6 Surprising Candle Scents To Spice Up Your Winter


Heard of all the different kinds of scented candles? Think again. We’ve got 6 new and surprising scents to sweeten your winter. 

Wedgwood Little Luxuries Renaissance Vanilla And Sandalwood Scented CandlePalm Beach Collection Standard Candle, Indigo Love Ecoya Mini Madison Candle Gift Set
L to R: Wedgwood Little Luxuries Renaissance Vanilla And Sandalwood Scented Candle, Palm Beach Collection Standard Candle, Indigo Love and Ecoya Mini Madison Candle Gift Set. Browse candles online at Zanui.

Winter is THE most sensual of the seasons. In winter, PJs pass for haute couture, carb-loading kicks Paleo from its perch, and marathons are of the movie type. This is nirvana complete with cosy knits, hot chocolates, and mohair throws. The heaters pump out Barbados-like temperatures. And the world surrenders to bliss.

Tis the season to indulge yourself. Many are the months between now and bikini season. Break out the marshmallows. Bugger toasting them. Unless you have an open fire – in which case, cosy up with your loved one and don’t wake til spring. Become that ultimate cliché of happiness. =)

cfabbridesignsdotcom girlinthehelensdotcom
Winter goodness: cut-off sweater sleeves to house your candles, frosty fleurs and cosy throws. And chocolate biscuit sandwiches! Images sourced L to R: cfabbridesigns.com and girlinthelens.com.

But! Indulgence doesn’t have to focus around satiating your palate. Tune your olfactory organs into a smorgasbord of sensory decadence instead. Scents are closely associated with taste. With any hope, you won’t even notice the difference!

Smell is also inextricably linked to memory. How? you ask. The olfactory bulb, the part of our brains that processes smell, interacts with the areas of the brain responsible for storing emotional memories. Smells become associated with particular experiences, people, or times in our lives through their repeated pairing.

Research even suggests that some of our smell preferences (spawning our love affairs with alcohol, junk food, and garlic) may even take seed whilst we’re in the womb!

The Candle Library Sun Bleached Denim Ceramic Scented Candle Ecoya Madison Jar Candle, French Pear
L to R: The Candle Library Sun Bleached Denim Ceramic Scented Candle and Ecoya Madison Jar Candle, French Pear. Browse candles online at Zanui.

In addition to drawing up fond memories (the first time you tasted fairy bread!), scents can be used to create that home-sweet-home ambience. We’re taking a tour through our favourite winter fragrances. Which is yours?

The Candle Library Whisky O'Clock Ceramic Scented Candle
The Candle Library Whisky O’Clock Ceramic Scented Candle. Browse candles online at Zanui.


Masculine. Sombre. Rugged. This scent is sultry romance. It evokes the kind of affairs your mum would disapprove of. Think heart-starting kisses, understated compliments, and just a hint of fragrant cigar smoke.

aliexpressdotcom The Candle Library
The man himself (image sourced: aliexpress.com) and the Candle Library collection of ceramic scented candles. Browse candles online at Zanui.

The Candle Library takes the gong for this one with their exquisite (and aptly named) Whisky O’Clock Scented Candle. Rich in woodsy scents, its spicy fusion of clove leaf, sage and cedar is accented with raspberry and eucalypt. Delicious.

This handsome fellow is fashioned in Byron Bay (the candle – not the man) from locally sourced fragrance oils and pure eco soy wax. Irresistible. Enjoy it in the company of a single malt. In the words of Mark Twain: “Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.”

Gascoigne & King Candlesmith Candle, Oregon theurbanlistdotcom Gascoigne & King Candlesmith Candle Denim
Gascoigne & King Candlesmith Candle, Oregon, candle-lit whisky (image sourced: theurbanlist.com) and Gascoigne & King Candlesmith Candle Denim. Browse candles online at Zanui.

Love it? Want to meet its mates? Check out the Gascoigne & King Denim and Oregon Scented Candles.

Ecoya Scented Candle Collection
Ecoya French Pear Scented CandlesMini Madison Jar and Madison Jar size. Browse candles online at Zanui.


We’re not talking about the fated apple that took down Eve and Snow White. Praise be to the French pear, its more nuanced cousin! Associated with that sophisticated French dessert tarte tatin aux poires, this decadent scent is both heavenly and homely.

Ecoya have this heady scent down pat with their French Pear diffuser and candle collection. Threaded through with the soothing aroma of creamy vanilla, this fragrance has a voluptuous opulence. Accented with star anise, it exudes essences of homemade baked crumble. Winter yum!

Opt for French Pear for a fresh crisp scent – ripening pears piqued with aromatic spices.

The Candle Library Leatherbound Classic Ceramic Scented Candle
The Candle Library Leatherbound Classic Ceramic Scented Candle. Browse candles online at Zanui.


Winter is synonymous with savouring the written word. However you take it, beit online zines, chick lit (Marian Keyes and her mates), spec-fic (your Twilights) or Beat poets (Kerouac, Burroughs + all that Naked Lunch business).

For a bookworm like myself, devouring the crafted sentences of literary heavyweights like Hemingway or P.White (our own literary export) in a classic home library means more than Christmas. You know, leather chesterfields, dark woods, sliding ladders and wall-to-wall leatherbound volumes – that kind of shindig. *sound the arias*

pinterestdotcom Wedgwood Little Luxuries candle collection
A to-die-for old-school library (image sourced: pinterest.com) and Wedgwood Little Luxuries candle collection. Browse candles online at Zanui.

The Candle Library gives us the Leatherbound Classic Scented Candle. Scented with bergamot, cedar wood, leather, patchouli, and lavender flowers, this nostalgic blend might even inspire you to pick up a quill and scratch out a few lines.

The Candle Library Marrakesh Ceramic Scented Candle
The Candle Library Marrakesh Ceramic Scented Candle. Browse candles online at Zanui.


This series of scents exudes the essence of adventure. Barefoot and innately curious, its gaze is set on the distant horizon. Daring and exquisitely unique, each fragrance delivers you to a different cultural locale.

Find yourself in the medina in Marrakesh amidst haggling stall vendors, the air fragrant with spice, musk, amber, cedar, and sandalwood — and just a hint of white jasmine blossoms. The Candle Library Marrakesh Ceramic Scented Candle is your ticket. 

Or, trail through the effusive florals of Honshu Island’s highest peak with the Mount Fuji Rice Flower Scented Candle from Gascoigne & King.

The Candle Library Dixieland Jazz Ceramic Scented Candle Wedgwood Little Luxuries Cornucopia Earl Grey Scented Candle
The Candle Library Dixieland Jazz Ceramic Scented Candle and Wedgwood Little Luxuries Cornucopia Earl Grey Scented Candle. Browse candles online at Zanui.

Steep yourself in Dixieland Jazz, evoking the essence of jazz and New Orleans — scented with woodsy spices, black pepper, amber, and vanilla, with notes of ylang ylang, jasmine, and bergamot.

Or stop by the Mother Country for a comforting infusion of Cornucopia Earl Grey Scented Candle.

The Candle Library Hearts On Fire Ceramic Scented Candle
The Candle Library Hearts On Fire Ceramic Scented Candle. Browse candles online at Zanui.


And if your utopia exists in an epoch past? Travel back through time with the Renaissance Vanilla And Sandalwood Scented Candle from the Wedgwood Little Luxuries range. Re-discover classical Greek philosophy through osmosis. Lose yourself in a cultural euphoria scented with creamy vanilla and toasty sandalwood…

Wind your way into sub-tropical summers past on the Himalayan Hill Stations of the British Raj. The Hearts On Fire Scented Candle draws together rose, lily of the valley, amber, musk, and cedar wood with top notes of orange and citronella. A sensory paradise.

Or surrender to the majestic scent of the Raj Soy Candle, offering up a seductive blend of blackcurrant and exotic spices reminiscent of the Dutch East Indies spice trade.

Palm Beach Collection Deluxe Candle, Coconut & Lime
Palm Beach Collection Deluxe Candle, Coconut & Lime. Browse candles online at Zanui.


And finally if you just cannot stand the cold – deny, deny, deny!! Flip the switch and eject your seat. Fly direct to the balmy tropics with the Palm Beach Collection Deluxe Coconut and Lime Scented Candle and Diffuser collection!

French Bull Ziggy Soy Candle Ecoya Candle & Diffuser Gift Set, French Pear notonthehighstreetdotcom
L to R: French Bull Ziggy Soy Candle, Ecoya candle and diffuser collection, and knits for your candles (image sourced: notonthehighstreet.com). Browse candles online at Zanui.

Gift yourself a trip down memory lane with these evocative scents. Or starting making new connections you’ll enjoy for a lifetime.

As the saying goes, “Some pursue happiness. Others make it.”

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