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Looking to restyle your bedroom? Check off this handy list of must-haves for cosy comfort and chic looks in your boudoir.

I’ve often thought that the world can be divided into two camps – those who can’t wait to go to bed and those who can’t bear to (the victims of FOMO). But when it comes to getting up again in the morning, there seems to be little argument. No one wants to quit that blissful sanctuary!

Okay – apart from the legendary early bird, but does this creature really exist??

Waking up on the weekend in a tangle of bedcovers all mussed and warm with sleep is one of the most pleasant things in life. I believe that the slow process to brunch should be mandated. Tearing yourself too quickly from this heaven is surely bad for your health (body and soul).

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The bedroom is arguably the most important room in your home – it’s your haven, your hideaway, your retreat from the outside world. This is the place where you replenish your reserves. And it’s the place where dreams are made – literally.

Whether you use your bedroom as a romantic getaway or an extension of your office, the way you craft this space will define the degree of relaxation and repose it delivers. Bordello or dorm-room, boudoir or den, creating the ideal bower for you depends on having these 11 things!

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Tissues, teddy, tumbler of H2O, your weathered copy of Where The Wild Things Are. Somewhere to lay your specs whilst your lids are closed. You need a place for those personal items that help you drop into zzzs. That framed photo of you and Ed Shearin. (No one’s judging here.) These trinkets need a home.

A bedside table is an obvious choice, and bedside tables with drawers offer the advantages of enclosed storage – they keep your surfaces neat. But equally wall-mounted shelving or the corner of a desk by your bed will suffice. This is all about convenience.

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This room should be infused with TLC. But it doesn’t have to look ultra-feminine to achieve this. By all means, invest in a wealth of pillows and cushions if that’s your bag. Opt for graduated tones of one colour for a luxe-hotel look or mix your patterns (stripes with chintz, chevrons + geometrics with block colours) for rustic cottage charm.

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However, indulgence is equally realised through the combination of an animal hide rug or stool with a monochromatic quilt. Clean lines imbue a sense of calm serenity that encourages repose.

Opt for a super-cosy quilt cover and comforter for the ultimate indulgence.

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Highlighting a piece of furniture or a décor accent within your bedroom helps to give it shape – it guides the eye upon entering. This focal point can be anything from the bed itself (obvious perhaps) to an ornate mirror, a botanical accent or a chandelier.

Opt for a feature wall or a classically upholstered bedhead. An unusual table lamp or statement wall art also work well.

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Whilst we have all heard that reading on screens before going to bed is BAD – the screens are said to emulate daylight and so our bodies are tricked into staying awake – most people are unable to resist. Adding in an occasional chair into your bedroom allows you to do your last-minute work-email/facebook/candy crush check before you snooze, outside of your bed.

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An armchair or sleek alternative (if you’re space-deprived) in the corner of your room can also double as a space for you to coordinate your outfits, put on your shoes, and even cosy-up for a little reading.

Chaises make a lovely addition if your bedroom is spacious, featuring the Sunrise Cushion, and Tranquil Cushion in lime from Rapee, available online at Zanui.


The bedroom is THE most intimate space in the house. Add in elements that will make YOU happy! Create cute vignettes of fave books, framed photos and antique finds. Add in some fresh or dried flowers for a touch of colour!

Still got your first teddy? Put him on show. These eclectic mini collections of offbeat things add personality to your home. Display them on bookshelves, console tables and unused corner nooks.

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As mentioned above, the ability to leave the world at the door of this room is something most of us struggle with. So having varied lighting will allow you to adjust the level for different uses.

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Floor lamps and wall-mounted lamps are great for reading (reports and other boring work material or gripping thrillers) or penning your memoirs before bed! Soft overhead lighting is great for cosy ambience.

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Candles are an easy-win and have the bonus of infusing your space with delicious fragrance. Got kids and fur-kids? Opt for flameless candles.

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We’ve already talked up the advantages of bedside tables with drawers. Bookshelves and baskets offer storage display opportunities. Opt for baskets made out of natural textures for visual appeal. Some of these have gorgeous pops of colour!

Under-bed storage is another smart storage solution that we love. Anything to keep the clutter at bay…

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Laurent Round Jute Rug and Flinders Striped Jute Rug from j.elliott HOME, available online at Zanui.


Putting your tootsies out in the morning onto a cold floor is hardly an ideal start to your day. A carefully placed rug by your bed works a treat. Circular jute rugs are en-vogue and will pair nicely with your jute storage baskets! Opt for one with a bold colour pop if you like!

Blessed with carpet? Layering it with rugs adds textured warmth underfoot.

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Don’t forget about your walls. Work in some new wallpaper or decals and update your look instantly. Or hang a designer rug for texture and visual intrigue.

When it comes to positioning, forget symmetry. An asymmetrical arrangement of wall art, for example, gives character.

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You don’t need a theme as such but opting for an overall aesthetic goes some way to tying your room together. Think Mediterranean or old-world romance, contemporary eclectic or urban industrial, Asian-infused minimalism or coastal…

The world is your oyster!

Marrakesh Black Bed Head from Zanui, available online at Zanui.


We’ve saved the best for last. A comfy bed is the essence of the perfect bedroom. From the frame (or the bedhead if you prefer that look) to the mattress, this is an investment in the future.

Treat yourself to superior quality and guarantee dreamy and delicious repose! Because you’re worth it. 😉

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