5 Tips To Pack Away The Christmas Decorations Quickly


We’ve all been guilty of leaving the Christmas decorations up way into February, and we’ve all seen those houses that leave the lights up all year round. Here are five tips on how to pack away the Christmas gear quickly.

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year – or so they say. But what about the aftermath of Christmas? Tinsel, outdoor fairy lights, and of course the tree itself.

While the start of January is a festive enough time to leave your decorations up, once New Year’s Eve is over it’s time to call it quits on the green and red.

Whether you have a modest tree in the living room or a winter wonderland on your front lawn, here are our five top tips for getting your home back to its pre-Christmas state.

1. Get your boxes and labels ready

Something we dread about packing away the decorations is the same worry when we unpack them – tangles and breakages. Avoid keeping your lights in a tangled ball or shoving your baubles in the same box as the delicate ornaments.

It’s as easy as grabbing a large piece of cardboard and wrapping your lights around it in the same direction.

Invest in a little bubble wrap and separate your special (or fragile) ornaments from the rest. Tape it all up in labelled boxes and you’ll find that next year’s tree is a cinch!

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2. Call on the elves!

While your little elves were super keen to help decorate, we’d bet they’re not as eager to pack up. Delegating simple tasks to your kids can help speed up the process – the more hands the better, no matter how small!

While bubble wrap and sticky tape might not be easy for small fingers to control, using egg cartons as storage containers is easy peasy! Simply store your baubles as you would eggs.

Another clever packing method is using empty water bottles to store beads. A team effort will make time pass by quicker!

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3. Tackle one area at a time

If your home could give the North Pole a run for its money, you’re best packing one area away at a time. A lot of decorations can be overwhelming and you don’t want Christmas wreaths piling up on the couch after being collected from the rest of the house.

Your best bet in successfully completing the whole mission is confronting the hardest part of the job first – outdoor decorations.

Lights, Santas and reindeer on the lawn take the most energy and time to pack away, so get to it before the inside of the house tires you out. The inside of the house will have to be done sooner or later, but it’s usually outside that’s left till last!

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4. Cling wrap the tree

This might sound like a bit of a funny one, but it’s actually ingenious. If your tree is artificial, we’re guessing you’d need to pull it apart and pull up every branch. Cling wrapping the tree eliminates all of that – and you can even leave the Christmas lights on it!

Wrap your tree tightly and work in one direction. The tighter, the better. This method of packing eliminates the need for more space in the storage area.

The Christmas tree will be slim, easy to carry and will fit in a tight space without the need of a box. See, genius!

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5. Throw out as you pack

Christmas is a time of memories and not usually associated with a good clean out. But let’s face it, there are always decorations we hold on to for way too long.

We’re not saying throw out the ornament that passed down from grandma, but there are other decorations that are definitely and easily replaceable.

Strayed bits of tinsel, ‘reusable’ wrapping paper, fresh centrepieces and other short-lived items need to be given the boot. They won’t last very long and will most likely only make a mess when it comes to unpacking again! It’ll give you the opportunity to change up your style next Christmas too 😉

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