Make Your Own Bird-Seed Ornaments


DIY Corner – Ornamental Bird Feeders

The sun is out, the birds are singing and we’re feeling a little bit Sound of Music here at Zanui… And so we thought we’d gift you our latest way to celebrate the season – ornamental bird feeders. Decor accent and antipasto for birds – here’s how to make these über-cute trinkets.*

*Warning: this is not the latest superfood. It’s meant for beaks not gym bunnies.
(You’re welcome. 😉 )

Choose a range of cookie cutters to create your own ornamental style to celebrate Spring. Images sourced via eighteen25dotblogspotdotcomdotau

You don’t need a palatial lawn with a bird bath to host some feathered friends. Adorn your garden, balcony or apartment window sill with these handmade ornaments. Make them with your kids for a super-fun Saturday afternoon or gift them for a house-warming present with a difference.

The beauty of this crafty project lies in its simplicity… A little laid-back time in the kitchen is all it takes. And you don’t need a pinch of powdered Spanish moss to make it work. Just a pack of birdseed and… well, the ingredients are in the list.

There is a spring in your step when the air grows crisp. And the company of birds viewed from your kitchen window or balcony is good for the spirit! Image sources from left: tvtropesdotorg and hgtvdotca.

What you need:
3/4 cup of birdseed
1 tablespoon flour
Water (approximately 2 tablespoons)
Cookie cutters, moulds or mason jar lids
Foil or baking paper
A straw, cut in half
Ribbon or string for hanging

These ornaments accent your decor, giving it that touch of whimsy associated with the homemade. Simple – yet beautiful. Images sourced from designdazzledotcom

What to do:

Mix together birdseed, flour and water.
Spray or baste your cookie cutters with oil.
Place cookie cutter on a piece of foil/baking paper.
Pack half the birdseed mix tightly into the cutter, holding straw in position to create a hole for hanging. Repeat.
Bake both birdie biscuits (with straw in place) at 170º until hard. Approximately one hour. Allow to cool.

Makes 2 x 3” biscuits.

That’s it. How do they look? Symmetrical and super-cute? Or a touch more… individual? Either way, we don’t think those little peeps in the feathered coats will complain.

All the baking, but no cigar? The folks at Have You Met Miss Jones hear you. Their Heart Bird Feeder Bowl makes an uber-cute alternative. Happy spring, chickens.

Recipe courtesy of spoonfuldotcom.

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