Bedroom Eyes: 5 Bedroom Colour Palettes You’ll Love

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Does your bedroom need a little love? We take 5 colour palettes and ask how they’ll affect your mood and your bedroom aesthetic.

Bunker, boudoir, your private sanctuary, the berth where you harbour from the world’s tempests… The bedroom is the most intimate of spaces and it deserves a serious serving of your love.

Yet it’s often overlooked. With our sights set on entertaining (LOVE!) and enjoying a little R&R in style, many of us lavish our attention on our dining and living rooms, even our kitchen, instead.

Chica Quilt Cover Set from Alex Perry for Linen House, available online at Zanui.

We look at 5 colour palettes that will reinvent that room where you rest your eyes… From wall art to décor accents, vases and cute vignettes, and of course bedding, we’re revelling in this penultimate personal zone.

Hold onto your cot, here we go…

Collendina Quilt Cover Set from Marie Claire, available online at Zanui.


Channel the sensual elegance of oceanic blues and sea-green hues in your bedroom for a meditative haven…

If you’re looking to enhance the quality of your zzzs, this corner of the colour spectrum delivers sweet sweet tranquillity. From bottle to grass green, azure to cerulean blues, these graduated tones induce a graceful aesthetic.

Willow Quilt Cover Set, Stone Blue from Linen House, available online at Zanui.

On the emotional scale, green corresponds to safety. These are some of nature’s most verdant hues, symbolising growth, harmony, and abundance. For a space where you’re at your most vulnerable that sounds just perfect. It’s restful for the eye and exudes stability.

Willow Quilt Cover Set, Ocean from Linen House, available online at Zanui.

Blue is for sky and sea and depth and strength. From cobalt to sapphire blue, navy and marine hues, these tones evoke a calming effect on the psyche. We’re enamoured. Blues are said to symbolise loyalty and wisdom, truth and confidence, even to slow the metabolism(!).

Though these tones sit on the masculine end of the scale, turning down the saturation invites a softness and a serenity you’ll love.

Artois Quilt Cover Set from Marie Claire, available online at Zanui.

Carry these hues through from your bedlinen to your wall art, table lamps and cushions. Working in graduated hues adds depth to your aesthetic. A couple of copper accents help to lift this look and prevent it from becoming too sombre. Crisp white – say in a breakfast cushion – will also do this.

Okanui Quilt Cover Set from Alex Perry for Linen House, available online at Zanui.

These hues pair well with rustic woods, coastal décor and accents. Their fluidity contrasts well with more textured pieces. Look to your bedframe or your bedhead, your bedside tables to incorporate distressed or sleek wooden pieces.

Dawn Quilt Cover Set from Linen House, available online at Zanui.


Looking for a bedroom with big personality? Vibe it up with vivid hues that play off against one another.

Bold is beautiful. We all know this. Sure, it’s not for everybody, but if this statement makes your heart sing a little, read this bit! 😉 High voltage hues add a playful energy to your sleep space. They’re buoyant and uplifting and delicious.

Explore intriguing colour combinations for your own unique sassy style. Start with a few statement colours. Not sure what tones work together well? Look to the colour wheel for inspiration. See our post here for details about effective colour combos. There’s an art to it!

Ethan Quilt Cover Set, Coral from Linen House, available online at Zanui.

Red is an emotionally intense colour – it’s associated with power, passion and desire. Whilst it’s said to enhance metabolism (yes!), it also alludes to fire and warning. Play with the saturation to take off the edge a little (light red speaks of joy, sexuality, and love) or pique your look with pops of this daring colour in your aesthetic.

Willow Quilt Cover Set, Pineapple from Linen House, available online at Zanui.

Yellow and orange conjure up the sun and balmy tropical climes, happiness, and warmth. Yellow encourages cheerfulness, and is believed to stimulate mental activity! (But babies apparently cry more in yellow rooms…) Orange marries the beauty of red and yellow to promote enthusiasm, creativity, and success. It’s not as aggressive as red and yet is still warm and joyous.

Alternatively you can opt for bed linen that does the job for you. A vibrant quilt cover will lift your whole room. Blue/yellow/red is a perfect superhero colour scheme. It’s brassy and brazen. Or cultivate a beachy vibe with Okanui-style florals. Play off saturated paddlepop-coloured pastels for vintage seaside charm.

Edge Quilt Cover Set from Linen House, available online at Zanui.

Select a couple of colours from your quilt cover and carry them through in your wall art and décor accents. Consider a vase for your bedside table or a rug that’s colours reference your quilt cover to ground your look.

Haze Quilt Cover Set from Linen House, available online at Zanui.


Instil feminine charm in your bedchamber with these sweet and sultry tones, evoking nostalgia and a pure and pretty intimacy.

Pink signifies romance, love, and friendship. It denotes feminine qualities such as compassion and sensitivity. Blush, cherry, crimson, cerise, peach, rose…

Margot Quilt Cover Set from Marie Claire, available online at Zanui.

This colour draws together the strident passion of red with the purity and open generosity of white. The result is a sweet romantic allure. It has a calming influence that’s said to salve anger, nervousness, and feelings of abandonment. (Ahhh.)

Rosalie Quilt Cover Set from Linen House, available online at Zanui.

Colouring in your bedroom with soft pink tones therefore creates a nurturing and pretty space. If you’re looking for a little more passion, turn up the red – darker pinks deliver a higher energy to your aesthetic.

Lilou Quilt Cover Set from Marie Claire, available online at Zanui.

Not a fan of that little girl look? Introduce deep navy, black or grey hues in your throws, cushions and trinkets. This adds strength to your aesthetic. Pink also pairs well with paler timbers. Opt for a statement lighting fixture and Scandinavian style furniture with a base of greys.

Afrique Quilt Cover Set from Alex Perry for Linen House, available online at Zanui.


Invest in tribal motifs for a high-vibe space, from earthy to outlandish according to your taste.

Invest in distinctive oriental and ethnic designs to create your own signature style in your bedroom. This style can be reinvented in divergent colour schemes for differing effects.

Chia Quilt Cover Set from Alex Perry for Linen House, available online at Zanui.

Working with a base of black endows your space with power and elegance. It’s evocative and edgy and the perfect partner for earthy hues highlighted with a hint of mustard yellow.

Coco Quilt Cover Set, Chili from Alex Perry for Linen House, available online at Zanui.

Opt for more traditional earthy colours or turn up the spirit with vivid contemporary hues. Here black works as a frame, creating perspective, definition and depth.

Emi Quilt Cover Set from Linen House, available online at Zanui.


Enhance the sense of space and brighten your bedroom with bright white!

So fresh and pure, white is an ideal basic for your bedroom. Associated with light, innocence and cleanliness, it creates a bright and beautiful ambience… It’s positive and pure and evokes feelings of safety.

Opera Quilt Cover Set from Alex Perry for Linen House, available online at Zanui.

Play it out against black for strident contrast – here white endows the space with energy whilst simultaneously exploiting black’s sombre grace. Or trace pastels through your bedroom to induce a spirited style.

Larue Quilt Cover Set from Marie Claire, available online at Zanui.

White and greys are effortlessly elegant – they have gravity and maturity, especially in uncomplicated designs.

So which room works the best for you from the above? Define your own personal style!

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