Contemporary Tribal Vibes: Get The Look



With each season, nature presents us with a new palette of gorgeous colour. Delicate spring pastels merge with the lustrous hues of summer, turning burnt orange and rust-red with autumn. Winter is slate greys, steely blues and deep verdant greens. It’s a source of inspiration.

As the earth gets its chill on, indoors seems more and more like the place to be. And the temptation to accent your décor with cosy throws, comfy cushions and layered textures becomes infinitely tempting.

The Digital Nomads scheme from the Future Trends – Dulux. Image credit via

If you’re thinking about giving your home a seasonal refresh, colour is a great place to start. Colour is an invaluable tool for defining the aesthetic and mood. It can make a room more intimate and snug or tranquil and spacious, depending on your choice of tones. And adding some inspired accent colours can create a marked change without breaking the bank.

The Dulux Future Trends (2014) feature four contrasting colour schemes that suffuse your home with diverse ambience. Designed by five designers, they offer innovative new approach to your interior style. So we thought we might just check them out… One by one.

Be brave in your choice of colour contrasts. Vibrant colours bring life and happiness to your home environment. Image credit via


Furniture designer Wilhemina McCarroll has created a collision of cultures and colour in The Digital Nomads. The perfect antidote to the winter blues, the Digital Nomads scheme celebrates strident reds, burnt orange and yellows contrasted with striking aqua and blues.

Infuse your home with spicy colour and irresistible energy with this fusion of tribal influences from destinations like India, Africa and Morocco. This scheme also incorporates digital patterns for an eclectic, dynamic atmosphere. The Digital Nomads crosses traditional boundaries to create a contemporary vibe that invites textured or metallic highlights and unique colour combinations.

Explore these gorgeous natural tones – The Digital Nomads palette. Image credit via


For your sofa and armchairs, both bold and sedate work within this scheme. Block colours offer a great base on which to add your throw cushions. Going bold? The Viggo Red Wingback Sofa adds seductive warmth whilst the Emil Petrol Armchair or Sofa adds a daring dash of electric blue.

Looking for something a little more sophisticated? The Larsen Anthracite Sofa and the Georg Anthracite High Back Armchair adds understated charm. The Maja Dark Grey Sofa adds 60’s mod charisma and a touch of playful colour.

Zanui sofas

From left: Zanui Viggo Red Wingback Sofa and Zanui Maja Dark Grey Sofa, available online

Go to town with patterned cushions and throws, breakfast cushions and blankets. Heaps is not enough. Think Aztec or Ikat-inspired designs – Aura by Tracie Ellis and LS Collections have got you covered for cushions while Bowerhouse‘s range of rattan drum stools, pouffes, and bedding adds organic textures.


From left: Bowerhouse Drum Stools and Bowerhouse Nomadic Pouffe Cover and Cushions, available online

Bright, contrasting colours sit well beside deep and decadent tones. Bambury do delicious pretty darn well. Explore cable-knit, faux-fur, and other luxe textures to layer your look. Opt for Xavier & Me and j.elliott HOME for super-chic geometrics.


From left: Aura by Tracie Ellis Crosses Cushion, Aura by Tracie Ellis Grande Gatsby Cushion, Bambury Amadora Cushion, j.elliot HOME Equilateral Cushion and Xavier&Me Abstract One Cushion, available online at Zanui

For the floor? Kilim rugs are a great option for this aesthetic. Rug Culture have a range of flat, tapestry-woven pieces. Chevron (blog) rugs are to die for. As the hero or supporting act, chevron works a treat.


From left: Rug Culture Nomadic Charm Lattice Kilim Runner Rug, Xavier&Me range of cushions and rugs, Rug Culture Nomadic Charm Indian Quatrefoil Kilim Rug and Rug Culture Nomadic Charm Haze Kilim Rug, available online at Zanui

Décor accents: Add a touch of antiquity with glazed ceramic vases and statues. Whether you’re drawn to a zen Buddha, olde-worlde urn or something more quirky, Casa Uno have an extensive selection of homewares that dress up your interiors and exteriors.

Decor accents

From left: United Artworks Azteca Canvas Wall Art, Casa Uno Ceramic Flower Motif Jug, United Artworks The Mexican Canvas Wall Art and Casa Uno Vintage Moroccan Hanging Lantern Small, available online at Zanui.

Don’t forget the vertical: Wall art is another way to pep up your décor. Opt for a vibrant print or canvas and reinvigorate your existing colour scheme instantly.

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