7 Ways to Hibernate in Style


With the cooler temperatures creeping in, we’re examining the art of nesting… Here are 7 strategies to keep the winter blues at bay on the  Zanui blog.

Royal Albert Sit Pretty Tea & Cake Set Rapee Cascade Throw 2 Aura by Tracie Ellis Big Stripes Throw, Pastel Mint Royal Albert Rose Confetti 3-Piece Tea Set
From L to R: Royal Albert Sit Pretty Tea & Cake Set, Rapee Cascade Throw, Aura by Tracie Ellis Big Stripes Throws, and Royal Albert Rose Confetti 3-Piece Tea Set. Browse tea sets and throw rugs online at Zanui.

Okay – so here in the land of Oz, winter doesn’t bring snowstorms and sub-zero temperatures. But whilst we won’t be carving our own snowdrift beer fridge outside our front door, winter can get pretty bitter when those fifty shades of grey set in.

Searching out the sanguine is a must. You gotta keep the cheer alive! So we’ve found 7 ways to salve the seasonal blues. From crochet projects to cosy must-haves, these chic strategies will wrap your winter in deliciousness.

ilovetoskiandboarddotcom Miranda Kerr for Royal Albert Gratitude 3-Piece Tea & Cake Set
Winter style. Images sourced L to R: ilovetoskiandboarddotcom and Miranda Kerr for Royal Albert Gratitude 3-Piece Tea & Cake Set. Browse tea sets online at Zanui.

Style it with slipper socks

Slipper socks are the LBD of the chilly months. This stylish accessory adapts to all occasions and ensembles. Don them for your half-dazed morning caffeine-runs, then dress up your date-night movie marathons with their woolly loveliness.

Style tip: knee-length adds a definitive look.

knitted-patternsdotcom ravelrydotcom diyncraftsdotcom
Images sourced L to R: knitted-patterns.comravelry.com, and diyncrafts.com

Feeling crafty? Make your own. Make more. Turn a tidy profit touting them at your local markets. Launch your very own start-up. Become a squillionaire. Retire young and cosy. #livingthedream

NSW Leather Co Natural Cowhide Rug, Sprinkled Beige:White
From L to R: Zanui Otto Armchair and NSW Leather Co Natural Cowhide Rug, Sprinkled Beige/White. Browse hide rugs and hide cushions online at Zanui.

Create your own hide-away

Fend off the chilblains with some rustic chic. Animal hide adds handsome texture and that 50s den look to your aesthetic. Layer underfoot with rugs or interrupt your sofa-scape with some hide and faux fur cushions.

Opt for whiskey-coloured and russet hues for warmth, then introduce weathered leather accents in your ottomans and cushions for contrast. Finish the look with some hurricane lamps and a single malt showcased in a stylish decanter.

Hand us a cigar.

Amigos de Hoy Hide Cushion, Grey Amigos de Hoy Square Leather Cushion Amigos de Hoy 1:4 Leather Square Cushion
Using leather. L: Zanui Chloe 2.5 Seater Sofa, Black, Beaumont & Braddock Cube Concrete Square Side Table, NSW Leather Co. Sheepskin Animal Hide Rug, Pale GreyAmalia Chunky Weave Wool Rug, Black, and Amigos De Hoy leather cushions. C: Amigos de Hoy Square Leather Cushion. R:Zanui Chloe Chaise Lounge, j.elliot HOME Carraway Side Table, Zanui Scarborough Black Side Table, NSW Leather Co. Sheepskin Animal Hide Rug, Pale Grey and Amigos De Hoy leather cushions.

Like it a little more plush? Transform your home into shag central with a soft shag rug. Too much goodness. We may never leave the house.

St Albans Butterscotch Alpaca Throw
St Albans Butterscotch Alpaca Throw. Browse throw rugs online at Zanui.

Be snug as a bug in a throw rug

Winter is not without its extreme sports. The gnarly weather demands you submit to entire Netflix seasons in a sitting. And whether you’re holed up off work with the lurgy (seasonally inevitable) or just hiding out from reality, a cosy throw is the ultimate companion.

As Sir Ranulph Fiennes, considered by many to be the world’s greatest living explorer, once said, “There is no bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.” And this goes for indoors too.

Bambury Hexagon Throw Linen House Lark Faux Fur Throw, Magnet
L: Zanui Otto Armchair, Linen House Margaret Round Jute Rug, and Bambury Hexagon Throw. R: Zanui Chloe Chaise Lounge, j.elliot HOME Carraway Side Table, Amalfi Marble Cube Candle Holder (Set of 3) NSW Leather Co. Lark Faux Fur Throw, Magnet. Browse throw rugs online at Zanui.

We’ve done extensive research into how to be as warm as humanly possible. We asked the difficult questions about alpaca, wool, mohair, silk, cotton, and more, ie. Which is the toastiest? We presented the facts as we found them here – you be the judge.

Time Tree TextilesBasket Weave Peshtemal Turkish Towel St Albans Mohair Harper Throw Rug St Albans Hamptons Mohair Throw Bambury Ultraplush Blanket
From L to R: Time Tree Textiles Basket Weave Peshtemal Turkish TowelSt Albans Mohair Harper Throw RugSt Albans Hamptons Mohair Throw, and Bambury Ultraplush Blanket. Browse throw rugs online at Zanui.

But whichever way your roll, thou shalt layer. More is more.

Two words. Throw rug. Don’t be caught under the weather without it.

Maxwell & Williams Blush 3-Piece Tea Set, 150ml 2
Maxwell & Williams Blush 3-Piece Tea Set and cakestands. Browse tea sets and dinner sets online at Zanui.

Be your own hot water bottle

Hot drinks are a part of the western cultural psyche, punctuating our daily and social rituals. Polly with her kettle is proof – even TS Eliot measured out his life with coffee spoons.* Hot bevvies incite conversation and chillaxation – they’re a break from work. They jump-start your heart and slow the pace by turns, causing us to pause as we blow and sip. And the science of hot beverages is heart-warming (literally).

A hot drink induces positive effects on cold-sufferers according to a Cardiff University Study. Sweet tastes stimulate receptors in our mouths that influence how we experience pain and coughing, releasing morphine-like compounds in the brain. Taste is further enhanced by heat. So whilst drinking a piping hot tea or coffee is unlikely to cure your cold, it will alleviate your experience of it. Nice!

Wedgwood Harlequin Cuckoo Teapot, 375ml London Pottery Farmhouse 4-Cup Multi Dotty Filter Teapot, 1.3L Barber & Osgerby for Royal Doulton Olio White Glaze Teapot
From L to R: Wedgwood Harlequin Cuckoo Teapot, 375ml, London Pottery Farmhouse 4-Cup Multi Dotty Filter Teapot, 1.3L, and Barber & Osgerby for Royal Doulton Olio White Glaze Teapot. Browse tea sets and teapots online at Zanui.

Mulled wine and hot toddies are also hot beverages. And they have the advantage of infusing your home with spicy fragrances!! Enjoy them toute seule (on your Noddy) or with a carousing band of buddies. Yum and double yum.

*See ye old nursery rhyme and TS Eliot’s poem The Love Song of J.Alfred Prufrock.

ecosalondotcom marthastewartdotcom
Images sourced L to R: ecosalon.com and marthastewart.com. Browse throw rugs online at Zanui.

Craft your very own scarf and mitten set

We adore an artsy statement style at home and on our persons. So we’re a little bit in love with these super-cute and (more importantly) not-too-complex DIY scarf and mittens.

The scarf is your throw for when you’re not at home. (Let’s face it – you can’t drag around the local shops in your blankets. Well, you can, but appearances.) And fingerless mittens mean you look chic without being completely incapacitated.

Bambury Snow Leopard Faux Fur Throw Aura by Tracie Ellis Dipped ThrowTime Tree TextilesBasket Weave Peshtemal Turkish Towel Bambury Leopard Faux Fur Throw
From L to R: Bambury Snow Leopard Faux Fur Throw, Aura by Tracie Ellis Dipped Throw, Time Tree Textiles Basket Weave Peshtemal Turkish Towel and Bambury Leopard Faux Fur Throw. Browse throw rugs online at Zanui.

For your mittens, thank Martha Stewart; for your scarf, Knitless. You made a mini-mistake? Not to worry – this just lends your look charisma.

Cush & Co Moroccan Leather Pouf Cover, Black
Cush & Co Moroccan Leather Pouf Cover, Black. Browse ottomans online at Zanui.

Put your feet up!

Simon & Garfunkel were right. Hope has a habit of passing away when the sky turns that hazy shade of winter. Tear your gaze from the steely firmament and turn it to the tomes piled on your bedside table.

Carpe diem! Seize the day. Slay those novels on which you hang your guilt (you know – the ones you absolutely definitely will read one day). Save your eyes from a square future. #noNetflixstillchill

Cush & Co Moroccan Leather Pouf Cover, Tan Brown Cush & Co Moroccan Leather Pouf Cover, White Cush & Co Moroccan Faux Leather Pouf Cover, Bronze
Cush & Co Moroccan Leather Pouf Cover in various colours. Browse ottomans online at Zanui.

Invest in an ottoman or a knitted pouffe to perch your tootsies on whilst you’re receiving your culture shot.

Maxwell & Williams Blush 3-Piece Tea Set, 150ml
Maxwell & Williams Blush 3-Piece Tea Set and cakestands. Browse tea sets and dinner sets online at Zanui.

Tea for two, and two for tea…

Follow in the footsteps of Doris Day and indulge in a brew or two with friends. And we’re not talking about the hoppy ones. Sencha, lapsang souchong, Buddha’s tears, peppermint, Russian Caravan or good old English Breakfast, the choice is infinite.

We’ve already espoused the benefits of hot drinks (see above!!). Add to this the fact that tea can boost your exercise endurance and reduce the risk of heart attack. It has cancer-fighting benefits (it’s anti-oxidant-rich) and it fights free radicals. It also hydrates, and it can lower your BMI – it can even reverse some of the negative effects of smoking! (TIME Magazine talk about their love affair with tea here.)

Royal Albert Rose Confetti 3-Piece Tea Set Noritake Marc Newson Bone China Tea Pot, 450ml London Pottery Pebble 2-Cup Marble Filter Teapot, Grey, 500ml Maxwell & Williams William Kilburn 5-Piece Tea For Two Set, Winter Bloom
From L to R: Royal Albert Rose Confetti 3-Piece Tea Set, Noritake Marc Newson Bone China Tea Pot, 450ml, London Pottery Pebble 2-Cup Marble Filter Teapot, Grey, 500ml, and Maxwell & Williams William Kilburn 5-Piece Tea For Two Set, Winter Bloom. Browse tea sets online at Zanui.

Design your own herbal infusion for added fun. Then while away the winter afternoons with a cuppa piping hot!

Can’t you see how happy we will be… Super-cosy? Sorted.

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