September, 2013

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Art Nouveau defined

Literally translated as ‘new art’, art nouveau rose out of Western Europe and the United States in the midst of the Industrial Revolution. In…

How to: al fresco cocktail party

Spring has arrived! The evenings are balmier, it’s not pitch-black when you leave work, and ladies everywhere are digging skimpy summer dresses out from…


Picnicking In Style

Some of my favourite memories in life tend to revolve around food, drinks, and friends (shocking, I know). There isn’t much that tops hanging…

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How to: High Tea

Etiquette and deportment is high on the agenda this Spring with a resurgence of the high tea phenomenon. As the daughter of a confessed…

MDF furniture: Julian desk and Julian Armchair, from Mercer Trading Co. at

MDF defined

Pictured above: MDF furniture by Mercer Trading Co. at


I ♥ NYC: Loft-inspired Style

Japanese architect Tadao Ando believes design has the power to change us: “to change the dwelling is to change the city and to reform society”. Our living spaces…

FSC defined

Through its 10 Principles of Forest Stewardship, the FSC: Ensures harvest of timber/non-timber products maintains forests’ biodiversity, productivity and ecological processes Protects forests’ heritage,…