Designer Christopher Vine on Embracing Bold Style


We chat with the colourful and creative, Christopher Vine, to learn about his artistic inspirations and his interior design advice…

Christopher Vine has become one of Australia’s most iconic contemporary designers. His patterns are the ones that make you stop in your tracks to admire the colour and creativity. And covet them for your own home.

Vine started out as an art student with a creative mind and plenty of ambition. His first collection was a range of designer greeting cards, with the miniature artworks soon making their way onto canvasses and tabletops.


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Featured: The Cotton Bud range designed by Christopher Vine on Zanui.

We first fell in love with his retro-inspired patterns on Christopher Vine dinnerware. The colour contrasts and flair for geometry brighten any table and have us smiling from ear to ear.

The latest range is the Christopher Vine Design Kitchen Collection, which includes table linens from placemats and napkins to oven mitts and aprons.  We adore the idea of donning our designer linens and reviving our kitchen style.

To learn more about these eye-catching collections and his favourite design trends for 2016, we caught up with the man himself, Christopher Vine…

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Australian designer, Christopher Vine. Image credit: supplied

You studied art in San Francisco – how did San Francisco (and the rest of your travels) impact your unique design style?

Art school was quite a formal environment. For example, the life drawing classes required an incredible amount of quiet concentration and discipline.

However, there was a tremendous sense of freedom studying at an art college which enabled one to explore their creative passion to its full potential.

San Francisco itself had such a unique energy to it and it was a really exciting place to live as a young student.

This, along with my other favourite places such as Southern Spain, Los Angeles, Morocco and New York, have had such a huge impact on my career and have definitely inspired my designs throughout the years.

Nothing is more inspiring to me than the different cultures and beautiful sites of traveling the world.

Have you always been drawn toward such bold designs? Where does your creative inspiration spark from?

I have always been motivated by colour, it’s most definitely one of the main driving forces that sparks my creativity and passion.


Featured: The Marigold range designed by Christopher Vine on Zanui.

My design style is usually a combination of eclectic patterns teamed with fresh bold and vibrant colours.

When this is transferred successfully onto everyday household items such as dinnerware and napery I feel it turns these basic items into exciting interior additions and takes it beyond the average white plate or tea towel.

Who are your design influences?

Growing up I was fascinated by fashion designers, particularly the European.

Whilst on my travels I tend to spend a lot of my time jumping from different galleries, museums and exhibitions which I always come away from very inspired.

Are you working on any new designs for homewares? What colours, places, and patterns you currently inspired by?

Yes! I am constantly working on new designs.

My inspiration for the next collection has been inspired by urban tropical gardens.

Another huge influence throughout my career has been the colours and textures of nature, and this is heavily portrayed in our upcoming range of ceramics and napery.


Featured: Various ranges from the Christopher Vine dinnerware collection on Zanui.

What are your 3 top tips for styling a home with a focus on colour and pattern?

  1. Be bold! But remember simplicity is key
  2. Have fun with it, but always come from the heart!
  3. Remember, your home should be your sanctuary

Do you have a favourite trend or style at the moment?

It is great to see the style of the 70’s coming back with familiar elements such as indoor plants and ferns! I love seeing this teamed with a fresh modern colour palette.

Whenever I start to get inspired by a new trend or colour scheme I always pull out a fresh canvas and update my walls with whatever new vibes I’m feeling at the time.

What would you consider your biggest achievements thus far?

Personally, my biggest achievement thus far would be my three amazing children.

Professionally, I’m incredibly happy and proud to still be having fun living out my passion and turning it into a successful career.

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