Tips for Decluttering and Organising your Laundry


For a small space, the laundry sure can get out of hand. You’re sure your washing machine is back there somewhere – behind the Leaning Tower of Towels.

Just because doing the chore is a bit blah doesn’t mean your laundry room has to be. Some statistics say the average four-person-household does 8-10 loads a week! Maybe it’s time for an update.

The most common complaint about laundries is the space (or lack thereof). They’re titchy. Teeny tiny. Sometimes they’re so small that they’re delegated to the kitchen or bathroom spaces instead.

So how do you maximise the use of your laundry without hauling everything out and starting again? How do you make laundering less laissez-faire and a little more luxe? Read on…

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What do you really need in your laundry?

If you have a separate room for your laundry it’s easy for that space to become Stuff City. You’re tripping over muddy gardening shoes and car cleaning buckets to get to the washing machine, and where has the washing basket disappeared to?

Define your laundry space by keeping only the essentials: the machinery, the cleaners, and the hamper. Everything else can go!

The Machinery

If you’ve got a front-loader, consider getting it recessed into some storage shelves. This increases the storage space surrounding your washing machine.

For top-loaders you’ll need a little more upper space to open your lid, but compromise with wall shelves instead.

Image credit: The Contemporist via Pinterest.

The Cleaners

You definitely need a handy space to keep your laundry detergent, softeners, spray-on spot cleaners and the like. You want them to be on-hand, but kept out of the way.

Invest in some high shelving for over-head storage, keeping these open for easy access. (Also good for keeping chemicals far above kid-height.)

You can also get an under-sink cupboard or a storage unit, but make sure the cabinets are lockable if you have kidlets about.

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The Hamper

A lot of people have hampers in every room, and that’s a great way to substitute storage outside of the laundry area. But if you’re a single or couple, it can be convenient to keep the hamper closer to the laundry.

Make sure your hamper is in a spot that’s easy to access from the door of your laundry. If the run-and-toss manoeuvre isn’t in the next Olympics we’ll be sorely disheartened. (We’ve been training our whole lives.)

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Simplify your laundry storage

If you’re after extra storage (because who can resist having a place for everything, and everything in its place?) we’ve got some easy options that won’t take up too much room or eat into your budget.

Baskets & Drawers

Wall units and shelves are the perfect places to fit low-line baskets and drawers. These are ideal for storing your cleaners and cloths out of sight, as well as lint-rollers or irons and spare linens if needed.

Hangers & Hooks

Wall hooks are a must-have for those short on bulky storage spaces. Think laterally. Hang up clothes bound for the dry cleaners or coats that are ready to be steamed and pressed.

Wall Shelves

Open shelving is great for easily accessible items like cleaners, but they’re also great for storing things like peg baskets and displaying canisters or lint bins. They also make a nifty spot to stash pocket-dropped coins from the wash 😉

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