DIY Twine Ball Lights

Don’t settle for ordinary lights this Christmas! Check out how you can make Twine Ball Lights in only a few steps with this spectacular DIY.

Fairy lights are pretty magical all year round and this is just one of the many reasons you’ll love this DIY – it’ll make use long after the Christmas season!

In a few simple steps you’ll have rustic-looking decorative pieces that can be made as small or as big as you like!

Whether on the dining table, under the Christmas tree or hanging from the outdoor setting, these Twine Ball Lights illuminate any space with the perfect amount of sparkle 😉

What you need:

  • Twine
  • Fairy lights (battery operated is preferable)
  • Balloons
  • Spray paint
  • Craft glue
  • Bowl of water
  • Paintbrush

What to do:

  1. Blow your balloons up to the size you wish your ball lights to be. We made ours roughly the size of an orange. Keep in mind that the bigger your balloons are, the more fairy lights you’ll need to fill them.
  2. With your twine, hold one end down onto the balloon with your thumb while wrapping continuously in random directions. Keep wrapping till majority of the balloon is wrapped with twine. Do not over-wrap as you need enough space to feed your lights through. Trim the end of your twine and tuck it into one of the loops.
  3. Squeeze a generous amount of craft glue into the bowl of water and mix well with your paintbrush. Add water and glue as needed till the consistency is thick enough to run. Brush your balloons till the twine is completely covered with the glue mixture. Leave to dry.
  4. Pop your balloons with a pin and let them deflate and unravel off the twine. Pull the balloon out through one of the loops.
  5. Ensuring your work surface is covered, spray paint your twine balls. Leave to dry.
  6. Feed your fairy lights through the loops of your twine balls and voila! They’re ready to shine 😉

Natalie Milad is a content and blog writer who studied journalism at the University of Technology, Sydney. Since her graduation in 2016, she has landed a gig at Zanui. Her days not writing are usually filled with DIY projects, floury benchtops and tending to her bunny. Natalie loves animated short films, animals and Christmas. She has experience in script writing, news reading and interviewing. Among her favourites was interning for The Bridal Bazaar.