A Nepalese Christmas with Amit, Mr Finance

A hero

We’re spicing up Christmas with a trip to Nepal to experience a festive celebration of a different kind. Amit is something of a legend in the Zanui halls. He’s living proof that accountants are a kooky breed!


Christmas is:

Spending memorable time with family!

In Nepal, we celebrate the season with lots of food, drinks, dance and gifts… dinner is daal (lentils), bhaat (boiled rice), aaloo tarkari (potato with green beans), khasi ko maasu (goat curry) and golveda achar (tomato pickles).


It goes a little something like this. If it’s a big occasion, my family normally wear traditional dress. 🙂


Do you believe in Santa?

Actually I am a Santa. I love to be Santa. Nepalese Santa. 🙂 (But, of course.)

Amit 2

Favourite part of the festive season?

It’s just about family, family and family. (All the love!)

A1 A4

Hot tip for surviving Christmas

Drink and dance. (We see there’s a theme developing…)

A2 A3

Amit’s gift picks

The Table Grill by Eva Solo for my dad… He likes to barbecue. Or any of the Ferraboli barbecues.

A5 A6

For my mum, the Bonded 7-Piece Knife Set in teak from Schmidt Bros. It’s classic.

A7 A8

For my bro? The Duncan Table Lamp from Cafe Lighting. That’s a good-looking lamp!


That Christmas dinner sounds divine. Thanks, Amit. You’re a king amongst kings! 😉

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