An English Christmas With Queen Fran

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Our festive tip around the world is headed to the UK. Join Fran, our Customer Service Queen, for her British Christmas!


Christmas is

Festive, family + friends, fun, food and alcohol!

We celebrate by gathering all of the family together on Christmas Day. We have breakfast together, open presents, hang out right through to dinner, with holiday songs on in the background.

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Christmas dinner is turkey + a range of other meats with all of the trimmings! Yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes, boiled potatoes, mash, veg, gravy, stuffing! The best meal of the year!!

Then at the night, the drinks come out, and we play board games.

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I don’t get the chance to spend Christmas Day with my family very often any more as I live abroad – so all my closest friends here in Australia all get together and do the same thing. (We made our own family as we are all in the same boat without our blood relatives!)

Our friendship group over here also participates in “Secret Santa” so we all have something to open on Christmas Day!


Do you believe in Santa?

Of course I believe in Santa!! I KNOW HIM!!!

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Fran’s gift picks

I love giving gifts! We give all of our gifts on Christmas Day and I usually buy items that can be wrapped up so people have things to actually open. 🙂

My gift picks are the Ecoya Christmas 2015 Madison Jar Candle, Fresh Pine Needles for a festive fragrance indoors.

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A Zanui gift voucher! Let your fussy friends purchase for themselves.

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The GPO UK Attache Case Turntable/Vinyl Record Player – so vintage and chic!

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Favourite festive thing?

Everyone is in a great mood and there’s so much love around. Not just partner-wise but family, friends; everyone spreads good vibes!


Hot tip for surviving Christmas:

Be prepared! I like to be organised and get the present-buying started around mid November. Have everything wrapped the week before, and try my best to get out of the cooking! Haha!


Thanks, Fran. It looks like so much fun! 🙂

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