Gallery: Dash & Albert Designer Rug Exhibition at Dominik Mersch


This year, Zanui visited the Dash & Albert rug exhibition to catch up with the creators and fall in love with their designs all over again…

We were intrigued and excited by the invitation from much-loved designer rug brand Dash & Albert to come and see their latest ranges.

They promised an ‘interactive’ exhibition, and had us daydreaming about running our hands across plush wool piles and dense cotton rugs

On June 2 we visited the Dominik Mersch Gallery, which provided the perfect contemporary environment for the rugs on display.

As we entered the first gallery room we were met with mid-morning mimosas and textiles tumbling from the high industrial beams of the ceiling.

Dominik Mersch Gallery


Sarah Price at Dash & Albert, presented a tour of the newest rugs, the collection boasting countless new patterns, colours, and sizes.

“They last and last,” Sarah said of Dash & Albert’s indoor/outdoor rugs. “They’re recycled materials and almost feel like wool.”

“We’ve had them for years in our home. They’re UV treated and haven’t faded at all. They’re so easy to clean you can literally just hose them off!”

Dash & Albert

Dash & Albert

The iconic Dash & Albert rugs we’d fallen in love with were hung like the works of art that they are. Field of Flowers was a favourite pick among the posie-pastels.

Their dense cotton piles, delightful designs, and bright colours filled the atmosphere with an undeniable creative flair.

“Our woollen micro-hooked rugs are really practical because the hook is tight and dense, so those furniture dents aren’t a problem like they can be with a higher pile,” said Sarah.

Dash & Albert


The ultra-durable and surprisingly soft indoor/outdoor rugs captured our attention, overlapping with their classic stripes and earth-and-sea palettes.

“You’d think people would stay safe with greys and blues, but I’ve had so many people comment on the Pond Stripe,” Sarah revealed.

“People can’t get enough of the Herringbone cotton rugs, so we’re excited to announce that an indoor/outdoor version will be here soon!”

Dash & Albert


Styled with a sweet spring picnic, Dash & Albert’s popular Catamaran Outdoor Rug provided the base for a layering of navy and white.

Zanui’s Junior Homewares Buyer, Alanna, and I set out to make the most of the ‘interactive’ element of the exhibition with the latest in jute and natural fibers.

Dash & Albert

Dash & Albert

The white gallery walls were hung with colourful cotton numbers and cut pile jute rugs, calling out to us to feel the soft brushed appeal of their weaves.

Taking one last look at the gallery space, adorned with artistic and practical textiles from the exposed beams of the ceiling to the hardwood of the floor, we took our leave.

We were thankful for the opportunity to experience the Dash & Albert exhibition and indulge in the textures of the rugs we know and love.


Image Credit: Kyra Bandte 

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