Spring hero

Okay. You get it. It’s spring. You gotta clean. You’re house-proud, but candy-coloured dusters + toothpicking the grout do not equal a happy dance.  

Here are 15 quick + painless ways to spruce up your space. And some baby animal pics, because spring.

Spring 1

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It’s spring, peoples! We’re throwing back the shutters and doing away with doors. It’s time to let the crisp fresh air cleanse your heart + soul. And your home. It’s time to make like Mole from The Wind in the Willows and revive your space! But it doesn’t have to be all dust-in-your-blinky-eyes-and-whitewash-on-your-fur…

Clean smart not hard. That’s our motto! There’s more to life. There are adventures to be had. Just ask Mole. So here are 15 tips for achieving a home sweet home guaranteed to leave you looking like a shiny Stepford wife. Plus, we’ve got a word or two of advice from our favourite interior designer, James Treble.

Let’s feed off the positivity in the air! A little cleaning is cathartic.

Spring 2

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1. De-clutter

James says, The light is getting brighter so let it in! De-clutter your space. It’s time to start clearing + sorting those piles of paperwork. (Don’t worry we all have them!) Put things away, and if you haven’t used them, throw them in the recycle bin! Start small, your desk, the kitchen bench, that dumping zone near the door, and reward yourself with a walk to the coffee shop!”

Caffeinated light at the end of the tunnel.

Spring 3

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2. Maximise your metallics

Use a lint-free cloth + a little elbow grease and revamp your metallics. We’re talking everything from your replica Tom Dixon pendant lights to the kitchen sink. For streaky stainless steel, sprinkle baking soda, add white vinegar, watch it froth and fade. Then rinse and wipe. Shiny!

Spring 4

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3. De-funk your sponges

Thinking of all the invisible germs sends us a little loco… but it has to be said, there are a lot of little critters we can’t see. (There are rats. There are fleas on rats. There are amoebas on fleas on rats – Frenchie, Grease.) De-funk your sponges by wringing them out and microwaving them on high for 1 minute.

Later, gremlins.

4. Citz-krieg your nuking machine

Speaking of microwaves, when was the last time you took a look at yours? What the heck is that business happening on its ceiling? Cut a lemon in half, stat. Place both halves in a microwave-proof bowl, cover them with water and nuke them on high for 2-3 mins.

The citrus scent will perfume your kitchen and the steam will loosen that Rorschach action for easy removal.

Spring 5

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5. Feed your soul

Barry White + James Treble both agree. Music removes the misery. 😉

“Play some music out loud,” James says. “Open up the windows and let the air in. Make the process fun! That cool breeze will freshen up your home while you start working through, room by room, getting organised, and putting things in their place! Just think, soon it will be warm again and you’ll want to be out in the sun, so get into organising your home now and reap the benefits!”

Let the Music Play

6. Wipe out fridge whiff

Purge that baby of its festering friends then treat it to some new perfume. If, like us, that vanilla-scented spray turns your tum, attack that cold chest of freshness with… baking soda. A new open box of baking soda absorbs odours. Sprinkle a little of this fairy dust in your garbage bins while you’re at it.

Spring 6

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7. Start something with your rug

Make like Michael Jackson and beat it. 🙂

“A spring clean is about getting organised,” James says. “But it’s also about clearing your mind and home. Start the big task of that lounge room by taking the rug outside and giving it a good bash with the broom. If the rug is looking tired, it may be time to replace it with a new spring version, adding a new colour to your living area. By making this one change, you can totally alter the look and feel of your lounge room. It will be clean, dust-free and full of spring colour!”

8. Robe rage

Gather ye wits, hoarders. This is going to hurt. Recollect a moment in your life when you were wronged… and release that pent-up anger on your apparel. Still clinging to fashion statements from your younger years? It’s time to… Let Go.

Not a hoarder? Are you sure? Check here for the symptoms.

Spring 7

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9. De-pong your pumps

Fill an old pair of socks with used coffee grounds and feed these babies into your stinky sneakers. Leave overnight. Wake up and congratulate yourself on your creative approach to recycling.

10. Dropbox it

Station lost + found storage boxes in strategic spots for rogue toys and the like that have gone walkabout, e.g. at the top and bottom of the stairs.

“By using funky boxes with patterns and colour, you’ll feel brighter as you slowly but surely get on top of your organising woes!” James says.

A place for everything and everything in its place. Benjamin Franklin.

Spring 9

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11. See the naked truth

Wipe down your shower doors using a teaspoon of lemon oil and a lint-free cloth. Doing this twice a month will make your water bead and retreat. Streaking beautiful. (Or not, which is even better.)

12. Give your walls the Victorian treatment

Two words. Sponge bath. Use two buckets and a sponge mop – one for your (mild) detergent and one for wringing out. Ain’t nothing getting wiggy here!

Spring 10

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13. Get your game on

Involve your whole fam. Create a job jar with jobs on slips of paper that need doing. Then tally them up and divvy up rewards/pocket money at the end of the month accordingly. Play target practice with soft toys. Place your storage bin in the centre of the room and shoot. Winner takes all! Or time your cleaning blitz so it’s just before a fave show – it’s sure to get things moving.

“It’s not just your mess,” James says. “The kids and your partner all contribute. Motivate the kids with new coloured boxes or under-bed storage. Give them some motivation by opening up their windows. Let them play their music and tell them it’s just for the next hour. After that, we’re all going out to the park! You’ll be amazed at how much they can get done, and they will also love some new colour and pattern in their bedrooms. It’s a spring clean for everyone!”

Spring 11

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14. Banish static from your dryer

Spring showers stopped you from air-drying your smalls? Tumble-dry your grundies et al in the company of two (new + clean) tennis balls. Smash that static to Wimbledon.

15. Keep your socks on

Did you know that your bare tootsies bequeath their oils to your floors? Give them a professional refresh (your carpets, not your hoofs) and in future shed your shoes but not your socks at the door.

That’s it! Get cracking so you can get amongst it. It’s spring after all. Everything is happening!!!

Kay is a feature, blog and copywriter. She collects empty jam jars, academic degrees and tawdry dreams in the hopes of turning them into something useful someday. Her work has been published in ACP magazines, ABC fiction, Overland, Brittle Star, Seizure, trade publications and online forums. Her creative writing has won several awards.