Yuletide style with sleek new pieces you love. Make your dollar work for you. Then indulge in another eggnog. 😉

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