Looking for some original ideas to take your Easter entertaining to the next level? We’re talking centrepieces and table decorations, menu suggestions, party favours + more.

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The Wedgwood Harlequin collection, featuring the Cuckoo 2-Tier Cake Stand and Butterfly Bloom Tea Cup and Saucer and Cuckoo Tea Cup and Saucer, available online at Zanui. Image right sourced: blog.landofnod.com.

Easter is fast approaching and we’re a tad excited. The world has turned into a veritable smorgasbord of chocolate. From chocolate bunny soldiers to Easter bilbies, chocolate-freckle-filled eggs and more, everywhere you turn it’s like Christmas! (But with more cacao-born goodness.)

And, on top of that blessed extra day of rest (yessss!!!!), Easter also gifts us the opportunity for a little entertaining! Yes, friends, yes.

The Miranda Kerr for Royal Albert collection was inspired by the supermodel’s passion for peonies and pastels, available online at Zanui

Firstly, we feel we should mention that we’re not super-religious. No disrespect. We’re not the kind of kids putting their hands up for Lent. When we say Easter get-together, we’re talking more your fluffy bunny + fancy food + egg hunt + unholy amounts of chocolate shenanigans.

But feel free to reinterpret this to suit yourself.

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Hot Cross Bun Ice Cream Sandwiches and a quirky vintage invitation template. Sourced L to R: raspberricupcakes.com and freepik.com.

Easter is playful – it’s the perfect holiday for kids. But that doesn’t mean your entertaining has to be cute and kitsch. Chic sophistication is achievable. Just watch us…

Here are our tips for planning a seamless event. It’s not just about gorging yourself… it’s about gorging others as well. 😀

The Royal Albert collection, available online at Zanui


Sure – you might be thinking of hosting a super-casual affair and if you’re time-pressured (and who isn’t really?), an email/Facebook message will suffice.

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Cute free invitation templates. Sourced L to R: freepik.com and do-it-yourself-invitations.com.

But sourcing a super-cute traditional invite is surprisingly simple. If you plan in advance, you can even send it snail-mail. We like this one and this one and this one to suggest just a few.

The Wedgwood collection, available online at Zanui


Consider opting for a light finger-food style event during the day rather than a lengthy sit-down affair… A post-egg-hunt brunch is a lovely idea. (Yes. Egg hunt. Even grown-ups need their anti-oxidants.)

Equally a morning or afternoon tea allows you to exploit the gorgeous late summer light.

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The Royal Albert collection, featuring the New Country Roses White Vintage 3-Tier Cake Stand, available online at Zanui. Image right sourced: marthastewart.com.


Opting for hors d’oeuvres, cute crust-free sandwiches, and chic canapés is less taxing for you as the host. You can prep in advance. Given the surfeit of chocolate, work in some savoury to salve the sweet.

Even the most brazen of sweet tooths needs a little breather from the sugar cyclone.

Filo Wrapped Steak and Stout Hand Pies. Image sourced spoonforkbacon.com.

These Lemon-Caper Parmesan Potato Salad Bites, Chipotle Black Bean Cakes, Filo Wrapped Steak and Stout Hand Pies, Mini Caprese Bites, and Sweet Potato Bites with Avocado and Bacon whet our appetite!

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Lemon-Caper Parmesan Potato Salad Bites and Mini Caprese Bites. Images sourced: myrecipes.com.

Prefer a more sit-down style. This Make Ahead Harissa Shakshuka is super-sophisticated and delish. Pair it with Beet-infused Bloody Marys for maximum kudos. Mmmmbrunchhhh.

Triple Choc Crepes. Image sourced: mitzyathome.com.


We’re not of the I-Quit-Sugar ilk. We condone a little indulgence in the dessert department. Oh yes we do.

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Images sourced: bhg.com and sugarhero.com.

We adore this super-cute egg-shaped fruit flan. (Plus, fruit = healthy.) If you’re opting for a bruncheon, you can’t go past these 20 Minute Blueberry Cream Cheese Danishes or this Fresh Berry Bruschetta.

20 Minute Blueberry Cream Cheese Danishes. Image sourced: countrycleaver.com.

No such thing as too much chocolate? These Triple Choc Crepes have your name on them. And we adore these Easter Eggs in Brownie Nests.

Image sourced: babble.com.

If you like to live dangerously, try this Cadbury Crème Egg Dip. It’s destined to be either all your dreams wrapped in one marshmallow + fondant filled decadence or a direct route to a migraine. 😉

The Miranda Kerr for Royal Albert collection featuring the Friendship range, available online at Zanui


Define your palette for your affair. Play this out across your serving and dinnerware, your table cloth and runner, even your floral accents. Oui! Les fleurs.

Centrepiece with decorated eggs and personality packed Beet-infused Bloody Marys. Images sourced L to R: sandandsisal.com and countrycleaver.com.

Pastels are en-vogue right now. Plus these sweet gelato tones are the perfect match for this candied occasion. This is the time to pull out your cake plates and high tea sets. Tiered plates give your table height and visual appeal! Plus they maximise your serving space.

The Wedgwood Harlequin collection, available online at Zanui

Too cutesy for you? Opt for crisp white and neutral hues played up with organic Australian wildflowers. Greys and golds take it up a notch. Wedgwood, Noritake, and Royal Doulton epitomise elegant entertaining.

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Images sourced L to R: poppytalk.com and bloglovin.com.


Okay – so we’re pushing for a mostly stand-up affair – but if you’re going with sit down you must have these! In lieu of traditional placecards, make your own eggstra cute place-eggs.

Like a fortune cookie for Easter (sort of), they come complete with their very own little message inside. Make these personal for all the applause.

Image sourced: thisisglamorous.com.


Flowers add fresh accents to your dining aesthetic. So simple and effective. Sprightly bulbs make a colourful centrepiece. Get crafty and create your own feature with painted blown eggs…

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Right: Maxwell & Williams Cashmere Enchante collection, available online at Zanui. Image left sourced: godfatherstyle.com.

Or opt for large headed flowers like chrysanthemums in mason jars or vases. Or select blowsy blossoms and cut them off at their heads (!) and display them on a large wooden bowl.

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Images sourced L to R: godfatherstyle.com and marthastewart.com.


Embrace the Easter theme with these adorable bunny-ear folded napkins. Like something a little more understated. Tie your napkins with lace for vintage appeal.

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Josh Eggleston’s Easter Crunch and Cheesecake-filled Chocolate Easter Eggs. Images sourced L to R: huffingtonpost.com and raspberricupcake.com.


Still got energy to burn? Make your very own chocolate eggs for party favours.

There are an infinite number of delicious DIY recipes for chocolate eggs around. We like the two pictured above because they’re not just heaven in the mouth, they also look amazing.

Image sourced: blog.landofnod.com.


This is a must, especially if you’re hosting some small folk. Keep it simple and demarcate an area in your home or garden where those brightly foiled treats are secreted. Or go to town with adorable bunny rabbit pointers and lead your littles on a wild egg chase.

Make it trickier by pairing up the kids and turning it into a scavenger hunt. You’ll need a wee list like this detailing the different types of eggs each team must find in order to win. Oh. And you’ll need a prize. 🙂

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Left: Miranda Kerr for Royal Albert featuring the Gratitude Vintage Mug, and right: Maxwell & Williams Cashmere Enchante collection, available online at Zanui

The interwebs is a wealth of templates for cutesy Easter decorations, party bags, bunny bunting (thank you, Martha Stewart!) and the like. We love these mini bunnies hidden in the grass… Too adorable. How far you take this is entirely up to you!

Image sourced: blog.landofnod.com.


Set a low table for the little ones. Give them a few dishes for them to serve themselves. They’re going to use their hands most likely – so hold the fine linen!

Balance the chocolate crackles with fruit, mini quiches, savoury muffins and sausage rolls so there’s at least a pretence of answering to each of the food groups.

Miranda Kerr for Royal Albert, available online at Zanui. Right: Carrot Easter Treat Boxes, sourced: ellaclaireinspired.com.

If you’re lucky enough to be rocking an outdoor area, pop a folded-down trestle table on crates and surround it with cushions. Voila! It’s a little feast for little fingers – the perfect pint-sized picnic on the grass.

That’s all, folks. Pick a path through our suggestions for your perfect personalised party!

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