The Art of Accessorising With James Treble

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Nordic elegance. Boho flea market. Coastal-chic. French provincial. Functional Bauhaus… There are style inspirations everywhere we look. But whether you favour Art Deco or Hampton’s meets rustic, what makes a house a home is intrinsically personal.

A rest-stop between pubs, your home office or your private haven – consciously or unconsciously, the space you inhabit reflects who you are. That’s the beauty of interior design – its ability to realise your own unique style.

Interior design exists in a close relationship with balance. And though there are no hard and fast rules, working from a blueprint when you’re starting out can keep your design cohesive. It’s about getting the balance right. Using his Hollywood Glamour look, our JT (yeps – we’ve claimed him) teaches us the art of nuance.


JT: “The starting point for me in any space, especially a living room, is the big pieces, which is your furniture.”

What kind of feel do you want to achieve? The furniture you curate creates the framework for your aesthetic. Consider its silhouette and placement. With JT’s Hollywood Glam, the furniture is structured and symmetrical – the room works as a mirror image of itself. This creates a more formal feel.


Whether you’re selecting a new sofa or up-styling your existing suite, establish the kind of lines it exhibits. A chaise longue exploits the seduction of curves whilst minimalist modern sofas work with more masculine lines.

The key to accessorising is to work both with and against these key pieces to create a visually interesting and comfortable space.

“The biggest no-no in this look would be to have lots of big, soft round-armed pieces of furniture – that big comfy lounge with piles of cushions all over the place won’t work. You can still add plush elements to this aesthetic – in the textures of your cushions, for instance. It doesn’t have to be austere and uncomfortable. These are very comfy couches to lounge in.”


JT says no:

“I don’t think that things have to come in a straight set. When I have clients who are creating a look or styling a home, you don’t want it to be all brand new and straight out of the catalogue. I like that there’s a sideboard that’s been passed down from grandma, there’s the loved armchair in the corner, and then there are new pieces. It enhances the feel of the space, it makes it more comfortable.”

These personal or heirloom pieces make your home identifiably yours. They evoke memories and celebrate your history and personality.


Cushions are the perfect opportunity to add intriguing textures, patterns and accent colours. Punchy tones energise your aesthetic whilst graduated hues make for an understated sophistication. Luxurious fabrics add opulence, while coarse cottons say contemporary and kid-friendly.

To continue the elongated lines of the Zanui Anders 3 seater sofa, JT chose the Ascot Long Cushions for his Hollywood Glam. The result? An expansive and elegant look. The cushions have an all-over waffle weave and a tailored flange edging for refined style. This fabric works with the pulled thread linen of the Anders sofa.

The geometric cushions on the Noah Cloud Armchairs shake things up – they allude to the Deco Round Modern Rug as well as introducing contrasting hues.


The walls of your home are often overlooked, yet wall art, mirrors, photos of loved ones or even hanging rugs can be striking and original décor accents. In choosing the United Artworks Bianco Scuro Painted Canvas, JT has reiterated the room’s accent colours as well as its botanical flourishes.

“I’ve picked up that gold and yellow on the sides of the artwork – it’s very subtle – but it could just as easily be a silver, chrome or gold-framed mirror and the mirror would bounce light around and reference the other metallics within the space.”


For the love of books. From left: Kylie Kwong heart & soul, Swann Imports Burgundy & Black Book Box (Set of 2) and Michelle Bridges crunch time, all available online at Zanui


Selecting pieces for purely ornamental purposes is when your individuality really comes into play. Whether you are drawn to decanters in cut-crystal, bright modern vases or distressed ceramic earthenware, JT says be bold.

“I encourage people to have more sculpture in their homes. Perhaps something that they’ve picked up on their travels or just something a little different that they love. Pieces like this add a natural history to your space. They are grounding and they become a conversation piece. I use a lot of sculpture in my styling. And books. I like having time to read. Turn off the television and communicate with each other! (Unless it’s a Friday night…)”

No arguments here! We love the books at Zanui. And the chat. And the lounging at home. And the entertaining. Ahhhhh, bliss.

So there you have it. Words of wisdom from the man himself. We feel you’re ready. Go forth and experiment! 🙂

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