How to accent your home with fresh coastal charm

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Who needs to dream about a tropical holiday when you can fill your home with a touch of exotic charm? Whether it is a floral cushion or a photographic wall piece, a fun and lively summer print will have you luxuriously living in next to no time.


With many distinct and inviting design trends available, this year isn’t just about infusing your home with your typical floral styles that represent the summer months. This steamy season is however, about the bold tropical theme print that makes a statement and is seamless, simple and most important, do-able! It’s about blending tropical patterns with pastel hues and even injecting some neon to make for a hint of colour assertion. Having a blank canvas room whether it is a neutral couch, white hued walls or a crisp bedspread, this season’s must-have trends add something new and refreshing to any décor.


It doesn’t take an entire renovation or a whole lot of effort to bring that summer outdoor feeling inside. An effortless pop of colour such as yellow is now being found everywhere from the runway to the kitchen. Representing the sun and evoking a sense of vitality, intellect and endurance, yellow can fill any room with energy. Being a timeless and fashionable colour, combining these shades with an inviting tropical print will banish the need for a holiday and invite that perpetual carefree lifestyle into your home.

Sounds-Like-Home-MZ002-MAZZAMIZ--carver-chair---Mazzamiz-dining-table-210x90_1-(2)As far as home and décor goes, finding the pieces that work in your house can be an overwhelming task. Innovative brands such as Escape to Paradise, Xavier & Me and Aura by Tracie Ellis exude midsummer fun with their state-of-the-art products. Escape To Paradise’s collection is inspired by the sun filled seasons, and is designed to bring the happy feelings of being on holiday to everyday life.


Depending on your decorating needs, Escape To Paradise can provide your living space with everything from Oasis cushion covers that work on their own or blend in seamlessly with your current décor, to sleek geometric salad bowls. For those who like to make a statement, they also design striking pineapple ornaments that will instill your home with a tropical feel all year round.