Jacquard Defined

Embroidered and jacquard textiles and decorative accents showcasing embossed designs or unique patinas are one answer. We’re taking a look at this distinctive weaving technique…

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Scandinavian Design Explored

Scandinavian design is synonymous with on-trend. Its minimalist lines, layered textures, mixed timbers, and spacious aesthetic each participate to create a rugged refinement that’s…


Rattan Defined

Taking its name from the Malaysian rotan, rattan refers to over 600 different species of Calameae palms native to tropical South-east Asia. By turns…

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Cabriole defined

If you’re the type that likes your furniture sporting curves like Jessica Rabbit then you need to add this word to your vocab. Cabriole….

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Art Deco defined

  Following on from Art Nouveau, which took organic forms as its inspiration, Art Deco’s stylistic references were eclectic, ranging from geometric abstraction to…


Geometric Defined

Geometric patterns have adorned cultures since time immemorial. The evocative power of contrasting and repetitive shapes and lines has been exploited from tribal adornments…