10 Ways To Say I Love You – Valentine’s Gifts


With that day for lovers just around the bend, we’re playing Cupid. Whether you’ve been together forever or this is a new crush, V day is perfect for scratching your message in the sand.

How will you say it? Here are 10 Valentine’s gifts to top last year’s HIS + HERS* boxing gloves.


From left: Sequin Champagne Saucer (Set of 2) by Vera Wang Wedgwood, Chill Drops (Set of 2) by Skybar, Decorative Pike Fish by LS Collections and London DOF Glass (Set of 2) by Waterford, available online at Zanui.


When it comes to the Love, flowers work a treat. But anyone can spell out a haiku in petals. (Can’t they?) Here at the Z place, we like our flora in the soil. Pots and planters make the perfect gift. Plus, they adorn even the smallest mouse hole.

Not blessed with the green thumb? Seek out a little floral-inspired décor. And Bob’s your mother’s brother.

Royal Albert’s range of teaware is to die for! Available online at Zanui.


The way to the heart is… It’s not just an old wives’ tale. There’s nothing more delicious than sharing pasta with your loved one – just ask Lady and the Tramp.

Treat that precious person in your life to the tools (if they’re gourmand hands-on) or get creating and reap the benefits!

From left: Je T’Aime Print Art by Americanflat, I Knew You’d Be Lovely Print Art by Americanflat, Love is All You Need Print Art by Americanflat and Let’s Stay Home Print Art by Americanflat, available online at Zanui


Tea for two, and two for tea… Doris Day had it right: sharing sips of tea is a bit idyllic! A china tea set makes a super-chic I love you message. Better yet, pair it with breakfast-in-bed. You’ll be clocking up the brownie points.

From left: Cleo Triangle Decanter, 60cm (Set of 2) by Amalfi, Heart Polygon Print Art by Americanflat, Zellij Intricate Bone Box by Royal Hamam, and Pure Evil – Double Exposure Plate, 27cm by Royal Doulton, available online at Zanui.


Or whiskey. Beer also works. Personally I’ll take a single malt over mashed French grapes any day. Pair your Bolly with fine crystal glassware for a gift that lives on. Or enjoy your Auchentoshan longer with some whiskey stones.

In all honesty, any kind of barware is going to do the trick. Esp if your loved one is doing the Febfast. Surely this day calls for a pass-out!

From left: Memphis 3/4 Waist Apron by Chef Works, Entire Beast: From Ear and Beer to Ale and Tail by Penguin Books, A Private Moment Painted Canvas Wall Art by Glorious Artwork, and A Turkish Garden Photo Frame by Royal Hamam, available online at Zanui.


So you’re not exactly Shakespeare with the sonnets? Extreme said, “More than words is all you have to do to make it real”. (P’raps because words were a little tricksy for them …)

Frame up a special photo for a super-personal gift. The extra mile? Create a feature wall of memories. You. Know. You. Want. To.

VD 3

From left: Millennium 7-Piece Knife Block Set by Global, Firepit BBQ by Channel Enterprises, Angelina Fire Pit, Bronze, Medium by Robert Plumb, Great Aussie Bloke’s Cookbook by Penguin Books


If candlelight is romantic, then how much more dreamy is an open firepit? Shout your love to the stars or cosy up toasting marshmallows with a glass of mulled wine besides one of these. This is a BBQ with balls. We kid you not.

This gift = serious kudos.

From left: Vogue 1950’s Poster Print by Home & Abode, Hex Hanging Planter, 24x13cm by Have You Met Miss Jones, Hayman Waters Cushion by Grand Designs Home Collection and Vogue Umbrella Poster Print by Home & Abode, available online at Zanui


Turn the traditional love letter on its head and write it on the wall. (Maybe not literally.) Say it large with stylish wall art. Also, French is the language of love. Just sayin’. We’re thinking Romain Duris here, not ‘Allo ‘Allo… But who are we to dampen your style.

VD 6

From left: Bruce Springsteen Print Art by Americanflat, Replica Eames Leather Lounge Chair & Ottoman by Replica Charles & Ray Eames and Taxi Driver Print Art by Americanflat

8. SAY IT IN BED (ooh la la!)

Casanova was a lover of the ladies and the lover of the truth. He once said: “The chief business of my life has always been to indulge my senses; I never knew anything of greater importance.”

We’re with the C-meister. You got to live a little. And what better way to do it than perpendicular to the vertical. Indulge your sybarite with some luxurious bedlinen. We’re going to take a punt – they won’t complain.

From left: Palais Flat Sheet by Sheridan, Connolly Tailored Quilt Cover by Sheridan and Millennia Flat Sheet by Sheridan, available online at Zanui.


Give the gift of pretty smells. We like the candles (because romantic – see above). It’s like perfume for your home. All the yums.


Okay – that last one is a touch clumsy. BUT hear us out – we’re talking haven-making, be it man cave or modish in style. Create the kind of space you can kick back and relax in. Not everyone wants a cod on the wall. But for some cats, that’s heaven.

From left: Organic Body Bar Soap by Palm Beach Collection, Aniseed Myrtle Charcoal Olive Oil Soap Bar by Gascoigne & King and Blue Angles Square Photo Frame by Royal Hamam, available online at Zanui.

That’s it, peoples. That’s the secret to spoiling your soul mate (or your mate of the moment). Ah, dammit. We forgot serenading. If you’ve a voice like Justin Bieber (kidding), you can also sing to them. Or if tone’s not your thing, you can put toothpaste on their toothbrush in the evenings. That’s kind of sweet.

All the best, angels. Do us proud. Make love not war. 😀

For more gift ideas see here for the ladies and here for the gents.

Featured image: I Love You Print Art by Americanflat, Red Love Print Art by by Americanflat, Love You Heart Print Art by Americanflat, LOVE Marquee Light by Rouge Living, Love You Heart Print Art by Americanflat and Love Is All You Need by Americanflat, available online at Zanui.

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