6 Tips To Get Organised in 2015

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Is 2015 the year you get organised? Here are 6 tips for getting the jump on the gritty nitty.

Confession. I am not a domestic goddess. I am not an organising machine. FOMO is my constant companion, and I’m forever over-committing. Add into the mix an almost obsessive relationship with cleaning and you’re looking into the eye of the storm that is my life.

This year I’ve vowed to take the chaos to task. I want to reduce the clutter in my head and in my home. I’m going to take the bull by the horns. If you will. It’s been my New Year’s Resolution for the last few years. But this year (this year!), I mean business.

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A New Year’s resolution is by definition the love-child of rash and wishful thinking. At the moment of conception, it seems revelatory. But in the cold light of day, somewhat less attractive. And after the fire of your fave poison has faded into a dull (read dire) ache, you’re left just holding the baby. So to speak.

This is the wet fish of reality. Granted. But one must still strive (too Elizabethan?) to improve oneself. And with January almost over, the time is now. Seize the moment before the dust finally settles on the New Year and that heady atmosphere of renewal is drowned in the humdrum… (too dramatic?)

So, in the interest in getting the jump on things, here are my tips to fend off the mayhem.

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At Acting School (yes), they taught us how to express ourselves. I went to a Method-based school where sanity was frowned upon. Ironically, the experience gifted me with the tools to combat hysteria in the Real World.

We learnt an exercise called the Vesuvius where we stood up and verbally dumped all our thoughts, fears and emotions. You don’t censor it. You don’t think. You just… Get. It. Out. It was incredibly cleansing, really. And to this day, I stand by this as a method for clearing my head.

I enjoy the physicality of walking around and mouthing off… I mean giving voice to my inner concerns. But if you’re not of the verbal-persuasion, you can vent directly onto the page. Get all that noise out of your head through the tip of your pencil!

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I am a lover of the lists. A list lover. (Confession number 2). Nothing quite beats writing down something you’ve just done for the pure release of ruling a line through it. However, being faced with a never-ending catalogue of things to do can be intimidating.

I’m adopting the advice of Sharon Rowley (momof6dotcom) and working with a daily to-do list of a max of 5 things. Nice and achievable. Plus, it stops me getting ahead of myself.*

*Under-promise. Over-achieve. Therein lies the secret.

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Being a mother of 6 (yep 6!!!), our Sharon (above) has some handy tricks for managing the mess. She places open tubs or baskets at strategic spaces around the house – near the front door, on the way to the kids’ rooms and between the kitchen and lounge. These are for collecting up the things that don’t belong in this area: stray toys, discarded shoes, homework, clothes.

You can select stylish storage options in organic materials like seagrass, rattan or teak that work in with your aesthetic. Or tubs in bold contemporary hues for playful accents. It keeps surfaces clean. Then, at the end of each day, she tasks her kids with clearing a basket each. Nice. (Must get me some minions.)

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Take a good look at your space. Are you utilising it efficiently? I have a very low-lying bed but when I measured it up, I was able to find sleek storage boxes that slid underneath. It’s ideal for storing old correspondence or other items that I don’t need everyday access to.

Whether it’s hampers or storage boxes with lids, enclosed storage is another great way to hide/house your belongings. 😉 There are a whole range of storage units designed to live inside your wardrobe. And don’t underestimate the power of narrow shelving for vertical storage.

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This one makes my heart sing a bit. It’s a (lazy) clean right before you hit the hay. Give yourself 15 minutes to do a quick sweep-through. Straighten the cushions, wipe down the counter-tops, fire up the dishwasher (whether that be machine or man).

It’s great to wake up in the morning to a clean space. Thanks for the tip, Ashley Brown (7thhouseontheleftdotcom).

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And to properly arm yourself for your 15 minutes of clean, a quick-draw cleaning station like this one we found at Clean Mama (see below beside your good man, Yoda). Fix yourself a rack or hang your cleaning supplies from the rim of a chic retro bucket like I do!

You’ll be so speedy you’ll give Mr Sheen a run for his money.

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And just one final word of advice. As a short wise green hairy one once said, “Patience you must have, my young padawan”. Be kind to yourself in your journey to greater organisation. 🙂 (Confession number 3 – I am a Star Wars nerd.)

That’s it! That’s all I got. I did warn you. This is not normally my area. But I’m going to give it my all. Here’s wishing you a happy and organised 2015.

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