Texture! Texture! Read all about it! We’re talking velvet + faux fur, wool, hide and more, from your living room to your boudoir.

 Bambury Stripe Faux Fur CushionBambury Leopard Faux Fur CushionBambury Chinchilla Faux Fur Cushion
From L to R: Bambury Stripe Faux Fur Cushion, Bambury Leopard Faux Fur Cushion and Bambury Chinchilla Faux Fur Cushion, available online at Zanui.

Winter is the time for creature comforts. It begs a little R&R. It’s about the gratification of the senses. And we are surrendering to its will whole-heartedly. We’re getting our cosy on with snug textures destined to warm up our interiors.

We’re going to be ready this year when the weather takes its turn, armed with soft wools, velvets and faux fur throws!

j. elliot HOME Gabrielle Reversible Cushion
j.elliot HOME collection featuring the Gabrielle Reversible Velvet Cushion and Scott Striped Jute Rug, available online at Zanui.


Velvet is deliciously luxurious. It’s finely woven, distinctive and silky smooth to touch. Prior to industrial looms, it was expensive to fashion, and as such it was associated with nobility. Today it’s associated with sweet sweet red cupcakes, and that is only good.

Bambury Velvet CushionAura by Tracie Ellis Luxury Velvet Cushion
From L to R: Bambury Velvet Cushion and Aura by Tracie Ellis Luxury Velvet Cushion, available online at Zanui.

Plush, stately, and sensuous, velvet adds an air of opulence to your interiors. If you opt in en-masse, you’re likely to tip the balance towards splendiferous extravagance.* But a few velvet pieces will put winter in its place.

Designers Choice Lewis Velvet European Pillow Case 1 Designers Choice Lewis Velvet European Pillow Case 2 Designers Choice Lewis Velvet European Pillow Case 3 Designers Choice Lewis Velvet European Pillow Case 4
Designer’s Choice Lewis Velvet European Pillow Case, available in various hues online at Zanui.

*Note: the warning about being too OTT does not apply to pillows or cushions. We’re partial to piles + piles of them…

Florence Broadhurst Yvan's Geo Breakfast Cushion The Canvas Workshop Velvet Green Framed Print 2
From L to R: Florence Broadhurst Yvan’s Geo Breakfast Cushion and The Canvas Workshop Velvet Green Framed Print, available online at Zanui.

Velvet’s sleek texture and rich hues work in well in relationship with cotton, linen and jute-edged cushions. Play around with contrasting colours for vibrant visual appeal. Or opt for graduated pastels and neutral hues for a sophisticated cosy feel.

Aura by Tracie Ellis Luxury Velvet Cushion 2Cornermill Rita Upholstered Bed Head, Wall Mounting
From L to R: Aura by Tracie Ellis Luxury Velvet Cushion and Cornermill Rita Upholstered Bed Head, Wall Mounting, available online at Zanui.

With its sensual nature, velvet works equally well in your bedrooms, as in your living spaces. Velvet buttoned bedheads instill a sense of refinement, intimacy and just a dash of indulgence, whilst velvet pillows collaborate with the softness of this space.

Horgans Mona Light Grey ArmchairCafe Lighting Henderson Cushion 2Horgans Mona Indigo ArmchairCafe Lighting Henderson Cushion
From L to R: Horgans Mona Light Grey ArmchairCafe Lighting Henderson Cushion, Horgans Mona Indigo Button Armchair and Cafe Lighting Henderson Cushion, available online at Zanui.

Velvet answers to contemporary as much as classical interiors. Add velvet pieces into an urban industrial aesthetic to increase its comfort factor.

Rug Culture Arrow Wool Rug
Rug Culture Arrow Wool Rug, available online at Zanui.


When it comes to warmth, this natural fibre is a standout hero. Wool – whether it’s from sheep (wool), goats (mohair and cashmere), or rabbits (angola) – is soft, strong, and celebrated for its heat-trapping qualities. Insulate your home against winter’s unfriendliness with throws, rugs, and cushions fashioned from its fleece.

Empera Settia Modern RugEmpera Delia Oriental Rug
Empera Settia Modern Rug and Empera Delia Oriental Rug – heat-set polypropylene for a plush feel underfoot, available online at Zanui.

Ward off the chills with wool rugs underfoot. Rugs enhance your homely ambience as well as lifting the temperature and absorbing sound. Select a statement design or support your aesthetic with something more subtle.

RANS Waffle Fringed Throw
RANS Waffle Fringed Throw, available online at Zanui.

Wool cushions introduce a coarser texture to your cushion-scape. Select heart-stoppingly sumptuous Mongolian Lambswool Cushions for arresting style or channel a more traditional old-world style with the Bronte wool tartan cushion range.

Empera Oregon Shag Rug St Albans Alpaca Arctic Throw Rug
From L to R: Empera Oregon Shag Rug and St Albans Alpaca Arctic Throw Rug, available online at Zanui.

Don’t discount the possibility of hanging your rug for a textured visual statement that adds depth and warmth to your interiors. Shag rugs (rarely made from wool but nevertheless) also inject personality and warmth within your interiors.

Designers Choice Lewis Velvet Square Cushion
Layered textures: hide rug and Designer’s Choice Lewis Velvet Cushion, available online at Zanui.


Faux fur has been fighting back the winter chills for quite a few seasons now and the good news is that it’s here to stay. Its fleecy and at times flamboyant designs add instant character to your room. These pieces work in well with Scandinavian and modern interiors or up the ante in minimalist spaces.

Designers Choice Lewis Velvet Square Cushion 2 Rapee Mirage Cushion
From L to R: Designer’s Choice Lewis Velvet Cushion and Rapee cushions and throws, available online at Zanui.

Throw rugs soften the hard lines of your furniture. By draping them across the arms of your sofas or across your bed you break up the lines, creating a more relaxed aesthetic. The plush texture of faux fur throws maximises this.

Bambury Boston Throw and Boston Check Throw, Midnight
From L to R: Bambury Boston Throw, and Banbury Boston Check Throw, Midnight, available online at Zanui.

Equally faux fur cushions are super-comfy and charged with charisma. Go all out and opt for wild leopard prints, or stay subtle with Chinchilla or Kodiak inspired hues.

Linen House Kew Cushion Cover
Hide rugs, faux fur, and sumptious throws from the Zanui collection.


Introducing animal hide and leather gives your interiors definition and edge. It answers the task of contrasting all that cosiness, preventing your aesthetic from becoming too superficial.

A - Tribal Rug Culture Opul Wool Rug
From L to R: Natural Tribal style, and Rug Culture Opul Wool Rug, available online at Zanui.

Opt for animal hide rugs or leather accents – floor cushions that fuse fabric with leather are a fine example. Coarser textures, like jute, rattan, wicker and wood also work to prevent your home from looking too feminine. A surfeit of anything is NEVER a good thing. Balance your soft textures these more masculine materials.

Rapee Crossroad Throw
Rapee Crossroad Throw, available online at Zanui.


And finally, that cosy effect comes about through the layering of textured and soft fabrics, cushions and throws, thick weaves with velvets and so forth. So play around. Experiment.

Rapee Mandy Throwj. elliot HOME Pom Pom Throw
From L to R: Rapee cushions and Mandy Throw and j. elliot HOME Pom Pom Throw, available online at Zanui.

Try out unlikely combinations, different designs, invest in some pom poms and tassels, and most of all have fun!

Rapee Rockie ThrowAura by Tracie Ellis Big Stripes Throw, Pastel Mint
From L to R: Rapee Rockie Throw and Mandy Throw and Aura by Tracie Ellis Big Stripes Throw, Pastel Mint, available online at Zanui.

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