5 Dinner Party Ideas Inspired by Cuisines From Around The World


We love a good shindig with friends, and what better way to make a dinner party extra special than to have a themed event?

Barbecues are great. But parties are even better! Turn your everyday get-together into an event your friends will remember. You can even take turns hosting while you globe-trot your tastebuds!

There are so many beautiful cultures around the world. Embrace your wanderlust and inspire guests with delicious dishes and delightful decorations. Memories in the making!

Get your guests ready for the party season with these five fantastic themes inspired by cultures and cuisines from all around the world!

The Mexican Fiesta

dinner party-maxwellandwilliams-2-zanui
The Lanka range from Maxwell & Williams is full of fiesta energy! Shop all dinnerware online at Zanui.

Take taco night to a whole new level by turning it into a fiesta of Mexican food! Your tastebuds will be dancing the samba in no time.

Mexi Food & Drink

Serve up a tapas-style array of fillings and toppings so guests can help themselves. Soft shell tacos and burritos are classic, plus you can serve salsa and salads for a fresh touch.

Get your guests in the fiesta vibe with Mexican drinks. We’re talking about tequila! Other faves include Corona beers and cocktails topped with frozen jalapenos for the brave of heart.

dinner party-zanui-mexican
Decor inspiration via Pinterest + blovelyevents here!

Fiesta Décor

Go bold and bright with your decorations! Use colourful dinnerware full of Spanish-inspired patterns, and decorate your table with Mexi-cute cacti centrepieces. The Mexican flag is green, white, and red – there’s your colour palette taken care of!

Deck out your party with plush, patterned cushions for guests to laze around on. And don’t forget the playlist! As guests arrive, play some fun mariachi band music to get them in the Mexi-mood!

The French Soiree

dinner party-lmhome-zanui
The Moss range of table linens from L&M Home is all casual, chic style. Shop all table linen online at Zanui.

Ah, a little bit fancy and oh-so-French. All you need is a love of cheese and good wine, and you’ve got yourself a little soiree…

Francais Food & Drink

Who could resist an indulgent course of camembert and bleu cheese with cranberry jelly and salted walnuts? Yes, please!

Start classic and simple, then end the night with red wine and dessert. We love a tarte tartin with fresh apples for summer! Or pain au chocolat with coffee for an after-hours treat.

dinner party-zanui-france
Ooh-la-la! Inspiration via Pinterest.

French Décor

Love colour? Go traditional red, white, and blue! Love the more demure, modish look? Go black and white monochrome. Play some Parisian music or put Amelie on in the background for atmosphere.

We love classic white dinnerware and textured table linens for the laid-back Francais feel, along with mini-Eiffel towers or Viva la France signage for decoration.

The Epic Chinese Yum Cha

dinner party-noritake-zanui
The Marc Newson range by Noritake is beautifully simple. Shop all dinnerware online at Zanui.

There’s no doubt about it, dumplings are delicious. Dumplings are the ultimate how-many-can-you-eat, I-don’t-want-to-stop food. Perfect for a dinner party, don’t you think? 😉

Chinese Food & Drink

There are loads of dumpling recipes that are easy enough to whip up yourself, or (dare we say it) store-bought dumplings will do in a pinch! Fresh spring rolls artfully wrapped are perfect for an appetiser, and who can’t whip up a classic fried rice?

Traditional ‘baijiu’ is a specialty wine that’s perfect for trying out with friends, but for after-dinner drinks you can opt for green tea for something a little more soothing as the party winds down.

dinner party-zanui-chinese
We love this Chinese New Year theme from Everyday Dishes here!

Oriental Décor

Strung lanterns and spots of gold are musts for Chinese-inspired decorations! Go for classic white dinnerware with sleek, curved edges for a traditional restaurant feel.

Red and gold colours will bring a celebratory, New Year vibe to your dinner party. We love dramatic golden dragons as your centrepiece – full of powerful, auspicious symbolism.

The Italian Festa

dinner party-maxwellandwilliams-3-zanui
The Ponto range from Maxwell & Williams is packed with homely charm! Shop all dinnerware online at Zanui.

Pizza and pasta night is a crowd favourite. You can’t go wrong with spaghetti and meatballs! But how about kicking it up a notch?

Italiano Food & Drink

We all know a billion ways to cook pasta, but how about getting creative and cooking up something from scratch! Have guests design their own pizzas – and don’t forget your gluten-free friends 😉

For channelling an Italian love of good food and good wine, you can’t go past serving chianti or prosecco with your decadent meal. For summer, we love limoncello or a spritz! So refreshing!

dinner party-italy-zanui
Too cute! This set-up is courtesy of Catch My Party here.

Bellissima Décor

If you have an Italian-themed dinner party and don’t decorate with red, green, and white… we don’t even want to finish that sentence!

Go for a checked tablecloth and classic white dinnerware. Serve dishes on thick wooden boards and have the antipasto serve as a deliciously edible centrepiece. We also love the idea of little moustaches on sticks – the perfect Instagram opportunity!

The Great British Banquet

dinner party-maxwellandwilliams-zanui
The Kensington Palace range Maxwell & Williams is all glitter and gold! Shop all dinnerware online at Zanui.

Go back to the motherland with this dinner party theme – a classic British shindig with hearty dishes and a boisterous bunch of friends to enjoy it all with.

Classic Food & Drink

We’re all familiar with the classics of British fine dining: fish and chips, beef wellington, bread and butter pudding… Prepare an indulgent feast and have guests serve up like it’s Sunday roast with a twist of the traditional.

A cold pint or two of lager will do, but don’t you want something special? How about a lemon, lime and bitters, a spiked ice tea, or a splash of Pimm’s? For after dinner, a high tea with sponge cake is sure to impress!

dinner party-britain
Merry England inspo via Pinterest!

Brit-Chic Décor

Go a little bit fancy with your dinnerware with vintage-inspired ranges. Contrast the high-end, monastic glam with some other British icons: cute corgis or bulldog figurines, the Union Jack, and double decker buses!

Turn your dinner into a real party with the right playlist: The Beatles for a retro throwback, the Spice Girls for a dance marathon, and Oasis’s ‘Wonderwall’ for that heartfelt ballad at the end of the night 😉


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