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We’re dining in style this season – five styles to be precise – from French Provincial to mid-century modern, Hollywood glamour, urban-industrial and eclectic fusion.

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That wise woman Virginia Woolf once said, “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” And we’re not ones to argue. In fact, we’re pretty partial to all of the above. BUT if you combine them all, then you’re pushing perfection. (Okay – not the sleeping bit, that comes later.)

Dinner parties, posh soirees, family barbies, and slap-up meals with friends are just a few of our favourite things. A bit of boisterous gossip or blatant venting can be just the ticket for shaving off some of the effects of the real world. (And some days you feel it more than others!)

Whether you’re saving the world, pontificating on politics or just have a good old fashioned natter over food, dining with company should only be encouraged! It’s good for the soul.

Zanui Sawyer Denim Blue Dining Chair (Set of 2) + Harrison Denim Blue Dining Chair architecturaldigestdotcom
L: Zanui Sawyer Denim Blue Dining Chair (Set of 2) and Zanui Harrison Denim Blue Dining Chair. R: image sourced Browse dining chairs online at Zanui.

Keen to style your dining room so it’s perfectly pitched to encourage conversation and digestive excellence (and surely the two go hand in hand)? With winter just around the bend, we’re looking to create an idyllic atmosphere for long lunches and evenings whiled away with wine and food. We’re coaxing our fave people in for the chilly season.

The key is to define your cuppa tea first and introduce it a few elements at a time. Find your look, then your dining table, then your chairs. Then add in your rugs and your accents for a cohesive look. And whether you’re enamoured with Art Deco detail, boho artsy style or classic elegance, a considered approach will strengthen your foundation.

designmilkdotcom kategraeffdotblogspotdotfr
Images sourced L to R: and Browse wooden dining chairs online at Zanui.

We’re looking at five distinctive styles, but don’t let that restrict you… Fusion is the new black or rather it’s a fancy way to say – just be yourself. Steal what you love from different styles and draw it together to create your own unique statement space.

The world limits you enough without you limiting yourself!

Image sourced: Browse Replica Eames dining chairs online at Zanui.


Mid century modernism took centre-stage in the design world in the naughties, arriving on the coat tails of Mad Men. Sure, it had been making its presence felt in the preceding decade but the sight of those cigar-smoking + smoking-hot creatures getting about in retro-chic interiors did a lot for its cause.

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Steeped in a 1940s-1960s palette of mustards, rust-reds and mid-browns, mid century modernism sports pared-back forms that take their cue from nature.

flipandstyledotcom realhomesmagazinedotcodotuk
Images sourced L to R: and Browse replica dining chairs online at Zanui.

The Eames were amongst some of the first designers to champion this style. Irreverent risk-takers, they fashioned the Eames chairs in sculptural organic forms using materials suitable for mass-production.

It was all about good design for everyone – they believed good design enhanced your life. The emphasis was on functional beauty. And their legacy is self-evident. (Learn more about this creative couple here.)

Zanui Sawyer Twilight Dining Chair (Set of 2) nordiccalmdotcom
L: Zanui Sawyer Twilight Dining Chair (Set of 2). Image right sourced: Browse Replica Eames dining chairs online at Zanui.

Seek out clean lines and seductive arcs for this look. Eames or Bentwood chairs introduce svelte curves and a vintage vibe to your dining suite.

Pair them with rustic dining tables in distressed wood for a pleasing collision of textures. Smooth with rough. Sleek lines with curved. Opt for a statement lighting fixture and a rug realised in this 50s palette.

Learn more about this mid-century modernism here.

Image sourced: Browse upholstered dining chairs online at Zanui.


Born out of the Golden Age of film-making, this luxuriant style places its emphasis firmly on the high-end. It borrows elements from Art Deco, chinoiserie, and neoclassicism to infuse your space with old-world elegance. Plush velvets and bold hues announce this style’s confidence.

Jewel tones work well in this look. A rich palette will reward you with a sense of opulence. Instill upholstered dining chairs in your dining room. Button-back, studded if you like, this look has epic allure. Pique your aesthetic with metallic tones in your lighting, servingware and decorative mirrors.

homepolishdotcom Zanui Vivienne Licorice Dining Chair
R: Zanui Vivienne Licorice Dining Chair. Image left sourced: homepolishdotcom. Browse upholstered dining chairs online at Zanui.

Opt for ornate dinner sets, vases or wall art to introduce (and repeat) motifs. This ups your decadence without crowding it. A chandelier adds a defining touch.

Expert tip: A dining room chandelier should be no wider than 12 inches less the width of the table and should sit 30″ above the top of the table for a standard 8′ ceiling. Raise the fixture 3″ for each additional foot of ceiling height.

Dover Mason Bakewell Oak Dining Chair
Dover Mason Bakewell Oak Dining Chairs. Browse Bakewell dining chairs online at Zanui.


Cast yourself into the French countryside. This style evokes a bucolic cottage lifestyle: uncut grass and endless fields, wildflowers, fresh milk in pails, air and space and a huge open dome of sky. Rustic woods, throws in chunky cable knits, distressed surfaces, old world patinas create an unaffected atmosphere of homely comfort.

Zanui Zina Licorice Dining Chair Dover Mason Bakewell Oak Dining Chair 2 Zanui Zina Beige Dining Chair
L to R: Zanui Zina Licorice Dining Chair, Dover Mason Bakewell Oak Dining Chairs and Zanui Zina Beige Dining Chair. Browse dining chairs online at Zanui.

Functional yet not without finesse, this look works best when you balance your earthy elements with some chic pieces. Traditional wooden dining chairs work well here, try Bakewell or Shaker-style on for size.

Opt for a heavy solid dining table. Heirloom jugs, jute rugs and old world vases juxtaposed with Scandinavian lighting.

Image sourced: Browse Replica Tolix dining chairs online at Zanui.


Edgy and uber-right-now, urban-industrial draws together weathered organic materials like leather and wood with metal for that factory-chic style. So popular in cafes and restaurants, this look is easy to achieve at home.

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Taking advantage of Replica Tolix dining chairs or bar stools is a great cheat – it’s the fast-track to a more modern dining nook. Pair these with a distressed wooden dining table and the foundations for your look are laid!

Image sourced: Browse dining tables and chairs online at Zanui.


Filled with wanderlust? A lover of all styles? Eclectic will fit you well. Marrying luxe with much-loved, east with west, this look is a veritable fusion of styles accented with unique finds. The resulting look leans towards bohemian for its laissez-faire approach to design.

However combining myriad styles without considering the basic design principles will mean you’ll come unstuck. Some adherence to balance, rhythm and repetition, emphasis and scale will help achieve a harmonious aesthetic. Curate your space – think carefully about each added item and how it works wholistically. Go slowly and maintain your balance.

Consider an eclectic mix of dining chairs – unite your collection with material or palette. For example, a range of bold Tolix metal chairs or a collection of antique wooden chairs in different styles yet all in (graduations of) the same hue.

Image sourced: Browse dining furniture online at Zanui.

As Parisian designer Andrée Putman puts it, “For a house to be successful, the objects in it must communicate with one another, respond to and balance one another”.

The above dining room exudes both drama and vibrancy courtesy of its rich blue walls and bright kilim rug. Its artisan-crafted baskets introduce decorative pattern that is picked up in the modern modern geo-chic vases. Its use of Scandinavian and mid-century style sideboard and dining table keep the lines clean, preventing the space from becoming too cluttered. Balanced and eclectic!

So what look is your favourite?

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